Pawn Stars: Chum’s Big Profit on Thrifter Items (Season 16) | History

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  1. Expert: "individually 500 for this one and 700 for this one, together 1200" chum: "whoa"
    Wtf who knew that 500+700 = 1200 whooaaaaaaaa

  2. Now Chum Lee can play Sabbath records backwards while making hotel special cheese sandwiches with a cloths iron on meth.

  3. Chumlee should get an expert's opinion every time to be safe not satisfying his ego. It is just fortunate sometimes that he is right but not all the time. The pawnshop also loses much money because of him.

  4. "I'm taking a big risk here, only because I like you."

    guy leaves


  5. If they were honest people they would call the guy with the album's and offer him 100 or 200 more dollars.

  6. Rick: Why can't you be more like Chum?
    Corey: I can be more like Chum, all day long.
    Chum: Get your hands off of my stash!!!

  7. I’m laughing at the fact that they had to blur out the Beatles butcher cover because of copyright 💀

  8. Did I hear this correctly, or did Chum just say he was taking a risk….?😮 Rick been coaching him or what?

  9. Coffee Shop

    Worker:That will be $2
    Rick:Best I can do is 1
    Worker:Sorry sir but it’s $2
    Rick:You know what,I have a friend that knows all about this stuff let me get him a call

  10. That dress is probably from some Thai girl that banged a bunch of pilots & collected their patches. Like how guys collect panties of girls they slept with.

  11. Chumlee is making big moves lately. Seems like every episode he gets better. Season 1 he bordered on retarded. Now Rick is telling Big Hoss to be like Chum. And hes turning 1,200 dollar profits. With NO expert. Im telling you. Chum lost the weight. And hes not playing. Its like the tortoise and the hare. Chum is catching on slowly. But dont be surprised if he takes over the enterprise. Im getting alpha vibes off him. Like hes taking initiative. And hes been the main componet of the show lately. He's that one kid that nobody picks at recess that hits the game winning run. Dont doubt him.

  12. i have all the david bowie records with the covers when he was on RCA records, any insight what collectors pay for 12 records. i was a fan since the day he appeared and have no use for then.

  13. I wish I had some real junk that I could go deal with this chumbly guy – everytime I hear him talk like he knows anything – i say myself , Rick the owner has just lose money

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