Pawn Stars: Freddy Funko Figures Teach Rick a Lesson (Season 16) | History

– “Mystery box of fun.” [laughing] – Yes, it is. – So what’s in
the mystery box of fun? – I’m a huge Batman fan
and I found out that there was a really important limited-edition
Batman and Joker offered at
the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. So I stood in line all night
to find out it did come with two of the pieces
that I was chasing and a special metallic
Skeletor. – Okay, uh…
[laughing] ♪ ♪ – I’m here today
at the pawn shop to sell my collection
of Funko Pop vinyl toys. I’m a lifelong Batman fan, and so I got these at the 2013
San Diego Comic-Con. I was hoping at $3,000 today
for the collection. If I’m able to walk out
of here today with $3,000– I’m a sushi chef so I was
hoping to put that money towards getting
some new knives. ♪ ♪ – Funko’s a really incredible
company. They started coming out with
them in the ’90s, and then Funko changed hands,
I think, right around 2005 and a new guy took over
and really marketed it, and it just sort of blew up. You wouldn’t think it–
it’s a vinyl toy. You know what I mean?
So we have Skeletor vinyl. We all know who the Joker is. I mean, you don’t even have
to put Joker on this thing. Everyone–you just look at that
and you know it’s the Joker. – Absolutely.
– And, um, Batman as a little kid,
I guess. These are pretty cool. I know these things can go
for a fortune. There’s people who collect
just Funko toys. – You know, I was happy
with these being a part of my collection,
but then recently discovered that they might be
worth something. – Okay, um, so how much are you
looking to get out of these? – 3,000. – $3,000. Okay, um, all right. I know some of these go
for crazy money. I didn’t know they go
for that kind of crazy money. Let me call someone who knows
a lot more about this stuff than I do because
I just generally don’t deal in Funko Skeletors. [laughing]
– No problem. First time in my life,
I wish Chum was here. [laughs] [rock music] We have the Joker
and we have Batman. – What this was
was, um, in 2013– and pretty much every year
since, um– Funko has produced what they
call the Mystery Box of Fun. You purchase it and you don’t know which ones
you’re gonna get. The mascot for Funko is
Freddy Funko. – Okay.
– And so your Joker and the Batman here are
Freddy Funko dressed as the Joker and this Batman. So when they do that, they
limit the numbers on these. – Okay. I know that these can
go for money, but he wants, like, crazy money
for these things. – The box condition and
the actual paint application on the vinyl, they are part of
that value of the figure. ♪ ♪ Let me see and just kind of look at the condition here. That looks pretty nice,
overall. You have a little bit
of box damage up here on the top corner,
so it does effect, say, his value a little bit. The Joker– uh, it seems like
his box looks really nice. Looks like this is a really
nice example of one, um– so he looks to be
in near-mint condition. So that’s nice. And Batman, um, looks like this box is
in pretty good condition too. It does have–looks like one
little box crease there. Um, so they’re nice overall
though. And this is a very desirable
set of these figures. – All right, so… what are they worth? – With the box and the set
being in nice condition and what they are, I think
you’d have no problem getting $2,800 for the set. ♪ ♪ – Okay, um, learn something
new every day. – [chuckling]
Thanks. Good luck. – [sighing] Would you take 1,500 bucks? ♪ ♪ – I can’t take any less
than 2,000. ♪ ♪ – Will you go 16? ♪ ♪ – Can you do 1,950? ♪ ♪ – I’ll go 1,800. ♪ ♪ I know they’re really highly
collectable but, I mean, just anything more than that
just doesn’t make sense to me. – Okay, well I appreciate
your time today. – All right. Um, if change your mind,
come back and see me. – These toys
mean a lot to me and I’m very close
to these things, so I couldn’t see myself
parting with them for less than $2,000 today. [rock music]

100 Replies to “Pawn Stars: Freddy Funko Figures Teach Rick a Lesson (Season 16) | History”

  1. Rick looks at Freddy Batman pop

    Ah this one must be Batman as a kid


  2. Customer: I have this certified Mint condition signed Babe Ruth Trading card along with a jar of God’s breath as confirmed by the pope.

    Rick: Wow, I can give you a handshake and my spit in your eye and I’m really taking a risk here

  3. 1:44 That guy has the weirdest facial expressions 😂
    Is it me or does he kind of do that Bruce Lee sarcastic smile face?! Lol

  4. Guy asked for 2k only. So making $800 doesn't make sense to you Rick? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Rick might have messed up on this one. If those were comic-con/limited-edition toys, he should have bought them for the 1950$, and put them in a safety-deposit box for 10 years. There is a chance they'll be worth 20,000$ in 10 years. However, going by past history of volatile toy values, there is a chance it could be worth much less than 1900$ too.

  6. Ever notice how on every pawn stars video the appraiser always values the price slightly under what the seller asks? That's why I would ask for a million dollars

  7. Seller: I have Bigfoot fur for $1,000,000

    Rick: Let me call in an expert

    Expert: yuh its about $1,000

    Rick: Hmmm, final price is $100

  8. I think the customer was into ASMR. I also don't know what else it was, but he made me uncomfortable lol.

  9. Yo, they just cannot understand what is pawn store ,and tail-end buyers ,maybe probably you should sell those to tail end buyers ,coz pawn store is a store that gonna resell it back ,bro they gotta understand

  10. Grown dudes collecting baby dolls….willing to bet dude still lives at home with mommy and she makes him Pokemon pancakes with sprinkles.

  11. the appraiser was hilarious comes in talks about how paint and box condition matters then completely ignores conditions of the paint.

  12. every single episode, we see rick saying a higher price doesnt make sense to him, but please, for once in your life, explain how it doesnt make sense to you.

  13. I thought the guy spoke so soft he was going to do some Jedi mind trick and make Rick pay what ever he wanted

  14. You just recently found out they might be worth something, yet you said you stood in line all night for the CHANCE of getting these in 2013? Hmmm

  15. Very close to him and they mean a lot….. Baaahaha a grown man and his funko pops… Its hardly an inheritance from his grandmother.

  16. Man I'd love those guys. I'm too poor to go to comic con so I wait for the over flow of non sold comic con and e3 exclusive pops at gamestop lol

  17. I know absolutely ZERO about these things, but a very simple search on eBay shows the Batman and Jokers selling recently for close to $2000 EACH. The Skeletor went for close to $1000. Everyone involved in this clip is a moron.

  18. Funko pops are not that fire anymore. The hype is dying down. You’ll be a full to pay 3x the retail value of these stupid toys. Just a bunch of over pricing wanna bes

  19. Are we not gunna talk about how this man needs $3K for KNIVES?!
    For that price, those knives better cut off all my expenses 😂

  20. That’s a very low appraisal for those

    Two different skeletor’s on eBay sold for 1,000+

    And one a Freddy Batman sold for around 2,000 ish

  21. One thing I learn is if you want to collect plastic make sure it from a Comic Con only or the first series of a popular brand.

  22. That baffles me that those funko things sell for that much. I have the Bryant and Rizzo ones I got because they were $5 on clearance.

  23. Let me call somebody to tell them what exactly you just told me .so I can evaluate the toys but lie to the customer and give them half lol

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