Playing with our new vinyl cutter

Guess who woke up from their nap this little guy Should we go see daddy? Go downstairs with him Hey everybody, how’s it going? Curtis is giving me crap because I am doing a vlog today. I want to show you a little bit more about his new toy Even though I’m gonna say it’s our new toy He’s shaking his head. but we are printing off some cool little vinyl crafts and such that we are well, that he is working on I’ve come up with some ideas. He’s come up with some ideas. So, you know Essentially he’s doing it because he knows the program. I don’t I’m just waiting for him to teach me But I’m excited to show you what we are doing. What Curtis is doing today. I’m gonna keep saying we it’s probably making him mad because he is doing it all I don’t care Okay, so this is the program that curtis’s And it looks pretty complicated but more than likely is pretty similar to Photoshop Based on some of the vectors and stuff he’s doing so This is one of the signs that he’s doing which i’m pretty excited for I think it looks pretty funny and Is the printer that it’s going to print off on This is the one that he bought I honestly don’t know too much about it other than it makes some really cool robot noises when it prints and it’s a pretty good [background music] I’m going to give Harrison some peanut butter, see how he likes it His doctor said that we can start introducing this kind of stuff early to him in the hopes that well Not in the hopes, but he said that studies have said that early introduction helps reduce the risk of food allergies later on in life And so I’ve always been curious to give him peanut butter as it is because I want to see what he does with it. So Let’s go give him some So I just got a little bit here on my finger Oh as it goes on your nose sorry buddy you What do you think of that? You like the peanut butter yeah peanut butters yummy, huh? Think we are golden on the peanut butter. He likes the peanut butter Ok, I made Harrison a little bit of mashed potatoes With some of his formula and then I put a little bit of the baby food in there He made a funny face with it the very first time so I don’t think he liked it I’m going to try one more bite with him to see if help You can’t have the bowl mr. Messy face Goober boy, okay, so I’m just gonna try a little bit more with him see if he’ll take it If not, then it’s going in the garbage No, we’re calling that a No It’s okay buddy, we’re calling that a No, okay Okay, let’s get to your bottle ready okay, He’s such a messy boy look at that messy face Curtis is making my Making my shirt and he’s doing what he does best Multitasking while watching a movie playing on his computer and listening to his phone doing some Whatever random video. I think he’s watching a soccer game So yeah, he’s pretty good at doing that kind of stuff. Go figure So the original image actually is just a circle with little slashes at the top for the stitches of the scar But with Harrison since he’s having the ear to ear incision Technically it’s the zig-zag incision all the way up across his head. So we’re doing a zigzag Scar on the shirt itself. And so We’ll probably have to do like the little stitch Kind of lines on it too to match so my shirts going to have a circle with the zigzag on top and then Harrison this shirt is going to have the zigzag and Then just the words under bottom under the bottom not a circle or anything too connected Look at this kid. He’s just going and going and going Don’t stop do you Okay, so he’s still bouncing no matter what I don’t think he’s going to stop but We kind of took a break from the printer and downstairs Curtis was getting a little frustrated with it Especially the t-shirt pressed part of it. I’m going to go down there here in a little bit and calibrate it and See if I can help him out. But as of right now he’s out in the garage Cutting some wood and staining it to Attach the those vinyls that he printed off earlier this morning The front door ones or the no soliciting ones I should say So he’s doing that right now in Harrison and I are just in here. I’ve just been editing vlog and so Yeah, that’s what we’re doing right now and You know a little little man over there who’s just a bouncing away. He does not stop Just a going and going huh? 20 seconds you did that for 20 seconds He finally stopped Curtis told me that we have to Keeps making farting noises that we have to hold off on doing the t-shirt pressed because we need a Teflon sheet to go over top the vinyl in order to prevent it from melting the vinyl from melting I’m assuming in the heat press so he’s looking right now to see if that’s something that we can buy online Or if that’s something that we can actually buy, you know here locally So right now he’s doing that and I’m making dinner and we’re just doing something simple today Just doing chicken just gonna do chicken sandwiches and my dogs go crazy for this stuff As you can tell they are begging right now. They want it so bad. And so You have to wait because you just ate your dinner You just ate your dinner sky you’re fine. Hey Harrison all right update time again, so Curtis said that the when he went out to go look for that a Teflon paper thing that he wasn’t able to find it so he ordered one online and it’ll be here in the next couple days So as soon as that comes in that I will show you the finished product of my shirt and then we’ll get working on Harrison’s shirts, so that’s that but It’s almost 7:30. I’m going to go get the little man all ready for bed. And Go relax for the rest of the night. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe. Thanks You

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