Pringles Made a Karaoke Speaker?

I don’t even have to ask twice, you could have my heart Or we could share it like the last slice. Pringles, you guys know them as the chip company that puts tennis balls in a chip can What? Chips in a tennis ball can. They just came out with something game changing They hooked me up with a karaoke set. They made a karaoke speaker and microphone, like of course I’m gonna check it out So you guys know I love to check out these different weird products made by fast food companies We got McDonald’s that just came out with a pair of dollar headphones if you haven’t seen that video check it out right up there Or it’ll be the first link in the description below Doritos Another chip company, not in a tennis ball can Stop it They came out with smart Doritos in a crazy box for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 That video was insane make sure you check that one out [what is he doing?] Now we got Pringles that came out with something a little more simple But this one is a karaoke set, so I did some research this actually went down in pretty much every other country But the U.S, which is kind of insane? Basically all you needed to do was pick up a pringles can at your local grocery store, I’ve got some exotic pringles cans here We got top ramen, these chips are fire. Pecan pie We’re gonna check these out later And then some corn chips Basically when you pick up a pringles can and you pop the top because you just can’t stop, you type in that code online and They’ll send you a speaker. All you got to do is pay for shipping That’s super easy and simple and the cost of shipping at least for the speaker once you got a valid code is around three ish Dollars a little more than that I mean like three pounds is like not three dollars. Basically wherever you’re located It’s pretty cheap to get these shipped. So I got the karaoke set right here And I kinda want to see how good this speaker is because you know I make product videos and any company like pringles Making a karaoke set they’re just asking for Keaton Beyonce to come out and start singing. What we need are some pringles cans, so I got the top ramen Pringles edition, yo I don’t know how I even found this on ebay, and I’m just gonna tell you guys now I ate all the chips in one sitting So good, if you guys ever try these Let me know in the comments and let me know in the comments if you guys have any other weird or exotic pringles flavors that I need to try maybe for like a second channel video So we got one pringles can here and then we need a second one, so I’m gonna open up these pecan pie chips What is going on here? Nothing like some chips that taste like pie Okay, those chips, I don’t know if those Oh wow, that is inch all right? No, no, that’s, you’re joking me. These actually taste like pecan pie Pringles they got it down north [mumbles]. So we’re just gonna do that There was a better way to do that and empty em’ out But I really wanted to empty em’ out on the desk and take a little here and there So now that we got our two empty cans, I’m gonna open up the actual karaoke set and this part here We got the speaker. I think I called it the microphone before. We got the speaker here All right, and then a fat manual, yo this manual’s in multiple different languages. Again The only language this thing isn’t for is English Yo this manual is like a map, the map to karaoke all right it comes with a massive Instruction map, I’m not reading that anyways. So we got our speaker here, that’s sweet I’m gonna check out this microphone box now cuz’ it’s a two parter. Oh wow Alright a little, a very little map, not reading that either. It says pringles right at the top so you know it’s legit I don’t know if you guys can see that too well, right there It says pringles, and then we got a power switch on the side, it looks like this thing takes batteries And I’m guessing the microphone one does too, so I’m gonna put batteries in it [Sound effect] I took like five minutes, I’m back. We got batteries inside em’, those pecan pie chips, Pringles! Hook it up, please sponsor me, that would be sweet I would love free chips for a year Alright, so now we’re gonna put the speaker part in our Pringles can so You [stutters] like it’s, it’s dead simple you just you take it Mad science is about to go down Buckle up Whoo! We did it! You know We did it! So all you need to do from here is pretty much turn it on but we need to connect the second part So if you really wanted to get crafty You would already have the top of your pringles can taken off but I don’t. So putting the microphone part on Oh that’s a tighter fit It just, it fits in just like that You need two cans if you only have one go back to the store call up a friend You got a lot of eatin to do. So you’re gonna take the microphone part, plug it into this 3.5 Millimetre jack on the speaker part that’s how it gets connected You can connect a bunch of these speakers together if you really wanted to. You could just have the speaker no microphone part So I’m going to turn on the speaker part here Let me test out the microphone. Hey Whoa! Yo! Yo, alright don’t, don’t break anyone’s ears this is karaoke. This feels awesome this like a microphone I got well This is a microphone that I got… Alright Let’s take the mic away from my mouth. Alright now everyone can hear it. Okay, so the microphone part works perfectly. Now We’re gonna play some music, so I got drake’s best I ever had all cued up [Music plays] [Music plays], that’s pretty loud [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays] [Music plays], [mumbles] [Music plays], I’m pretty bad at karaoke but I got the chorus [Music plays], [Keaton sings] [Music plays], [Keaton sings] [Music plays], Best I ever had [Music plays], Best I ever had, best I ever had, best I ever had It works. Guys, I just found this out. There is a second mode on here and when you switch it to it You can see the green light and what this means is every time you say something to the microphone Or it picks up anything, the light comes on, watch [Noises] Alright, so I’m gonna do another song. It’s karaoke after all, Keaton actually sing in this video I got another rap song, we got airplanes two by Hayley Williams and Eminem Let’s pretend, Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen let’s pretend things would have been no different Pretend he procrastinated had no motivation. Pretend he just made excuses that was so paper they can blow away with the wind. Marshall You’re never gonna make it, makes no sense to play the game, it ain’t no way that you’ll win. Pretend he just stand outside All day and play with his friends. [Bleep] a talent show in the gymnasium [bleep] you won’t amount to [Bleep] quit day dreaming kid. You need to your cranium checked, you thinking like an alien, it just ain’t realistic, now Pretend, [Music plays]. Whoo! [Music plays]. It works the karaoke on this Is amazing And There’s nothing better than singing out of a pringles can. For real guys, honestly I sound like a megaphone. Pringles absolutely crushed it on this product They made a Karaoke set that’s next level, shoutout time! I want to give a huge shout out to Awesome Doomster and Arman for having my Notifications on. If you guys want a notification Shout-out, turn them on and let me know in the comments Get subscribed So you don’t miss another Video of what weird company is gonna make a product! And tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find anything else Weird. I’m gonna stay pecan, bye! This morning I woke up just a boy. In about an hour when the solar eclipse happens I will become a man This guy’s a man, he’s seen one before

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  2. I saw that edit you put for a sec it said "comment EXOTIC CORN then a heart that said Keaton So… EXOTIC And I also saw the other edit that said "comment if you know TopRamen" And I do so yeah

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