Pt 2 [HRC* Indicment Document]Warning* I dropped the F B0MB 6/23/19

all right good morning everyone its 844 a.m. I want to quickly just do another part to this indictment now I've been reading some of the comments and I do want to make a correction because the word isn't complacent which is C ent at the end it is certainly not complicit but indeed it is complacent which does mean to to agree with to obliged to and things like that so yes I knew that I had to look up that word it was going to drive me crazy and of course thank you to the viewers that also gave me that information so I do appreciate it and again there are some nasty comments in there I'm gonna ignore you you're going to be deleted please don't troll this station because it's not gonna do you any good you are going to be kicked out that's just the way it is okay free speech is one thing but when you're harassing me that's a whole nother issue okay just so you know now again I wanted to put in that warning I put it in my description box we don't know if in fact this is real I had another viewer say that this was going around a year ago well you know I've been on the internet and a lot of people that I view have been on the Internet this has never come out so if that is true and you you want to put out that stuff and you're not a troll please make sure that you perhaps might leave a link in to say hey here's the link of somebody who's been doing it there's all these videos that people have been talking about it and nothing's been done please don't just say something like oh this has just been going around this went around a year ago nothing's been done please you sound stupid you it's immature and clearly if you want to help out and you want to help us we're the news now you need to help us so if this was out a year ago and it has just been flying around the internet which a lot of us truth-tellers but we didn't see it never not one of us ever came across it no not one of us ever talked about it so I'm gonna take the preponderance of the evidence that it was not being thrown around a year ago and that it is finally coming to light and perhaps it was leaked somehow we don't know but I'm starting to see more and more that this is in fact a grand jury indictment for these names that have been listed in here so I'm gonna go ahead and continue where I left off okay so we know that this is part of the indictment and as I've stated before I don't know exactly what goes into a grand jury what notes what kind of report it it seems like that there's a lot of detail that goes into a grand jury it does make sense to write it down as if you are writing a very large article because they want to get the information out so where we last left off in regards to the ham in this case because we know that the Hammonds the Bundys and this other guy Phil acum Phil Coe my guess is how you pronounce it that these three families are involved in what the government does to and the tactics they use to get their land because they know that they want the resources and you know so this is like domestic war that they bring onto the people think about that when they go over and bomb other countries or create false flags to start things to get in a war they there is a purpose for it they want a war because there are resources there now we know with what's going on with Iran perhaps it may not be the resources that they want in Iran because we know we have plenty of oil here the bottom line is they want to get our president into war because for one that's gonna piss people off they're not gonna vote for him for 2020 because his promise is is we're done with these endless wars so of course there there's this multi-leveled reason for them doing these things they want him to be in war they don't want him to get reelected and clearly they want power so that is what what they're looking for this case but a lot of times when they bomb other countries it is not only for control it is certainly to grab their resources and so when they when they declare war on – you know citizens in the United States but of course you know citizens who don't know their rights don't realize that it is an act of war and it is domestic enemies enemy combatants and q has mentioned that so certainly this these people have been they have had to war declare it on them they knew this they needed to fight it but you know people ended up dead they wanted it for the resources that were on that land and they knew because it was going to make them billions and billions and trillions of dollars and certainly with the volatile resource that it is the element that they were seeking certainly was going to get whatever it is that they wanted and that was depopulation because they could use it to attack and annihilate a large population and that is the truth people you know you have to think outside the box and we have to start fighting back you know our politicians we relied so heavily on them to fight our battles and they are to represent us but we have to back them up and fight with everything that we have and reporting these things and reporting them accurately and doing them in the right way is certainly one of them we have to let people know what the truth is because we're never going to get out of this mess and people have you know children that want to act like trolls you know adults that want to act like children who behave like trolls is you know what you're not going to win that's the bottom line so you know just give it up so we've already won it's just a matter of clearing out the dust now because you're nothing but dust and dirt to us like jesus said you know what shake off the dust off your feet and just walk walk away walk out the door and dust your feet off because that's all they are they're not they're not gonna listen they're not gonna do anything their destiny and their eternal life is that they've already made the choice alright so we left off here I believe the Hammonds intended to still use their private property for grazing however they were informed that a federal judge ruled in a federal court that the federal government did not have to observe the Oregon fence out outlaws yes this is kind of where we left off those laws are for their people not for them the Hammonds were forced to either build and maintain miles of fences or be restricted from the use of their private property cutting their ranch almost in half they could not afford to fence the land so the cattle were removed this is what they do they just get down on you when people when they have them money see it's the money that gives them the power this is why they have to deceive you to get your money think about what Q said about the designer diseases and was there already cures so their cures the money that they were actually getting from us knowing that they had to cure they weren't doing research ever this is why they created foundations and cancer societies and things like that because this is what they wanted they wanted the black operations whatever you want to call it secret operations as to the technology how they could dominate in in ways that we couldn't even imagine so yeah this definitely does go deeper it's just I mean think about just even how I've been reporting and each and every time there it is like things just come to me and go oh my gosh because literally even our own mind is being cleared of all that clutter that they put in there and we're finally being able to access what we already know that's there I mean think about the subconscious mind it picks up on a lot of stuff so when you have to get that big crusty crap that's on the top lair get that off you're able to access with so much more ease and you know by the blessings and the grace of God you know that is what Jesus told us we are going to have his knowledge if we ask for it and we believe in him so yes the the truth the way and the life is how we're going to succeed you know it and I'm sure you guys go through too and maybe you might be up at night or you wake up in the morning with this amazing thought going oh my gosh now I get it well grab onto that and know that that was God giving you that that is a God that is a grace coming from God that he gave you that information and the understanding right there does not come from you that it's the Holy Spirit within you and God is telling you he gave you this wonderful thing and you're going wow I get it now and so yeah I'm sure some if you're shaking your head going yeah I do I know so just know that that's God that is God talking to you so the owner of the humans original ranch passed away from a heart attack and the Hammonds made it trade for the ranch to get it back so in early fall of 2001 Steve Hammond was the stunned son called the fire department informing them that he was going to be performing a routine prescribed burn on their ranch yes they have to do that you know it's one of those things that they have to do to avoid any other further you know natural burning that can get out of control so they have to do a preventative so later that day he started a prescribed fire on their property the fire went into public land and burned 127 acres of grass the Hammonds put the fire out themselves there was no communication about the burn from the federal government to the Hammonds at that time prescribed fires are a common method that Native Americans and ranchers have used in the area to increase the health and productivity of the land for many centuries yes and some some of us already know this in 2006 a massive lightning storm started multiple fires that join together in flaming the countryside to prevent the fire from destroying their winter range and possibly their home Steve Hammond started a backfire on their private property back fire was successful in putting out the lightning fires that had covered thousands of acres within a short period of time the back fires saved much of the range and vegetation needed to feed the cattle throughout the winter Stevens mother Susan Hammond said the backfire worked perfectly it put out the fires saved their range and possibly our home the next day federal agents went to Harney County sheriff's office and filled a police report making accusations against white and Steve him and for starting the backfire a few days after the backfire a range con from the Byrnes district BLM office asked Steven if he would meet him in town which is in front Glen for coffee Steven accepted when leaving he was arrested by the Harney County shit Wow you know you see how these people are and then you got your stupid evil freaking neighbors that just want to start trouble for what jealousy you know what this I mean you could we could all sit here and know that even on a much smaller scale here we've seen our neighbors oh I see people at work somebody you think who is so nice and so sweet oh yeah it happened to me at work this is why I say you know even at my own job I can't even be comfortable with speaking freely without somebody crying like a baby saying you know I'm so uncomfortable with that and I just when I got called into the office and I told them I said damn why are they engaging in the conversation with me if they're so bothered by it why can't they just say hey you know what that makes me uncomfortable I said clearly they're afraid of everybody I said I'm not the kind of person that's gonna be offended by that I said they can just say to me and I'll be like fine that's not a big deal but what I am pissed off is is that you gotta go behind my back and cry like a baby and get me pulled into the office and get written up for saying something that has nothing to do with anything horrible and this is you know what they can continue to go on with this stuff there's gonna be major backlash that's all I can say is that people are gonna get fed up with their employees and they're gonna start suing their asses that's all you know so really grow up if you can't handle a little bit of life and live life on life's terms and decide to make good choices for yourself so that you can live life on life's terms then shut the hell up all right so anyway so he ordered so he was arrested and they booked him on a multiple oregon state state charges the Harney County District Attorney reviewed the accusation evidence and charges and determined that the accusations against Dwight and Steven Hammond did not warrant prosecution and dropped all charges but you see this is the thing it's almost like it's a threat it's a warning like we're gonna arrest you even though they already knew prior to that that they had nothing to arrest him and charge him with it's a matter now that it's in the record because they want to make him look like the bad guy it's now in the record that he was arrested because most people are gonna say well gee what's the backstory on it they're gonna look at it like oh he got arrested he's nothing but a troublemaker so they fuel this story about this innocent man is looking like the bad guy even further and then of course I know that you know they'll say that they had somebody in town that says that they called in and made a complaint when in fact they didn't they knew that there was a fire so they could easily made up that story and said that somebody called it in and said they're complaining that you started the fire and you know what if they had just asked a person and said because I mean just come and since would tell you I mean I could sit here and say I know for sure somebody took my car especially with the back story if I have an issue with somebody but a police officer will tell me listen I'll look into it but did you see them do it and if I said no then they're saying well then chances are nothing's gonna come of this but yet when you have stories like this this is how you can tell that they are the ones that conjured up the story and had people involved to conjure up this story that it probably wasn't the neighbors and even if it was they're probably you know maybe they got bribed into taking some money if they just made the complaint who knows so in 2011 five years after the police report was taken the US Attorney office accused white and Steve Hammond of completely different charges they accused them of being terrorists under the federal anti-terrorism effect death penalty Act of 1996 and there you go see they had it on record and so they go and they say well now we've got to go further because we really need this land so let's take those old charges let's see what we can do is it oh oh they're terrorists oh we gotta get them now yeah this Act carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum sentence of death Dwight and Stevens mug shots were all over the news the next week posing them as arsonist Susan Hammond wife and mother said I would walk down the street and or go in a store people I had known for years would take extreme measures to avoid me you see that you see how they work this is because people don't know the backstory they don't want to ask those that they have been friends with to find out and they certainly don't support them because people are so easily programmed into just believing what the government wants to tell them shortly after the sentencing capital press were in a story about the Hammonds a person who identified as Greg alum posted three comments on the article calling the ranchers clowns who endangered firefighters and other people in the area while burning valuable rangeland Greg along a retired BLM heavy equipment operator soon called Capitol press to complain that he had not made those comments and requests that they be taken down from the website are you kidding see I mean they will just they literally make stuff up and can you imagine that seeing that in the paper and he's going what I never sent anything like that but see it's out there it's too late and these sick evil people know that like I said you stick something out there for five minutes even if they retracted the fact that it's in the minds of the week and they can't there like I said they stick their finger in their ears well along a lot I don't wanna hear the truth even though you're the one who lied to me at first and now you telling me the truth nope a search of the Internet Protocol address associated with the comments revealed is it is owned by the BLM office in Denver Colorado a lump said he and his friends wouldn't have written them I feel bad for them they lost a lot of land a lot and they're going to lose morale um said of the ranchers they're not terrorists there's this hatred in the BLM for them and I don't get it the retired BLM employ said Jodi Weil deputy state director for communications at BLM Oregon office indicated to reporters that if one of their agents falsified the comments they would keep it private and not inform the public you see that this is why nothing ever gets done this is why there's never an outrage because they cover up they cover up for their own in September 2006 white in Susan Hammond home their home was raided the agents inform the Hammonds that they were looking for evidence that would connect them to the fires the Hammonds later found out that a boot print and a tire track were found near one of the many fires no matching boots or tires were found in the Hammonds home or on their property Susan Hammonds wife later said I have never felt so violated in my life we are ranchers not criminals Steven Hammond openly maintains his testimony that he started the backfire to save the winter grass from being destroyed and the backfire ended up working so well it put out the fire entirely excuse me I'm gonna take a sip of my coffee during the trial proceedings federal court judge michael hogan did not allow time for certain testimonies and evidence into the trial that would exonerate the Hammonds and see this again this is how they work they don't want to sculpt Ettore evidence in and they don't allow for enough time you know what that you know what that's called it's not called a fair trial that is called the illegal and it's unconstitutional so right there many many many things these this judge can be charged with along with those who went along with it like they said they were trying to tamper with the evidence they were trying to get you know the jurors to come up with some guilty plea and how do you do that you don't allow certain evidence to come in so if you want a guilty plea why not it take out exculpatory evidence and you the jurors don't know any better I mean there's many ways to come up with some guilty plea because they I'm sure that they knew that the humans were not going to sit here and plead guilty for a lesser charge there's it just doesn't seem to fit when it's people who know their rights and are fighting desperately for their property so federal prosecution attorney Frank Pappa Pappa Guinea was given full access for six days he had ample time to use any evidence or testimony that strengthened the demonic demonization of the Hammonds the Hammonds attorney was only allowed one day what are the facts about the fires land and why the Hammonds acted the way they did was not allowed into the proceedings and was not excuse-me hurt by the jury there you go for example judge Hogan to not allow time for the jury to hear review certain scientific findings that the fires improve the health of productivity see this is all exculpatory evidence of the land or that the Hammonds had made subject to vindictive had been made subject to vindictive behavior by multiple federal agents for years there you go right there it'll tell you this is exactly what they're trying to do they're tampering with the jury tampering with evidence and leaving out exculpatory evidence so that the end result would be a guilty verdict federal attorney Frank Papp Agni hunted down a witness dusty Hammond that was not mentally capable to be a credible witness dusty Hammond grandson and nephew testified that Stephen told him to start a fire he was 13 at the time and 24 when he testified 11 years later at 24 dusty has been suffering with mental problems for many years he was estranged from his family including his mother judge Hogan noted that Dusty's memories as a 13 year old boy were not cleared for credible however he continually allowed the prosecution to use Dusty's testimony anyway oh my god Wow when speaking to the Hammonds about this testimony they understood that dusty was manipulated and expressed nothing but love for their troubled grandson Wow unbelievable judge michael hogan and frank pap agni tampered with the jury many times throughout the proceedings including during the selection process hogan and pap agni only allowed people on the jury who did not understand the customs and cultures of the ranchers or how the land is used and cared for in the diamond valley now again think of that why do you think they want to hide the constitution why do you think they don't teach it in school so not only do they don't want you to know your rights but when it comes to other things because they have a huge motive here and that is to get that land for that uranium and they will do anything so it's not just to the family but why is it that they're now trying to get the jurors to not understand the customers of you know i mean if it just goes that deep it's pretty pretty sick and I don't mean sick and like they need medication and they'll be all better there is no cure for these kinds of people it is it's an evil sickness okay we I mean that's just the word we want to put on it so when when we use the word sick that there is no cure for it and I think even Q said that there is no cure for these people so it's we're just gonna put that label on it that they're evil and sick but the sick is not putting them in a category where any help can be had all right so all the jurors had to drive back and forth to Pendleton daily some drove more than two hours each day each way by day eight they were exhausted and expressed desires to be home on the final day judge Hogan kept pushing them to make a verdict several times during deliberation judge Hogan pushed them to make a decision I miss something oh he so judge and push them to make a decision judge Hogan also would not allow the jury to hear what punishment could be imposed upon an individual that had convicted that has convicted has been convicted as a terrorist under the 1996 Act because again like remember it's it's it's either five years and even including up to death the jury not understanding the customs and cultures of the area influenced by the prosecutors for six straight days very exhausted push for a verdict by the judge unaware of the ramifications of convicting someone as a terrorist made a verdict and went on home so on June 22nd 2012 Dwight and Stephen were found guilty of starting both the 2001 and the 2006 fires by the jury however the federal courts convicted them both as terrorists under that anti-terrorism act judge Hogan sentenced Dwight the father to three months in prison and Stevens the son to twelve months in federal prison see even though it seems like this harsh thing if they're just putting them away just enough to then push for the next thing that they're gonna do to grab this land they were also stipulated to pay $400,000 to the BLM judge Hogan overruling the minimum terrorists sentence commenting that if the full five years were required it would be a violation of the Eighth Amendment cruel and unusual punishment the day of the sentencing judge Hogan retired as a federal judge in his honor the staff served chocolate cake in the courtroom really so in January 4 2013 Dwight and Steven reported to were reported to prison they fulfilled their sentences Dwight was released in March 2013 in Steven January 2014 sometime in June 2014 Rhonda cargas field manager for the BLM and her husband Chad carcass refuge manager for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge which surrounds the Hammond ranch along with attorney Frank Pope agony exemplified further vented vindictive behavior by filing an appeal with the 9th district federal court seeking Dwight's and Stephens returned to federal prison for the entire five years you see what did I tell you so in in the meantime while they were sitting in prison they were coming up with all kinds of other ways to get at these guys so they knew that the minute they walked out the door they were gonna hammer them again and if you don't think it can happen to you it will so until we take these people down this is what anybody is subjected to I have been subjected to these sick things I was pregnant with my daughter and getting abused by my daughter's father at the time and I'm the one who gets shoved and gets handcuffed because I didn't want to sit down in a chair because I was too upset I was more than willing to stand there and talk to this police officer and he was screaming at me to sit down and I told him nicely that I didn't watch I was too upset and he just jacked me up and said I was under arrest for resisting arrest didn't make any sense so yeah this is the kind of crap that can happen people so I went to I went to his chief the very next day and I see goes well what do you want an apology like fuck you excuse me but that's exactly what that was like to me so pardon my language but I said to him I'm not looking for an apology because I don't want one from him because it would never be sincere I'm just letting you know what kind of officer you have under you and I'm making this an official complaint so whatever they did with him after that and let you know it was probably about three months later I literally was in the grocery store and there he was and I know he saw me put his head down he couldn't even see me not to say that he was in shame but he he was just too arrogant to look me in the eye so it wasn't even it wasn't even a shameful head down it was just pretty was pretending like he didn't see me so again I apologize for that language but yeah that was it was it was horrific that I had to go through that while I was pregnant with my daughter and I was being shoved through a wall so yeah and I'm trying to talk to this guy and clearly upset and then he further abuses me because he literally ripped to my arms put him up behind my back and shoved me up a bunch of stairs a night and I tripped and almost fell on my my stomach so yeah those are the things that I went through in the end so not only as a child knowing certain things and things didn't feel right but I'm not going to it was this is a great time for me to fight back and not let these things happen to other people because you know if I if you can't do it any other way this is a great way for me so in October 2015 the 9th district court resentenced Dwight and Steven requiring them to return to prison for several more years Stephen 46 and his wife and three children Dwight 74 won't leave Susan 74 to be alone after 55 years of marriage if he survives he will be 79 when he is released during the court proceedings the Hammonds were forced to grant the BLM first right of refusal whatever that means so if the Hammonds ever sell their ranch they will have to sell it to that's what that means okay so they so once they are giving up their ranch because I mean they're beating these guys into the ground basically they're making them so weak they're they're not only sucking the life out of them and the resources of their own soul out of them they know that they're going to become so weak there's nothing else it can do and these guys are going to be the first ones in line to take that lid and this they know it this I mean these are not stupid people that work in our government they have just become so evil over the time then they pass that on and they tell people make sure that you don't tell these little sheep I'll hear anything these nice people that make us you know we don't want to be nice because you can't survive if you're nice but see we know that that's not true things have flourished much better when there's love in life and we're not hurting things because we work together see that's not what Satan wants he he has convinced these people that it is do what thou wilt and that you do not be you're not weak don't take you know nice people nice people don't get anywhere well not when when you have an entire a bunch of this Legion down upon people and they stomp out this goodness how would they know that goodness doesn't work well see Lucifer doesn't want that so he's not gonna let these people know that even though it's that he's manipulating but in fact we're finding out that goodness will flourish and good does win because Jesus is that much greater light then then Lucifer ever will be so whether you want to use it as a symbolic or symbolism to our light within us then it's greater than the lower light as in because if you think of it this way when God says that when Jesus is in the Bible you know even if you have the light within you is that dark you know what I'm saying then what what light is it what I think you guys know which one I'm talking about but that's the thing we have to let our much greater light our holy spirit our much lit greater light then our then the evilness that can be within people we have to make sure we override that and that's why I say this whole yin and yang thing you don't need a balance because what what these people are trying to tell you is that you have to have an equal evilness to your equal light that is not true we have to be very abundant in our greater light and what Jesus tells us that is what we need to do so this yin and yang and oh you got to have a balance is a bunch of BS okay I'm just gonna read a couple more paragraphs some that I think are important and then of course I'll go into part three so Dwight and Steven were ordered to report to federal prison again on January 4th 2016 to begin their resentencing both their wives will have to manage the ranch for several years without them to date they have paid two hundred thousand dollars to the BLM and the remainder two hundred thousand must be paid before the end of 2015 if the Hammonds cannot pay the fines to the BLM they will be forced to sell the ranch to the BLM or face further prosecution now that now this was in 2018 so they must be getting information from people because it says here to date they have paid two hundred thousand to but and the remainder must be paid before the end of 2015 now if this was created in 2016 then this sentence should say something like and the remainder was paid before the end of 2015 and records will show that and things like that but this is as if they're talking about this being before 2016 so it sounds like within this the way their wording this as if they're talking in present tense but we know that it's past tense because of the date that this was filed 2018 so yeah this is what that sounds like to me so maybe they were this was all right now back before 2015 because it says to date two hundred thousand was paid so says right here so Dwight Stephen were ordered to report to federal prison again on January 14th 2016 so if they're in 2014 then and they have to report back by 2016 so this is kind of strange right here huh so if they came out in 2014 right then they got resentenced and we're told that they had to report by to January 2016 but then both their wives will have to manage the ranch for several years without them to date they have paid two hundred thousand dollars so by the so within 2014 so when he was there for 12 months so let's say 2013 and 2014 they paid two hundred thousand dollars and that the remainder of two hundred thousand must be paid before the end of 2015 so yeah this report seems like it's coming out this what they're writing here is coming from the reports that were made during this time but now that was handed over to the grand jury it seems like so the grand jury is not writing this but they're seeing this and adding it to the grand jury form here the indictment that's how I'm going to explain this because otherwise we can look at these dates as being very contradictory all right so anyway so the 200 so by the end of 2015 if the Hammonds cannot pay the fines to the BLM they will be forced to sell the ranch to the BLM or face further prosecution it is important to note that federal agencies have no constitutional authority to buy land they are supposed suppose ed there are supposed federal caretakers of we the people in other words they represent us we the people's land that we the people own Rhonda car jizz cargas specifically deals with all BLM issues relating to the area in the in and around the Hammonds property including grazing denial her husband Chad Kyrgyz just happens to be the person in charge of all issues surrounding the Hammonds Ranch such as water and access soon after the water rights dispute the federal government influenced the state of Oregon to change their water law in favor of federal agencies say yeah there's your special interests that are in there wildlife is now considered in the state of Oregon as an accepted beneficial use for government agencies Allah only see that yep our president was telling us something he's saying and he's like for what a little smelt so in other words yeah these people used under a ruse of caring for animals and so therefore if we're going to have habitat or wildlife we got to preserve it you know for the animals that's not that's not the real reason that's what they're trying to tell you so all you people out there that are tree huggers and all that don't be you you fall for this stuff and even your own groups those big conglomerates now of Greenpeace they're all part of this so again don't fall for it they are the special interest and they want to use it as a ruse when in fact they just want the resources and they want to take out humanity so being convicted as terrorists made the Hammonds felons they have been stripped of their rights to have guns the Hammonds lived 53 miles from the closest town and have no practical way of defending themselves or their cattle several times they have watched baby calves be eaten by predators and could do nothing to prevent it so now we have the Nevada Bundy ranch trial and I will get into that part three but just know this that they have succeeded and these are people who know their rights and they fought with everything but they still were pounded on and so when they have special interests that will back up their evilness and the government and the crooked judges and stuff like that there is no way of winning that is why we have to be on board with getting people to know what it is that they're doing and then we have to make sure we know our rights and we let them know you are not getting away with this ever again all right guys have a great day I will see you later I got to go to work so I'll work on part three when I get back thank you so much have a great day and God bless

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  1. I believe TRUreporting made a video on this document last year but I can't find the video now on his channel and I'm not 100% sure if it's the same document. The one he reported on ended up being a citizens arrest indictment (created by regular people, not an actual criminal indictment with any legal jurisdiction). At the end of the document it stated that it was created by citizens calling for the indictment and arrest of HRC and others. Not sure if this is the same document. I imagine Sean Hannity and others would be all over this if it was legit but who knows… we'll find out soon enough I'm sure.

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  3. I know you are presenting a narrative, but just to let you know, President Trump pardoned the Hammonds last year.

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    Thank you for bringing your followers the TRUTH 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

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    From the Hal Turner Radio Show: Nation Betrayed Target list sent to Iran before military strikes

  10. Nadler & his "Lewinsky" quip should be the straw that broke the camel's back in my book., he should be kicked out of his position on the committee  at the  least if not forced to resign as a representative., what a slime-ball., and where are all the so-called "feminists"?,…the "me too" gang?,…no media call out on Nadler either.,  these people have no shame., and are too naive to realize they are projecting like the little window in the snack bar  building  that is pointed toward the  big screen at a Drive-in movie.

  11. First I’d like to say that the information your reporting on or bringing forward is interesting. I’d love to be able to hear & think about it. However the fact that for every video I have tried to watch of yours, you stop every couple of lines/paragraphs to interject your interpretation, opinion, experience etc. is so distracting it’s difficult to both concentrate & watch. Respectfully, I am asking that you would refrain from this. I apologize if this sounds hurtful, that is not my intention. I just want to point out that if you truly want to ‘be the news’ & make an impact this added narrative is very distracting & frankly hard to watch. I’ve tried watching many of your videos in the past & found I had to just move on without finishing, therefore not understanding the topic. Suggestion: try bringing forward the topic in full& at the end interjecting your thoughts or opinions. Thank you for the chance to vent my frustration & please try to realize this is not “trolling” rather hopefully honest criticism to increase your ability to be followed by many. Hopefully this will change or I will probably unsubscribe & no longer watch since it is so very frustrating. Thank you.

  12. It always surprises me that people choose to be negative towards this channel because 80% of everything discussed is hard factual information with 10% input discussing the factual information, and 10% Christian Content. For example, if you do not like what is being discussed, or philosophically disagree, you can always watch content more suitable to your tastes. Mrs. Truth, Justice & Freedom has always valued viewer input, so if you disagree or feel different about topics you can add to the narrative by commenting, however crap-posting and bad behavior does nothing but take up valuable time and energy.

  13. I think I saw something similar or maybe this is the one I saw.. from what I understand it is by the Commonwealth.. maybe it's not the same as the other but basically it is by the people..

  14. Lets hope this ended with Obama…the weaponizing of our government against its owm people…the Hammonds aren't the only ones…Americans everywhere were targeted…

  15. here is the ongoing list of complaints / / indictments this should shed much light . PEACE!

  16. wow , that decision is so telling , and proves that only corporations can deal with corporations or fictions cannot deal with real persons/ people ! read the document , its a consolation prize , many nuggets of truth are exposed wide open !

  17. …I feel like I've seen this document before, like a few months…? ago…
    There's another channel that has put out documents but cant remember if it was on there, I'll try and get a link
    But I've gone thru so much data and research in the last few years, it all kinda blends together
    But I definitely remember this whole Levay/Hammond document bc I remember having to go and look it all up
    The video evidence clearly shows the "fbi" shot through cab of their truck first
    Then they definitely shot at the driver( I can't remember his name) first, and low so that his hands would come down and then they all shot him, as if he was reaching. Which is what they later officially said: Liars

  18. BLM… more alphabet government organization that needs to be shut down as soon as possible. Unbelievable corruption.

  19. maybe it has been sealed until now , ive never seen or heard of this info before , that wouild explain the date , idk !

  20. My guess is that it's like the J SM case where a crooked judge maybe dismissed & sealed and maybe being revisited.

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