Pt.3 [HRC Indicments Document] & GEMS inside that Document!!! 6/23/19

I could evening everyone it's at 9:12 p.m. it's June 23rd 2019 you're watching truth justice and freedom and I am a little tired so I'm gonna try to get through this I just wanted to give you some information on this apparently this indictment now I I've had my some of my viewers send me some links and there was one that had the Northern District saying that it had the same docket number but then it was sent document number 27 now this one of course is 64 okay and they will see it in here right here I mean you can see we're here at document 64 so this is completely different so the 27 is basically the decision on there was a list of all the Congress across the United States all the governors apparently they were they had some complaints against them based on their I mean I think there was just people that were trying to let the courts know and that the people know that they were basically taking the power away from the people so to speak but they dismissed the case based on the fact that a a person cannot go against a corporation or a non lawyer so against a federal or a corporation or an you know a not a natural citizen so it's those tricky little things you got to be careful of okay so if you are going to sue a corporation or something like that you have to have a lawyer to go up against a corporation because you as a non-lawyer can't do that and so forth I think that is the main reason why that case was dismissed and so that they have and of course they dismissed it without prejudice which simply means that they have to they have a certain amount of days to go ahead and retain a lawyer so that they can continue on and we represent that or represent that case to the courts and you know see the government knows this and this is why when we have our birth certificate we have become a corporation so that this the federal judge can take us down and we're too dumb to to realize that we don't have to admit to that corporation because we didn't we as a minor as the day were born get our names put on a birth certificate and our parents sign is over turns us into a corporation and our whole lives we think that that's who we are and so every time anything happens and we get in trouble or whatever and the courts ask you you know is your name such and such and such and such that they may have on a docket and of course we're all too dumb to say yeah that's me the minute you say that you are now responsible for that corporation that the federal government is going up against in the court of law and all that all that stuff but in any case so that doesn't have anything to do with this however somebody did give me a link to it's called court listener okay now this here of course is the one that I've been showing you okay so it looks like that the they got this document that they put on scribed from this from this place and I did just a little digging and let me just get back to the docket areas this is court listener these there was a couple guys that open this up they are a free law profit 501c3 nonprofit they are recognized by that they rely on the donations they what they are doing is just gathering up you know all the stuff within the courts and a place for us to get these documents so they started in 2010 now according to this there's a list here you could put in the dates if you know that information but right here it looks like these are docket entries and it started from this 2016 it looks like here two documents here so I continued to go down and I started looking for the if the February 20th 2018 document was in here now according to what I was getting for the other one the other length that one of the viewers had given me is the decision based on and you every single name is in there Nancy Pelosi all of them because they are the the representatives and so all of them were named however they had one lawyer to represent them and that is the person who ended up going into the courts because of course any of the governor's and stuff I mean from all over the United States was not going to go into that one courtroom so they all had one person to represent them and he's the one who stood before that but they dismissed the case and so on so as I went down because I'm looking in here okay and I said if I see that February 20th 2018 see these are all the names here this is the one that that I got the link to in response to this case being dismissed and these are all the names that are in here I mean we have Nancy Pelosi Zinn here Elijah Cummings Tom crew are Tom Cruise yeah I already Ted Cruz all of them are in here now all of them you'll see them you look in here you're just like wow I mean dick Blumenthal's in here yeah so Grassley clerked Chuck Grassley so they Dianne Feinstein this is just they had to name all these names and this is the person John Dee Hagen Jr and he is on behalf of Ralph Abram and then he went and he did it all in alphabetical order ok so from there I was like ok well what is the connection I'm not seeing a connection to this particular indictment with Hilary's name on it and all those other names on it I so there is I don't see the connection there isn't however it's so I went down I'm going down and there's another case here I can't April 19 2017 that's when they dismissed it that's the document docket number or docket number with the document number 27 and this one is going to be 64 the one we're looking at at this little mosquito or something flying around he's bothering me ok so I'm still going down Wow really okay right here February 20 if I was like please let this be the one and so I went to the main document now it says here so this is where it's disappointing and they did this so this is the February 20 2008 genius's notice I don't know when they made the decision but document titled indictment filed by Grand Jury sovereigns of the court pro se clerk notes that this is a closed case no action to be taken attachments were also received on 220 2018 but weren't added until 313 2018 due to a delay in scanning so you have one number one you have number one supporting evan evidence attachment one to number two supporting evidence attachment to and these were entered on two twenty two fourteen and so I'm assuming it's the videotapes and all them so when I opened it this is what we get it is the actual documents the PDF I went in and opted to open the PDF and it is in fact this very same document as this one from scribed so the now what I want to say is because the case is dismissed or there's there's no action to be taken so I don't want to be disappointed because I'm going what in the world all these people have all these charges against them and these sick things and they're dismissing it but what I think it is so just keep this in mind it's a possibility that they were not taking action in the court in fact these I they it's a possibility that they went into the military tribunal so just know that may be the case because I think we would all be up in arms if this indictment on Hillary Clinton and James Comey and all these judges and everything that were involved in these three cases of trying to take these people down and in fact ended up in the murder of mr. finicum yeah I think we would be pissed off so we're again we're just gonna wait and see if the in fact that this was turned over so that the military can take care of this we'll see if nothing comes up there and these people don't pay the price for these things but we also have to think too they want to make sure they get them on the most harshest of crimes but that doesn't mean you dismiss these but it did I don't I didn't see anything in there saying dismissed without prejudice because clearly when you dismiss this case and you only have 30 days so apparently they may have dismissed it without prejudice somebody didn't respond within 30 days so therefore they closed the case but that doesn't mean that these charges cannot be brought up against these people so if there are like with Hillary Clinton not only this murder but she's has you know step what do they call that sabotage treason they want to get these people at the at the highest because I think with that umbrella of their highest crime is is going to pail is going to cover all of this stuff because the end result and whatever sentence they're going to get is really going to cover everything so we don't know it is it seems to me a valid legitimate document but we don't know what has gone on since they dismissed this and now it's closed so we don't know so what I wanted to do is get down to that page where we were getting into the bundy case because we need to understand within our minds we can't let these we cannot forget we cannot let these people get away with it and certainly we can't just go about saying oh well anymore we just can't so this I think in honor of what these people have gone through I'm gonna I'm gonna finish off the document and we'll go from there and we'll just let these people know we are not going to forget what they've done okay so before I begin the starting with the Bundy case I do want to let you know that I have one of my viewers send me this link now this is a thing you guys can try to send your links I'm I do have to check them out before I click on them I want to make sure that they're not BS because I know that there is a lot of them that come through here it's spam and garbage but she did leave this and it says one cowboy stand for freedom calm and it seems that this is the lavoy finicum family I guess they're dedicating a webpage to him and they have they have these video footage here about this shooting now this one is the aerial view and it's it's much a little bit longer it's eight minutes this one is two minutes I'm not gonna play them now because the quality is not going to come across so you guys can go in there and put on video of lavoy finicum murder and this is despicable you'll see you can go in there and find them and a lot of my viewers were telling me all about these video the video footage but if for new eyes if you have not heard of the story you haven't seen the footage you can go onto YouTube they are there to see and I wanted to thank my viewer for giving me that link I appreciate it very much okay alright so let's get back to and I'm gonna block out all this stuff and get back to save this here I don't know I thought I saved these alright so I'm gonna get back to this one alright so starting off here this page 13 somewhere around there so Nevada Bundy ranch trial so judge Gloria Navarro who is who is listed in the of that whole list of names has had a difficult time getting the defendants and spectators to understand the jury nullification is a bad thing she has made her rules she has given her orders she has specifically forbidden nullification from being used in the case of us versus Bundy at all however she has not said that jury nullification is illegal in fact nullification is the law of the land as much as Gloria Navarro would like the jurors to believe otherwise she insinuates that they can be punished for not returning a verdict she approves of see that she insinuates that they can be punished for not returning a verdict she approves us of so you see this is that tampering right there she's doing it ever so slightly and thinking that the lack of knowledge of the jurors if you ever get called in to jury duty make sure you figure out try to get some knowledge before you go in there because you're gonna see that these the judge whether it's the judge the prosecutors are going to try to convince you of something different okay and you're gonna see in here that she infected those things and it's absolutely despicable it's beyond that so Navarro declared a mistrial in the first go-round when the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on most of the charges the jury later came out to say they did not believe the government has proven their case however judge Navarro and assistant US attorney Steve Meyer have seemed to nearly panic nearly panic at the thought the jurors may have actually been practice practicing nullification in light of the jury having been deadlocked judge Navarro under the color of law declared a mistrial and then called for another trial thereby placing herself above the people that's a no-no and suffered the Haman's double jeopardy therefore the government second case made it much easier for the prosecution in that she has ruled nearly a hundred percent in their favor on all major motions presented and there's you're charged with in our unlawful prosecutions and things like that so you know like I said the prosecution and the judges they go hand in hand they're not supposed to be at all and they're certainly not to be you know frettin izing all that stuff on the outside because that would be a conflict of interest if they were to ever if an attorney or prosecution was to bring the case before that very judge yes but you know they do all these things it doesn't matter because they get away with him so she sustained their objections and allowed them to present any evidence they felt necessary this is the prosecution and it's not supposed to be that so it you know especially when it comes to judge Navarro apparently these people not only are not getting a fair trial but downright getting convicted before they're even considered guilty and you're gonna see that in here too so as judge Navarro would support prosecution objections the defense is limited to a short 40-minute window within their case so she would she would sustain the defendant when they objected but she would support the objection coming from the prosecution side so the defense is limited to a short 40-minute window within their case though they have been charged with acts as far out as two years later the defense cannot bring in evidence and witnesses to prove their defense as judge Navarro has ruled against this as well in fact the judge has only allowed the defense to present what is called the mere presence defense in which the defendant basically claims they just happened upon the scene of the crime this of course is no defense in the case of the bunker ville standoff the defense has attempted to impeach the government's witnesses and again judge Navarro did not allow this she practically stamped her feet and threw a tantrum at the thought of a thought of defendant Eric Parker telling his version of events on the witness in and ultimately had him removed with his testimony stricken from the record this woman is absolutely out of control she just wanted it to go a certain way it's like why did she bother why did you bother to have to go through all this stuff when she should have said you know I'm such a bitch that I'm just gonna I'm just gonna tell you you're guilty that's it get out of my courtroom go to jail I mean she went through all that crap I mean because essentially that's what she was doing it but she was doing it in such narcissistic angry steps I mean she was putting on a big show it's ridiculous so Navarro has interpreted the law in such a way that the government cannot be wrong in any of their actions and the average citizen is never allowed to defend themselves against any government agent additionally the average citizen cannot avail himself of the constitutional rights such as the Second Amendment without risk of prosecution by the federal government as clearly stated by Judge Gloria Navarro yep you heard that you see what we have been up against and it was only going to get worse guys we must assume that judge Navarro is of average if not above-average intelligence she must see that her rulings have been perceived as dick toriel she has told the jury they cannot use the US Constitution and cannot even use their own understanding of the law you see that know it see what she wants to do is it it's my interpretation it's what I say goes and that is what your verdict is gonna be that's why she has a temper tantrum because they are doing exactly what they're supposed to do under the Constitution and she hates it and then she tries to blatantly tell them that they cannot use the Constitution what in the hell then why have a jury that is a constitution it's called the right to a fair trial so you have a juror there of your peers hello that's a constitution so she says that they can't use the Constitution then what the hell are they even doing in the courtroom in the first place right so she has allowed the jury to ask questions of all the prosecution witnesses yet she has disallowed most of the questions – the only defense witness she allowed to take the stand Scott Drexler so yeah you notice how she threw out what's one of the guys out there she didn't like his testimony so she stripped a stroke Stricker's his testimony from the record and threw him out of the courtroom totally against the law she continued to disregard our founding documents by telling the jury not to ask some of the questions they have such as asking about the Bill of Rights or asking about BLM behavior they have even told been told they do not need to know why the FBI was involved in the case I you know this you know like you said the deeper we go or the more we find out the more bizarre it sounds because this is this I mean even just us average everyday people know that this is absolutely completely outrageous it would be something you would see in a comedy show court night you know what I'm saying if some of you are old enough to remember that it was hysterical I love that show but yeah like this is so bizarre it seems on real but because these people have gotten away with it so much that they time from time to time they will be confronted with people who know what their rights are and when they exercise those in the court of law as being a juror she has a freaking fit because she's like we're not having this show so she goes about taking Fitz and threatening that's right and breaking the law herself okay so according to Navarro the jury is not allowed to judge the law itself only the defendants check this out only the defendants violation of the law so there to judge not to judge the law itself first of all they're not there to judge the law and then she says you're only to judge the defendants violation of the law do you see that so judge Navarro had already put him in as a guilty person so not even innocent until proven guilty so she's saying you take that evidence that I was only allowed to that I allowed you to have and you take that and you are – because she tweaked it so that it would look like he was guilty by again not giving the exculpatory evidence she was taking up people's testimonies she wanted to manipulate not only the jury but the the end result and we're seeing that that's what those charges are so this is this is so evident right here so when she's telling this jury that you are not to judge the law itself we know that that's not what you do you take the law and you and interpret it into a decision based on what the law is not an opinion now the judge thinks not what the attorney thinks it is what the law is and you take that and that is how you come up with your verdict and instead she's trying to tell them you judge him on the on the violation of the law so the defendant violated the law so she's telling them he's the he's guilty you're just going to take whatever information you were allowed to have and come up with your verdict yeah unbelievable Wow again you could you could make a serious movie out of this and a comical one out of this the abuses and corruptions affecting people like Hammonds are symptoms of a more encompassing problem government employees full-time and elected have changed their culture from one of service to and respect for the people to the role of being masters holy crap I just said all that it's amazing that they get it so these we're done we're gonna come out on top guys yes we are so on the subject of the land it is evident that government employees are no longer assisting the people in claiming using and defending property instead they have become the people's competitor for the benefits of the land and are willing to use force on those who they are oniy ously compete against yeah the federal government adversely controls over 582 million acres of the western lands 51% of the entire Western landmass is that sick oh hell no it is time to get that right out of their hands 51% of the entire Western landmass are you kidding me they also have recently begun claiming over 72% of Western resources such as subservice minerals forestry headwaters and what do you think is the subsurface minerals and not just minerals uranium one this is a stark comparison to 4.2 9% federally controlled land in the east oh but it's happening anybody who's heard of those explosions in Pennsylvania you know I mean like there's not much more we could say except these people are absolutely pure evil absolutely Q has said that and that doesn't even do it justice what these people are beyond pure evil there is no word in this realm on this planet that could describe this the impact of the federal government controlling the land and resources inside the Western states is hard to calculate the negative impact on the people can be seen economically politically and socially in order for any people to survive let alone prosper it takes the land and resources to do so everything we eat the clothing we wear the homes we live in the cars we drive and so on come from the earth all physical comfort and prosperity originates from the earth individuals composing the federal government understanding understanding the origination of wealth are reserving these resources for themselves and are willing to use force to retain them and that's right and who do you think they want to get rid of so that they can keep that because again we know they're not gonna stop at taking the land and just letting us you know hey well you've got a little bit of a good luck with you surviving no they want to make it is absolutely horrible and then once they take it it is they are going to get like prime example of shooting that man they will go and now do it in a mass whatever you want to call it an event that they will want to take all of us out not just start running us down one by one no they want they want to do it once and for all this is why they've been grabbing land because they want to get rid of us so them just poisoning us and doing it slowly is just not cutting it for them anymore okay so the ramifications of their actions are slowly forcing the people off the land in the West and into poverty yep that's the first part but see once they get it all we're gonna be nothing but pests to them and we're not gonna let them take it due to the fact that people cannot survive without land in resources the federal government's actions in admit administering the lands for their own benefit will be the cause of public discontent and unrest until it is corrected it sure is I swear this thing is reading my mind before you know it's like I get it I so get this and I think I'll all of you do too it's just nice to see that it is written down we can take care of it we can't let these people do it so that's why q does tell us fight fight fight we have to there is no I mean you're not talking about getting out there instead of beating people up that see that's what the left does we have to do it the smart way and that is spreading this truth so I know a lot of you you can go and you know get on with your bad self about you don't like my paragraph my comments and opinions in between the paragraphs well that's again I say you know what there's other places that you can go I have done a lot of research for many many years there's a lot of things that I do know and do understand about what's going on and if there are there's new people coming aboard that don't have a clue as to what's going on so if I'm going to make a opinion or talk about some facts based on the paragraph that I'm reading well then that is the way it has to be if you don't like it and you already know the information please you can go somewhere else you're not going to hurt my feelings it does not hurt my feelings I'm sorry it seems to me that your feelings are the ones who are hurt and I'm not going to I am NOT going to conform to what you want because that is what a robot does and I've made those comments to those people who are requesting it I appreciate but I'm not going to change the way I do things simply because of new eyes coming aboard they need to understand what is going on it is that simple and it is so important to me that new people coming along are not lost and confused that is exactly what the left ones so if you think you're going to come here and push that you're either one you are a troll or you just don't get what it is that I'm trying to do get the information and like you said you could put it on pause and read it yourself fine with me but you know what there's some information in between that you just might be missing because you are we all don't know everything we have to help each other out so I have to let you all know that and let those who made those comments because it is it is about the new people coming aboard we have to protect them as if they were like our children you know they don't know if they're new they don't know what's going on it doesn't matter if you heard it a year ago there are people that have never heard this story there are people that have never heard anything about Q doesn't know what's going on they're new they have been absolutely devastated by what the left has been doing to them and we can't we can't do that to them we have to be there for okay so authority of this and all common law grand juries the first grand jury was a common law grand jury that arose from the people under the authority of God through the people which was never under the thumb of government officials such as judges and prosecutors as we see today and until runaway grand juries under judicial auspices such as the common law grand jury become the norm again by freeing themselves from government control while acting under the knowledge of nullification we the people will never have Liberty and government by consent until we take back control of our courts through free grand juries although the grand jury normally are of course in the courthouse and under judicial auspices its institutional relationship with the judicial judicial branch has traditionally been so – so to speak at arm's length this is United States versus Calandra so it was a quote from that case apparently so the minions bar attorneys there we go the minions of our attorneys and be a are of the deep state have poisoned every issue infested every level of government and would have we the people believe that only prosecutors can call now We the People isn't that what Q has been saying he can say we the people we the people we the people so it's time that we start understanding we the people okay and what was the other one here something else oh gosh where was it I lost it Nullification so I want to I want to expound on those maybe at another time so because I mean hey we know what we the people we know what nullification is but how does it apply with this and how can we apply it to our lives so that the again we have to learn our constitution we have to learn what our rights are we know we have to know how to apply them and exercise them because if we don't we're gonna fall back into this crap so either people believe that only prosecutors can call the grand jury and that is not true that is another thing that you know I was going to do a video on that we the people have can call a grand jury absolutely we can we have to know how to go about doing it we the people may be q is telling us because we if once we learn what we the people means of what our power is maybe we are the ones who can start calling grand juries because that's an awful lot of work for our military group to be doing don't you think I don't know this could be a mission for us guys see nothing can be further from the truth more than 1,000 years of history verifies that we the people sheriffs and coroner's have usually called the grand jury oh hello oh man this is exciting it wasn't until 1970 that Congress under the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 you see this oh gosh there we go the Control Act of 1970 18 USC a three three three two – three three three three authorized the creation of a special grand jury that provided for the court or an attorney appearing on behalf of the United States for the presentation of evidence to a grand jury well well then you see now we know why they create Acts it's so that it takes our freedoms and lookie lookie what we have here this is called the Organized Crime Control Act so the Congress put that in not because they wanted to control organized crime in you know do all that stuff because we know that they're in cahoots with them but it was in fact to take our grand jury power away from We the People well ding-ding-ding look at that it's time to start discovering these poison pills that are in these acts because when you do or you'll find out what freedom had been taken from you when they create things that sound great oh man are we waking up or what yes I'm so excited so during the past 48 years the use of the aforesaid Act coupled with the dumbing down of We the People by removing from our education civics constitutional studies and history or the teaching of fake and repugnant history in its place oh yes they did all controlled by the minions of the US Department of Education and thereby controlling our children's curriculum while convincing the populace via propaganda claiming that only a US attorney can call and control the grand jury thereby resulting in the eradicating of We the People unalienable right of the government by consent well I cannot believe I'm reading this I'm so excited as declared in the Declaration of Independence resulting in the quorum and that's why he was putting in there she was putting in there that that gosh what is it called in the the Declaration of Independence and as it says that we the consent of the governed and he says we have more than we know well hello oh it is definitely time to get going with learning what our rights are oh it's so is time resulting in the corruption of our justice system and until we the people take back our power and authority there can be no Liberty and what did what accused what Q what did our president say at the rally and What did he say he said because this was not about transition from a transition of power from one established or one crack what is it administration to another he said it was from that administration to you the people to we the people so he was he's letting us know it is time for us now to activate our power to start getting take advantage of what power we have we have it now Holly moly oh yeah I think I think our president was trying to tell us something a whole lot more than we the people we he says that we have been given the power it is we the people now so let's start acting on it maybe this is why we're not seeing people arrested because it's going to take we the people to call a grand jury oh my god could this be it could this be one of the things that we can do to get this stuff going because we know that we have because as cue said let us do the heavy lifting well this isn't heavy lifting this is common sense and it is power that we have and it is that simple so if there are some great people out there that are all about the Constitution it's time that we learn it and let's let's take action you want to talk about how to take them down oh boy this is the way to do it and I'm sure there's a whole lot more we can find out about how we can do it oh my gosh I'm so so excited so and until we the people take back our power and authority there can be no Liberty see that there can be no Liberty we are not going to be free we are not going to be liberated because we have our power back it is now time like I said it is time to just get rid of this dust that's been hanging around and lingering we have to now take action get off the big all broom and that Liberty which we think we have is just an illusion that is shattered when you become their victim in their courts of injustice see that their courts have done justice oh oh I'm so excited this is so awesome to know that why is it that this was not taken more seriously if this was out back a year ago hmm wow that's a huge message right here people okay so this is basically author and source of law holy crap oh my gosh guys you're gonna wait til I tell you sovereignty itself God and we the people by God's grace is of course not subject to law for it is the author and source of law holy crap guys some of you already know what I tweeted on Twitter what was it yesterday the day before when I said that the battle the battles are already won before they're fought this is exactly what this is telling us holy moly and I know some of you guys know if you follow me on Twitter you know exactly that I had already had this tweet out so sovereignty itself got it we the people by God's grace is of course not subject to law for it is the author and source of law but it is our system while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government sovereignty itself remains with the people by whom and for whom all government exists an axe that's right and the law is the definition and limitation of power sovereignty means that the to create excuse me sovereignty means that the decree of sovereign makes law and foreign courts cannot condemn influences persuading sovereign to make the decree the people of this state as the successors of its foreign sovereign are entitled to all the rights which formerly belonged to the king his prerogative and the state cannot diminish the rights of the people supreme sovereignty is in the people and no authority can on any pretence whatsoever be exercised over the citizens of this state in any state by the way but such as it is such as is or shall be derived from and granted by the people of this state thank you thank you thank you this is all part of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and so yeah absolutely Q says you have more than you know and not only do we have more than we know but it is what we're our minds are actually picking up on and what is that we do have the power of the grand jury and they use this act to take that freedom away from us Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 that is the act that the Congress put in there so again they they were evil long before this they're already planning how they were taking our freedoms away and this is how they do it by all sorts of acts just like the the one after 9/11 a couple of weeks after 9/11 Patriot Act see they put nicey nice little titles on there but what it is is we just gave up our Grand Jury rights because that was the poison pill that was stuck in here yep they word it in such a way where it says right here that they have given a a special grand jury and that only an attorney can control and call upon to grab a grand jury Wow well and we all just went okay because we didn't know because they they forgot or they didn't forget they just chose not to teach the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights what our constant is all about this is exactly why because again you don't want us to know and also they didn't they I know some of you if you're young enough if you're young and you don't know how to write cursive well why do you think they took the cursive writing out and I said this 15 years ago yeah because they started pulling that stuff then and I said the only reason why they're doing that is so that nobody could recognize cursive writing because all our historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights is all in cursive writing so that that's a major major step to dumbing people down if they cannot grab on to the historical documents and understand that and so if somebody were to interpret that through some little tour and historical building they could light both face about what it really says and none of these kids today would be the wiser because they don't know how to read it alright so I'm gonna end it there I think this was to me this was very informative learned a lot here were understanding a lot more and certainly I to me that was a verification that I actually found this document that in fact it is a document but we have to find out if in fact it went to the military for the military tribunals and that's why that this case was dismissed it's not to say that these people didn't do it that's not a not-guilty it's just they dismissed it based on what other things that were not done and other stuff that may have been done that we don't know about yet but these people will pay there is no doubt and I think we do have to exercise our grand-jury rights it is time all right guys thank you so much I love you all and I'm going to bed because I'm so tired and God bless we will see you tomorrow bye

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  1. ❓So how many of the fires have resources they want on that land? Whether it's resources in the earth/underground access/contract prospects or whatever else -none of it is for good/Godly reasons…most of their useful idiots either have zero clue-have been bought/bribed/threatened etc…
    🇺🇸"We the People" have the power graced by GOD-protected by our CONSTITUTION/BILL of RIGHTS😁

  2. Finance & Law = A license to lie, cheat, STEAL get away with………… Most excellent find! Prayers

  3. You and I definitely think alike , I was going to reply to you that this will most likely go to a military tribunal , because were dealing with enemy combatants here ! sure enough you made the statement , We are being led by the Spirit , and have a drive for truth, we need to get on top of this ; What makes us have standing , we have to claim our sovereignty to have standing as a living man/ woman and not a corporate citizen , a dead entity, strawman , , a citizen=slave , we cannot have standing if we claim to be us citizens , but we must become / claim national non -citizen status,! so please check out these people whom I have determined to be on point ,having confirmation of Holy Spirit, just as you will,, after hearing them , the Spirit will confirm legitimacy ! If we be of the body of Christ we will all be in 1 accord ,and have the mind of Christ , so seek out just the facts ,we may not agree on every point but the truth will stick ! So please check out , Kurt Kallenbach ;
    https:// www. youtube. com/watch?v= 8E1izC-evbI&list= PLlTKcHWpwbk4KHqyAZp1LRtguUtOuZuIJ&index=5
    and Bill Thornton ; into to sovereignty / https:// www. youtube. com /watch?v= eWYllybSKHQ . Kurt has many other vids , Bill has 2 or 3 others
    may this bless all who seek TRUTH ! Thank you for all that you do here on your channel, I stand behind you, this is to bolster your channel and shed light on the darkness so to gain understanding , that we not be destroyed for lack of knowledge !
    So for anyone that will listen ; Let the Spirit be your guide , take it SLOW !! ,I KNOW, we want action NOW , i get it , but we get what we need , not always what we want , we need to get understanding before we can move forward ! PEACE!

  4. Appreciate your coming on to report having been so tired. Thank you. 😴 💤 sleep well. 🇺🇸💕

  5. Very important video! "We the People"…."You HAVE more than you know" …."Fight,Fight,Fight'…. Q….. Grand Juries by "We The People" I think you've hit on something VERY important ! This HAS to be done NOW! Those who don't use their power, lose it!

  6. See how they keep us in the dark. Lawyers are just as guilty as anyone else in keeping us in the dark and letting judges run wild.

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