the time has come
I’m doing part two of the Rare album reaction. I took a couple of days that I
realized I have to do it right now because the songs have been like around
I accidentally heard part of two of them so I can’t keep it from myself anymore
thank you all so much for watching the first part, I have spent the most of
today working on my next song so if I look a little fried that’s why because
I’ve been staring at a computer trying to get all the tracks together because I
produced the song and so I’m about ready to send it out to get mixed and I’m
really really excited if you’re a musician you know that feeling is like
it’s a giving birth… okay so while giving burns like when you release it this is
like the part I don’t know what to call it
okay so I’ve heard vulnerable is the last one I heard and it is incredible I
was actually at the gym and I was listening to it and then the next song
came on so I have heard a little bit of People you Know but let’s listen to it
now properly her vocals… i remember this, I think I stopped at this point as you know I’m not streaming the entire songs on
my channel because go stream her album which looks like a lot of people are
doing and yeah it just continues with the impeccable impeccable productions
and just like the really clear artistry that that is that I remember from from
the first six that I’ve been enjoying so um okay here this is Let Me Get Me I’ve
heard none of this what is this like? this has a vibe to it again, i mean i just feel like i’m a broken record but they’re all just so well written, the songs and productions are so good but anyways this is crowded room featuring 6lack i like this one it sounds… ok, Kinda Crazy that’s not what i expected ok that one is really fun and will be very appropriate for many situations ok so this is Fun, which i did hear part of this one i think that might be my favorite. Even though I’ve really loved them all. It’s fun, fun is so fun we have one more, this is sweeter place featuring kid cudi actually my camera just
turned off right there and I realized afterwards which at least it was on the
last song so here I am back again to say the album as a whole is just fantastic I
really really am impressed and I just inspired myself and the
songwriting and the productions and the vocals everything is just great and I
hope you are all enjoying it and thank you so much for watching my umm what
turned out to be a three part series on my channel which is like not what I
expected to do but it’s funny and it was fun and thanks for your kind comments
and I’m glad that you loved the album it’s just nice to be a part of that
good energy you guys have a great night and I will see you soon


  1. selena lenda, esse álbum está perfeito💕
    e eu não sei se presto atenção no react ou na beleza desse homem pqp lindo 😂💕💕

  2. Don't you hate it when you can't think of what it sounds like but its on the tip of your tongue. That's how I feel about Sweeter Place the music I guess oh it starts at 31 seconds in. It reminds of a popular song that was out I loved it cant remember it.

  3. Kinda Crazy is talking about Charlie Puth LOL !!! He kept making her sound crazy to all the artist like ya know the same age etc…but she revealed in a interview in a careful way ..he wouldn't stop calling and texting her. …kinda crazy right LOL

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