27 Replies to “Record micro tutorial 3 – Guitar recording with the Line 6 POD® and Bass POD in Record.”

  1. You don't need an external Line6 POD. You can simply record through your line-in. What they're saying is, if you happen to *also* have an external (USB-equipped) POD, you can use any additional presets on it that are not available in the built-in Guitar and Bass PODs in Reason.

  2. You guys are crazy…I'm stoked about being able to use my analog gear…and Reason's compression on vocals?!?!? Bananas.

  3. so there is a built in pod farm in record ??? So freaking cool. Hurry up and send me the beta information please 🙂

  4. How do we record our guitar on it. do i need a DI box or something? ive been trying to get it to work but it hasnt been, if anyone could help that would be great thanks.

  5. U don't need an amp at all and it comes out the computer speakers. You need a 1/4" to USB or 1/4" to line-in cable though.

    The 1/4" is the plug that goes into guitar/base.

  6. Warning – To record Guitar you need a good cable, like Monster Cable or Mogami.

    Otherwise you'll end up having an insane amount of static/interference.

  7. @123Bastardo you need a thingy with a 'cable size' input and a 3.5 MM jack plug on the other end.. then plug in the 3.5 into your pc and ur done..

  8. @Toadoe7 It's called Record. You can read about it on our website at vvv.propellerheads.se Thanks for stopping by and watching!

  9. Okay, this is the second time I've tried to record with guitar within the last two years and I'm facing the same problem. I own an Asus X53E and am using ASIO4ALL going directly in from my guitar into a 1/4" adapter. Everytime I play, I see the decibel meter going up, but I am not hearing any sound come out of my computers speakers. Why is this the case?

  10. @TallonIV776V I don't know what's wrong based on that but you certainly can contact our support guys and they'll be able to help you out. They're experts at troubleshooting this stuff. head over to our site to get to them. propellerheads[dot]se[slash]support

  11. @vStylerJohnG Sorta. The features of Record will now all be in Reason 6… so it's not defunct in use but yes, the icon on your desktop will no longer be Record and the splash screen won't say record. Otherwise, it's alive and kicking, integrated into Reason, now 64 bit, with audio transpose in the sequencer, and continuing to grow along with our Reason rack development.

  12. whenever I connect my guitar with reason there is a buzzing noise.I dn't use any pre-amp and my guitar is an electro-acoustic with no eq's or eq-ing nobes on it…plz help…my audio interface is m-audio fast track C-400…plz tell me what to do…plz…

  13. Does Propellerhead plan to make a far more diverse set of Amps for guitarists? In the same way a DAW like Logic or GarageBand have a great wealth of amps to choose from? Do they plan to do this with Reason 8?

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