Recording Drums: Great Gear Under $400 PT1 – Mics & Drums

Without further ado let’s get onto today! Today is a fun one, because we’re going to use gear that is, less than 400 bucks. Now not everything collectively. I sat down to try to do that and it just, it’s very impractical so what I want to do is I want to use different pieces of gear that are all under 400. Our first mic setup is going to be under $400 dollars, then we’re going to use some outboard gear some different compressors and all everything is under the four hundred dollar limit, its kind of in that budget area and this is stuff that we use all the freaking time along with the stuff that’s more expensive. We’re going to start with our mic setup, which is inside the kick drum it’s an MXL A55 which rings in about a $100. On the snare got my trusty Audio-Technica Pro63 rings in about $50. Overheads, a pair of Audio-Technica AT2020’s. They ring about $99 each brand new. All this stuff you can find on Craigslist on Ebay you can find deals on this to get that down even cheaper, but this four mic setup is going to be pretty killer, all for under $400. Now the drums, we’re going to go over those kind of last, I want to get to a little bit first and then we’re going to talk about the tubs here, because this is a special kit of mine that I’ve had for a long time and it wasn’t supposed to be special it just turned out to be that way and let me tell you it is cheap I mean uber cheap. I’ll tell you what it is in a minute, I’m gonna wait. Now Hao, you ready brother? We’re going to start with our $400 mic setup. Ok first off we have, let’s mute, let’s start with the overheads because that’s what I always start with. Can you hear me their brother? Rock a groove for me okay. Give me some tom groove. “plays tom groove” Go to the ride. “plays groove on ride” yi, er, san, si BAM! get my Mandarin down. Starting with the overheads, pretty good, pretty good tone there. Toms are well represented, the cymbals are well-represented, you even have a lot of kick drum actually which if if I was, you know, going to eq this going in i’d probably take a little bit of that bottom and off just to make our kick stand out when we get there, but that’s a pretty good overall picture of the drumset. Play, give me to some straight groove and let’s hear our kick. Go for it. “plays groove with kick soloed” Add the snare. Kick and Snare Bring in the overheads. Give me some fills with that too. Go to the ride next time. Alright cool, cool. Hey real quick I want to, again we have no tom mics or anything going, we’re just trying to get as much tone as we can with these for mics. Play the, do the Enter Sandman tom thing. 1,2,3…cool. That’s a lot of tom in there now one thing Hao and I did talk about when we were setting up sound check was kind of backing off the cymbals a little bit, because we’re only using those two overheads, $200 brand-new $200 with the overheads. So we’re trying to let the tom’s project a little bit more and keep the cymbals back some. Now, let’s add something to this setup

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  1. Curious about the Pro 63. I own 3 AT 2020s, besides as OHs they sound great on a variety of instruments, especially considering the price!

  2. I think the most apparent difference is the drummer and how he brings out the nuances on the kit, look at Charlie and then look at the kid he put on later, that's the biggest difference, like some blues player said "the attittude of the m,&^%^f^%$er" that plays it.

  3. Bravo for using cheap mics. Shows you don’t need a world class sound for especially loud instruments like drums. In a mix you’ll never know. HOWEVER, you ARE going through a trident console, sooooo…someone who buys MXL because of the cost effectiveness isn’t gonna have such an incredible signal chain.

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