Recording Vocals for My Next Single

just like when we were young no oh what’s up guys
it’s Tom welcome back to the lab to another video welcome back to my life
today we are gonna be recording vocals for my next release when we were young
now if you’ll remember a few videos back I put out a video called producing synth
wave to overcome my creative block and in that video I got started working on
the song that was at the time very much a synth wave 80s vibe tune got the kind
of arrangement down where I liked it and was pretty happy with it fast forward to
today this is that same song but it sounds completely different it’s
undergone a lot of evolution in the last couple of months it got put into the
hopper forgotten about them and pull back out kind of over and over again I
finally got it to a place where I’m really psyched about where the
production is and I’m really happy with the lyrics I have tracked scratch vocals
and adjusted melodies switch lyrics in and out and just sort of live with the
track over and over again to really be a little bit more thoughtful this time
around about what I’m making and to make sure that it’s what I want it to be
rather than just trying to produce produce produce today we’re gonna be
tracking vocals for real after all of that that has been done it’s time to
actually lay something down just like when we were young and the world
couldn’t keep us down Oh No mmm voice is scratchy would you
ever want to take a chance with me yeah we could be anything the interesting
thing about vocals for me is that I still don’t consider myself a great
singer in fact I’m still coming to terms with how my voice sounds listening back
to it I didn’t ever sing on anything until maybe 2017 in just that first year
of singing on stuff I only sang on like a handful of demos and I didn’t show
anybody in 2019 I released my first song my first two songs with me singing on it
on streaming platforms which was a huge step for me it took three other songs
before that being released before I got the courage up to even release songs
with me singing on them period it’s you know like when you listen to a voicemail
of your voice and he goes to God is that what I sound like
like multiply that times 10 that’s what it’s like for me listening to my own
singing voice back or at least that’s what it was like now it’s gotten better
I’m getting more comfortable with my voice but I still very much I’m
second-guessing myself which is why it’s taking me so long I think of living with
scratch vocals to get to a point where I’m ready to actually cut vocals at the
end of the day I just decided I’m just gonna be Who I am I’m gonna sing how I
do and I’m just going to apply what I’ve learned from working with other great
singers and do the best that I can so I’ve done a ton of takes but that’s
what it takes at least for me I have to work at it I think I know enough to get
myself in trouble which is why I’m doing this so that’s it for this video if you
want to keep following along with the progress of this song make sure you hit
the subscribe button and the like button next to it doesn’t hurt either thanks
for watching as always and I’ll catch you next time peace

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