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  1. min 4:10 this made me really laugh out loud 😀

    …reminds me of the video "tribute" from tenacious D

    amazing playing!!

  2. You are an excellent sound engineer playing with the Helix.  I think all this distracts from playing and musicality.  Its good for gear heads, but sometimes don't you think the gear gets in the way and you spend more time on tweaking the gear than playing?  I love your playing by the way, my friends and I just beginning to think this is everyone trying to become Mike Oldfield.

  3. Hello, When I use Helix as a USB interface, It doesn't work well in my DAW software (Cubase). I tried increasing the buffer size but it's still not working well. Using my POD HD500 with the same PC and DAW software, It works perfect. I tried re-installing drivers (last version, V1.87) but the problem persists. Any idea? Thanks!

  4. Wow, never realize the whole remix feature on the Helix and the fact that the USB was 8 separate channels. I can't wait to get home now to mess with things!

  5. The sound quality that I could get by using the built in interface is the same (or even better) as the sound quality that I could get using an external audio interface (like the scarlett 2i2) ?

  6. 3:25 Sorry, I did not understand everything. So, via USB, Can I record with effects directly? or, necessarily, I will have to just record the dry guitar first and after that, start adding the effects?
    I really just want to connect via USB and record everything that, in that moment, I thought I was using.

  7. What all would I need to hook the helix up at home? If I didn't run it into an amp or speaker cab and just hooked it up to my Macintosh computer. Would it work? What if I plugged in a pair of headphones into the helix. Would it work then?

  8. How do you go about recording Helix MONO. Like you've walked up and stuck a mic in front of a cab? When I run mono out (left) it sound a bit muffled.

  9. Helix Native looks aesthetically pleasing. Really easy to work with and the sounds are great. Never expected it coming from Line 6.

  10. Hi .good job dude ,I have few question .how about sound quality compared with audio box or scarlet 2i2 .? Is it better xlr out put to an interface or hilex quality is good enough ?

  11. You are such a gifted guitarist! Is there a way to catch you playing live somewhere? I am in Scotland but can travel in UK to see you playing!

  12. The proper name for this video would be, "Recording in a Professional Environment." If you only have a Helix and are looking for tips on hooking it up to your PC for recording, this video is totally useless. First, the Helix will NOT sound as good without all the fancy studio stuff they have. Second, I don't see the point of skimming over some general steps without going into much detail. The fancy camera work and the fancy gear is all very well, but I'm none the wiser after watching this, and I still have to look for practical advice elsewhere. I appreciate your marketing efforts, but please get more down to earth.

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