RM ‘moonchild’ Lyric Video

We’re born in the moonlight Ain’t no fantasy Can’t breathe in the sunlight Gotta hide your heart We born to be sad, sad Suffer to be glad, glad Come on ya’ll moonchild moonchild That’s how it’s supposed to be Yeah all these pain and all these sorrows that’s our destiny, see? You and my life was like this We gotta dance in the rain, dance in the pain Even though we crash down We gon dance in the plane We need the scenery the night more than anybody Only I could console myself, not nobody else. It’s okay to shed the tears But don’t you tear yourself Moonchild, you shine When moon rise, it’s your time Come on ya’ll Moonchild, don’t cry When moon rise it’s your time Come on ya’ll Moonchild, you shine When moon rise it’s your time Come on ya’ll I left, but can never get to leave once You say you wanna die but live it much harder You say you wanna let go but put on another weight Thinking of not thinking at all is still a thinking, you know Actually this is our destiny, you know Smiling in endless pain, you know There is no ‘freedom’ when you say ‘freedom’ out loud, you know Do you know? In the moon hours, look at the night sky through the eyes of your soul Gonna show it to you, your window, your time You know, there’s a lot of thorns on that streetlight too Look closely at that blinking light for once Isn’t a night view such a cruel thing A magnificent sight of somebodies’ thorns Someone will be consoled by looking at your thorns for sure We are each other’s nightscape, each other’s moon We are each other’s nightscape, each other’s moon Moonchild, don’t cry When moon rise it’s your time Come on ya’ll Moonchild, you shine When moon rise it’s your time Come on ya’ll

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  1. I’ve been sobbing for a while, I listened to this and I felt relieved thank namjoon for making me feel better about my sorrows.

  2. نامجون ستانز وكل المونتشيلدرن أحبكم💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕

  3. Okay, here after listen his collab with Younha. That song reminds me to listen one of my best playlist mono again and over again :")

  4. 떠나도 절대 한번도 떠나지지가 않아
    죽고싶다며 그만큼 넌 또 열심히 살아
    다 내려놓고 싶다며 또 다른 추를 달아
    생각하지 말잔 생각조차 생각이잖아
    사실은 우린 이런 운명이란 걸
    끝없는 고통 속에 웃는거란걸
    자유라 말한 순간 자유는 없어

    달의 시간에 영혼의 눈으로 저 밤하늘을 봐
    너에게 보여줄거야 너의 창 너의 시간
    알고있니 저 가로등에도 가시가 많아
    저 명멸하는 빛을 자세히 한번 쳐다봐
    야경이란게 참 잔인하지 않니
    누구의 가시들이 모여 펼쳐진 장관을
    분명 누군가 너의 가시를 보며 위로받겠지

    우린 서로의 야경 서로의 달

  5. I'm here again bc this song means so much to me and im about to paint something from here on my shoes so 😂
    Also who has a moonchild tattoo?

  6. Nunca terminare de agradecerte lo mucho que tu música me ayuda, es muy reconfortante y tu sola presencia también ✨❤️

  7. I was tearing myself down the whole day & eventually I looked this song up & all his speeches. Now I feel better- Thank you Kim Namjoon, for being you & for helping me during hard times. I shall try to smile & love myself for you💕

  8. Estoy muy ofendida, como es que está joyita no tiene más V¥Stas¿? Nuestro líder se esfuerza un chingon y así se lo demostramos?

  9. ARMY and rapline Stan's please stream for RM Moon child mv for 100M views before his 2020 birthday I know it's hard but at least listen it daily for three or four times and two month before RM birthday listen and watch more
    We love RM our beautiful angel forever💜💜💜

  10. كيم نامجون
    كيم سوك جين
    مين يونغي
    جونغ هوسوك
    بارك جيمين
    كيم تايهونغ
    جيون جونغ كوك

  11. i don't know how namjoon made this. he give comfort thru song and lyric. he doesn't need to hug or sit beside me physically, he can do it mentally damn

  12. Just came back from shadow
    Think about this

    "Can't breathe in the sunlight, gotta hide your heart"

    "Don't let me shine"

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