Sa ne cunoastem| Primul meu video [English CC]

Hello everybody and apparently I’m doing this. Hello everybody my name is Daniela and welcome to my YouTube channel Maybe some of you are watching because you’re curious or maybe you want to see if I’m okay and what I’m doing… or I don’t know I wanted to do this in such a long time but I was scared of what my colleagues might say or people I know… blah blah blah but you know what? I said that this year I’m going to do it because its 2018, guys. As every first YouTube video you need to know a few things about me so let’s get started I’m almost 20 years old and no, I’m not 14 or 15 as my baby face says. I was born on 9th of June 1998 which makes me be into the Gemini star sign so there’s a different part of me ‘angel’ [laughing] I live in Birmingham because I’m a (university) student I go to Uni only 3 days/ week x 3hour… makes me a student, more or less My favorite movie is ‘Me before you’ and my favorite/hate the most is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ask me in another video why I hate it so much I can’t be bothered right now I hate winter and everything about it: cold, snow, wind, rain … all of them I have a blog when I post all the time / ‘occasionally’ about me and my life in England and stuff I do Maybe I’m disappointing you but… I can’t make slime I’m selenator, you don’t know what that is? Here’s a definition for it Number three and number nine are my favorite numbers as: In high school I got many 3s at literature Hi Miss and number nine because its my birthday I’m scared of traveling by train It doesn’t matter where I have to go, I don’t want to go by train I feel like if I want to get off of it somewhere and I can’t… I feel like I’m lost The biggest fear of mine is dawning I can swim but when I was little I almost died because I didn’t know how to swim and I went straight to the bottom I can’t do make-up that’s why I don’t wear any I buy useless things all the time If I spend money on something… that’s the useless things I don’t need True friendships are the most important for me that’s why I only have that many friends?! Once you disappointed me, I forgive you but its impossible to come back to … my heart, my soul I prefer texting than calling so if you wanna speak to me text me, don’t call me I watch the movies first then if I think the book seems interesting I’ll read it, if not… that’s it I post everyday on Instagram using the #365 Okay, that’s it for today, thank you for watching don’t forget to give me a like, subscribe, and comment down bellow what should I do next Byee

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  1. Miss D. Rusu I assume 😈. Welcome to my PC as I subscribed asap after your PM. "I can see clearly now", that it's you and soon 20yrs young. Where did I (and you) lose almost four years so soon. Well, we got them covered by being 'busy', that's what we always claim – lol. 
    Last time we talked, you were 16 and looked exactly the same, me again: only my pic is same still – I'd look some older, next month 28Y. So, welcome to YT to make some nice videos as this far already … ❤

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