Sanjay Khan – Biography

His parents named him Abbas Khan. But the television industry
made him Tipu Sultan. Whenever people talk about
the Sword Of Tipu Sultan.. can think of one person only. And that is Sanjay Khan. Sanjay Khan was born on 3 January 1941. His brothers Firoz Khan and Akbar Khan
too achieved great success in movies. “Don’t turn around and look at me.” “Don’t turn around and look at me.” “My heart’s beating faster.” “My heart’s beating faster.” “Don’t turn around and look at me.” Actually he started his career
with Chetan Anand’s movie Haqeeqat.. ..which released in 1964. Then Rajeshri Productions
signed him for the movie Dosti. The music of the movie
Dosti became really popular. Laxmikant Pyarelel also earned fame. And among the actors
Sanjay Khan shone through. On one hand his acting
career was going really well. And the movie Ek Phool Do
Maali had rocked the box office. And also the movie Intequam. Sanjay Khan never looked
back after these two movies. He was also seen with
his elder brother Feroz Khan.. the movie Upasana, Mela and Naagin. Slowly he became a
producer and director too. He made three movies. Chandi Sona.
Abdullah. And Kala Dhanda Gore Log. Among them, Abduallah is
still considered an excellent film. He had directed Raj Kapoor in it. Yes. This is what I came to tell you. And In the mid 80s
he turned to television. No one can forget
the Sword Of Tipu Sultan. And then the Great Maratha.. ..and Jai Hanuman are still fresh
in people’s minds. During the shooting of Tipu
Sultan there was an accident. There was fire due to
which he was badly burnt. Sanjay Khan recovered
many surgeries later. And was ready for shooting. Sanjay Khan got married
to Zareen Katrak.. ..who was a champion model of the 60s. She had played the role
of Dev Anand’s secretary.. the movie Tere Ghar Ke Samne. After marriage she quit acting.. ..and focused her entire
attention on her family. This marriage happened in 1966. He has three daughters
and one son from this marriage. The eldest daughter
Farah married DJ Aqueel. The next is Simone.
And the youngest is Suzanne Khan.. ..who was married to
superstar Hrithik Roshan. But they divorced later. His son Zayed Khan was born in 1980. The famous actor Fardeen
Khan is his nephew. From black and white
movies to colored movies.. ..and to the start of the TV industry.. ..Sanjay Khan has seen it all. And carved a niche for himself. To know the amazing
stories of great talents.. ..subscribe to People And History.

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