100 Replies to “Scary Footage Caught by Ring Doorbell Security Cameras”


  2. Yes the first one was most definitely a bug… that was easy to tell!! The little wings are very sheer and hardly able to see, but I can make it out.. it was just a bug that eventually crawled away, not a demon!!

  3. “For more videos of scary doorbell videos click that video right there-“
    Youtube: doesn’t show video

  4. Can we talk about the tree, in the first video, shaking on the far right that looks like Hermaus Mora? xD

  5. #nightmareFuel My son doesn't understand my "irrational" fear of snakes. THIS…. THIS is why I couldn't even watch that video

  6. The "supernatural orb Oooooo" is just a dust particle. Happens all the time with my camera. Hey maybe I can make a creepy things caught on camera video. The amount of dust, insects, aracnids, and woodlands creatures that cross my camera look damn near supernatural up close on an infrared security camera.

  7. Bro the glowing orb looks just like a speck of dust that was floating super close to the camera. I agree with the bug idea.

  8. There was a teacher in my school who got a notification from his front door camera. He turned on his phone and he saw a penis on the screen

  9. after seeing the object in 5:12 I looked at similar objects I think it's just a insect The narrator said the strange thing it was big enough to turn set off the motion sensor . It's more likely something else set it off and it caught the insect

  10. it is disturbing that no one helped that poor distraught women in middle of night!!.If they didn't want to open door they could have asked through door if the women needed help.

  11. 720P is more than efficient. However, the Ring company compresses the video so much that it degrades the video quality tremendously. If you want to see what 720P really should look like, set you smartphone camera's to 720P and view your self. Matter of fact, set you smartphone camera to 480P. The 480P smartphone video quality blows the Ring 1080P videos right out of the water.

  12. Okay these are not the scariest videos ever captured they are the only ones sent to you, second that was a bug and third she didn't try to bite the camera that's was definitely displayed

  13. Wait their was never a package 📦 ….. Second it’s blurred because anything u blur looks bigger than it actually is…… until it’s a Clear view…… 🗣 HOW GULLIBLE ARE U PEOPLE SMH 🤦‍♀️

  14. The snake and the spider were adorable! ^^ I love them both. How could anyone possibly be afraid of them? I want to pet them~ owo

  15. devils tree brought to devils tower and burnt! And we heard her land! Look at some of the Gettysburg stuff too!! Authentic!!

  16. The last video was absolutely pathetic I can't believe you left off with this one. Otherwise all the other videos were good but leaving off with the last one was pathetic.

  17. "Enormous snake"? You're kidding right? Come to Australia and see what its like to see a deadly Tiger Snake at the front door….THEN you'll change your mind!!

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