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  2. Every time I see these people react to supernatural activity, I always want to yell out, "Plead the name and blood of Jesus!!"

  3. Hey the security guard took down his videos after a request from his employer whom received complaints about having peoples loved ones final testing place broadcast on youtube. Out of respect he complied

  4. One that #1 video, I have seen that one before. When that child starts singing ring around the rosie and he runs out of the building its creepy because the child singing follows him continuously singing. They lady filming her dogs, after that she moved out of that house!!

  5. The security guard had to take down all of his videos because families were upset that their names were being shown on these videos. Also, he was on the job, and his job wasn't happy. I believe he still posts on a different user name. But, honestly I think the video is bogus.

  6. Yeah the guard was made to take down his posts due to complaints from relatives of the people who’s names he failed to blur out on the tombstones. He made a follow up video to it.

  7. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 nope Daytime would not change my mind at all. I would never be there . In fact I would have quit immediately

  8. It's a prank for social media Fame. It's more likely that she's not home alone, I'm pretty sure of the parents are helping out here

  9. The last video seems like teenagers screwing w/ the security guard or his friends helped him make the video internet Fame. The video being removed seem Sinister, but I bet the cemetery/funeral home insisted he remove it and anything else representing them. Not only is it their business, but it could be upsetting or disrespectful to the loved ones of those who rest there.

  10. The voice in the mausoleum saying "get out" is the same voice that said "get out" in the old DeFeo/Lutz house in Amityville. I guess ghosts need work too, and the mausoleum was hiring.

  11. The devil works through deception. If a spirit seems like an innocent child it's really a demon trying to lure you in.

  12. Yeah, if the last one was not staged, Then no child would be running around a Mausoleum at night pranking a night gaurd!!! As a former child that lived next to a graveyard in Carson City Nevada, there is no way we would be doing something like that, because we would be more scared of the NIGHTGAURD THAN ANY GHOST!!!!!!……………..SO THE LAST ONE WAS REAL!!!!

  13. There’s a saying that ‘the greatest trick the devil ever did, was convincing the world he doesn’t exist’ and while there will always be people who watch these videos and be entirely convinced they are true, there will always be others like myself who because I can’t entirely believe in one thing, nor can I in another. (Oh and yes I know the quotes from The Usual Suspects, but not just from there)

  14. Hey Slapped Ham. They is a two men ghost hunter group out there, named Dorset Ghost Investigators! Theyve had to delete their channel, but it was very very very good content! Not like the other Ghosthunters… it seems they upload their videos again. So Check them out!

  15. The guard one screams FAKE,. Hes just too calm throughout and the child singing is far too clear and why do the ;ghosts; always shout GET OUT?? pmsl what a load of twaddle.

  16. 🙄 I’m glad I don’t use social media anymore. It’s just a reminder of how brain dead society has become. Not to mention their desperate hunt for attention as the try to attain the nonexistent peak of “individuality.” I’ve got YouTube for mild entertainment from time to time, but other than that I’ve never felt so free.

  17. There's alot of things I've already seen in this one, and missing information on them. Especially from the woman with her dogs, makeup tutorial and the security guard. The woman was going to buy that house, she bailed and found a new one for her and her wife after that experience, the makeup tutorial girl has mentioned before that her home was haunted, and gave a reply via video of the experience in her closet. The man had to take down his videos for privacy reasons of the families that had people resting there. He does still have social media that you can follow him on, though.

  18. This video was good. I stay up to date with most of the spooky stuff here on YouTube so I usually run into a lot of repeats. Im happy that you had more new stuff I haven't seen yet and only about 4 repeats. I will say that 2 of the repeated videos were really good and worth the 2nd view. Also, the one with the girl with the closest doors opening and light going off was fun watching again, I just realized that it looks disconnected from the wall, and if you look closely at the shelving area inside it, it looks like it could be separated/pulled-out or maybe they could remove the back to fit a grown adult from behind the shelf area and therefore he/she can open/close the doors and even turn on/off the light without being seen. Overall, good video

  19. I remember why i stopped watching, we dont need a play by play of whats going on in the video we can clearly see whats happening

  20. Iv work night security in a old building of my town. Were there is a sub basment under the basement. Lots of history and the very heavy feeling your being watched and followed threw your rounds. And where the motion cameras go off constantly in empty rooms.

  21. Okay I think I can pretty much explain the first video the tall dark shadowy figure she saw might have actually been the angel of death. If you guys heard which is song Angel of Death you know

  22. When this videos are not fake
    Then i say this shadows what you see, this are djins from the parallel world. When they are more powerful they can transform into any creatures like animals or also when they have really much power, they can transform into a human.
    So you have not to be terriefied they can be good djins or also be bad djins. Just dont be scary guys dont allow the bad djins to terrify you. You have to stay calm and be strong in your mind.
    This is all what i know right now and this knowledge i have is from my faith. I am a muslim and we know exactly what they are and what they want.
    Go check it out on google i think you will see what this creaters are.
    They was before human created from god and now we humans are here.
    Peace out to you all.

  23. I have seen a shadow peaking around a corner similar to this myself years ago and it yanked back real fast like that one did after i noticed it, except the one i saw was like 5 feet not over 6 ft so that first vid kind if hits home

  24. Being a night guard in a graveyard in Savannah Georgia, That just screams trouble seeing that Savannah has such a rich history with so many dark chapters. It has all the traumatic earmarks that can leave a psychological impression. Let's see there were two wars that directly effected the city and let's not forget the yellow fever epidemic. There were probably outbreaks of cholera not to mention all the murders and public executions. So yeah, sign me up for that job. Why do they have to have a security guard in a graveyard, to begin with? Is there a fear the dead are going to rise up? Is there a concern that someone is going to vandalize the cemetery? If that's a fake he went to great links to produce make it.

  25. Scary video you know the ghost that walked on the stairs he is jigsaw from the movie that got made 2017 & pennywise from the IT movie he was behind the security god also a man was standing on the right creepy video Like I'm kidnapped by jigsaw so rescue me from 32 Stechford road Birmingham Uncle Saghir you will see

  26. The number 1 spot video collection was taken down because family members of the deceased were complaining to his employer about the names not being blurred out. He made another channel and posted some more videos with the names blurred. He complains that he cant keep employees because they keep getting freaked out. In one video he goes in the chapel because the lights are turning on and off and some one, sounding like a child, yells "not supposed to have cameras in here!" Then the voice is right next to him singing and he runs outside. The voice actually follows him too.

  27. i took a picture of a ghost.
    it was my neighbor. he died on my block. now he is in his backyard. that is where i took the picture. he must be stuck.

  28. The security guard's name is Joshua Runyan. I don't think this is a hoax. Being sensitive to paranormal activity, I can usually spot the difference. But, I have been wrong before, my sensibilities are not perfect.

  29. The security guard's name is Joshua Runyan. I don't think this is a hoax. Being sensitive to paranormal activity, I can usually spot the difference. But, I have been wrong before, my sensibilities are not perfect.

  30. The video where the lady got her dog watching the hallway and the shadow hidden was showed on nuke’s top 5 while ago and nuke’s also post a video from the lady saying that she moved out the house. 🙄

  31. Imo if the cemetery was real, somebody needs to sage or burn wood in that place. Too many spirits, they should move on. If you keep them all, it'll just turn even more negative. Kid is probably scared, maybe doesn't know they are dead. Just my thought. If it's one spirit and they do no harm, you can sage to help them move on. Or you can keep them there. If they start really fucking with you, definitely sage tf out of them. I have a spirit or two in my home. I have sage but they don't seem to want to go yet. So I'm waiting lol

  32. Rebuke it in the LORD'S Name.
    Say " The LORD Jesus Christ rebuke you and they will flee.
    Only the blood of Christ can protect us and give us no fear against these unclean and evil spirits.

  33. The cemetery guy can't film at work anymore without risking being fired. He's filming at a real cemetery, he is really a security guard and he got in trouble for filming. Not because he's filming and working but because he's filming the graves of people. He made an statement. There's a video of him explaining why he stop uploading.

  34. The guard may have been fired for recording inside the cemetery. It could be considered disrespectful to the dead.
    I’d love to investigate that place though!!

  35. #1 made me think od Eddy Merphy… "This is a nice place Baby, i like this place" <Ghostly voice/whispers> ~GET OUT!~ "To bad we can't stay here Baby!" xD

  36. The 1st one is complete nonsense look at the way the dog is acting to whatever is in the doorway. I'm saying the dog nose whoever that is in the doorway. as for the rest of these would doorways in it yeah I always take my pictures in front of open doors with jump cuts. They just so fake it's funny it's almost like they're sitting there telling you it's fake.

  37. In case you guys haven't known that's all this channel shows now is BS garbage! I used to have a lot of respect for this channel and I lost it it ranks right down there with that idiot chills.

  38. I believe that thy should just leave the spirits alone, they are just like us just partially transparent! If it is actually harming you then that's when you try to cleanse the house, but if it's just wandering around you should just leave the spirit alone!!

  39. Can you please stop narrating every action in the video as it’s happening? We aren’t blind. Let the videos speak for themselves and comment on them before or after they’ve played. The blow-by-blow narrating as the video is playing is really unnecessary and leads to us watching the same small clips 5-6 times per video. Nuke’s Top Five has a much better balance of video and narration.

  40. The 1st one seems legit and reminds me of a shadow person I saw a few years back. I was minding my iwn business playing on the computer late at night when I looked up and saw a tall shadow staring at me 5 seconds before it vanished. This is one of only two shadow people I've actually seen right in front of my face and not periphery

  41. "Nothing out of the ordinary" because a closet light coming on by itself after the door opened itself is ordinary…

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