Secret Filipino Files E03 | Stranger Things 3 | Netflix

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  1. Tom dela: okay so i will ask you filipino question

    Sadie:thiis guy thinks were filipino

    Caleb:do we need to go now this guy has alot of question

    Gaten:guys just stay still and just be queit and just act your litsening to him.

    Noah:guys we are filipino now😃


    Caleb:Finn wolfhard was lucky he was not here

  2. Hanudawww???? Ang naintindihan ko lang na part, yung naging masaya sila sa end ng interview,, dahil certified Pinoy sila??!
    Ewann,, Ang Guloo!!🤔😂😂😂

  3. Literally "Anyare" In this Interview??.. sinayang lang yung 4min. Ng buhayy ko!
    Kung sana mas inayos lng yung pagiinterview sa kanila eh,. Noticing that they're uncomfortable and still confused in the whole part of the video, Tas walang ibang ginawa kundi Icompare sila as Filipino..
    Stranger than Stranger Things..

    Btw thanks for this Netflix PH!

  4. Even as a Pilipino, I side with the majority of people here.
    This is the most cringeworthy and unnecessary skit I have ever witnessed.

    You can clearly see the confusion and state of being uncomfortable on the children's faces. They aren't having fun at all. Compare this to the interviews they've had. It just seems so monotone and bland.

    I get that they're trying to convey the typical Pilipino humor to entertain the kids and give them a little taste of what to expect in the Philippines, but this was a rather bad job of doing it. It just felt so out of place and messy. Instead of getting a few laughs out of this, I just felt embarrassed for the cast.

    It's such a shame to realize that our opportunity to have our very own interview with an exceptional group of actors was wasted on a futile project such as this.

  5. This is so Lame! Pretend to be and describe them as filipinos, look how the cast of stranger things react and you can see with their body language that they seem uncomfortable with this tom de la cruz, annoying interview. Try a better one tom

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