If your leader has a vision And wants things done his way Then everybody’d be serf-ing Like 40s Germany You’d see the leaders get fiery In their weird gray suits Or bushy, bushy beard hairdos Serfdom U.S.A. I’m not saying we need a dictator. Yeah, just, like, a group of people who have
the country’s best interests at heart. Maybe it starts during crisis Or cause you’re damn lazy But someone makes a big promise And you think, “that sounds sweet!” But how will they do it? A planned economy. Till everybody’s gone serfdom Serfdom U.S.A. They’ll all be planning out your route You’re gonna take real soon From your job to goods’ prices Experts write your to-dos. But if their plans are a bummer You just can’t get away Tell your friend here it’s serfdom Serfdom U.S.A. Serfdom, Serfdom U.S.A.


  1. LOVE it! Cheese is key. People love that. I always say, with today's culture needing snippets of information because of quick media talking points, creating entertaining content that helps people digest the liberty message easily is great. Nice work. Look forward to more!

  2. Cool, Daddy-O (If you don't get that, you probably don't get the Beach Boys). 

    Wow Naomi really has talent, too.

  3. Notice how Leftists can't help but swear, and be nasty.  I hope you leave up their uncivil posts. It would be refreshing if one of them had actually read The Road To Serfdom, and had some commentary and perspective to share after having read it. Boggles the mind how so many people want to reject individual freedom, and hand over their decisions, their lives, to The State.

  4. Note that  Brian Wilson took the tune for this from Chuck Berry…himself a victim of one of the stupidest acts of statism ever, the Mann Act! (Bruce Pegg discusses this at length in his excellent biography, BROWN EYED HANDSOME MAN.)

  5. I love this!  Everyone is waiting for Superman to appear to save us all.  Guess what?  He's not coming.  YOU are, and should be, the captain of your destiny.  Don't give that power to anyone or anything else.

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