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On this episode of Coffee Corner we are discussing some big changes coming to your favourite platforms so keep watching to find out what *Coffee Corner Intro Music* Hi and welcome back to Coffee Corner On todays episode we are gonna discuss some updates of our favourite platforms Like LinkedIn, Facebook and Snapchat As all of these major players all want to stay ahead of the game They keep adjusting their software and services to their users, so keep watching to find out what they changed So grab a coffee, press ‘F’ for fullscreen mode and enjoy! LinkedIn Matched Audiences LinkedIn has updated it’s targeting capability with matched audiences This now includes Website retargeting where you can now reengage with website visitors with targeted ad’s Account targeting: Which helps you to reach the decision markets at target accounts and companies Or contact targeting, where you can upload or integrate your list of contacts to advertise to LinkedIn has always been the go to platform for P to P marketing With the new audience targeting features I think they really stepped up their game It’s now easier than ever to prove your return on investment and one of the features that we love is the accounts targeting feature, it’s a great tool to target certain profiles and companies or even certain companies and its great for account based marketing, that’s something where the other platforms, Facebook Twitter, whatever are really lagging behind Facebook Tests Mid-Roll Video Ad’s As Facebook, finds ways and new ways to increase it’s ad revenue while not hurting the user experience on it’s platform It has now started testing our Mid Roll video ads and these are what these ad’s are going to look like Basically there will be an ad length of 15s They will only be shown after 20s of the video has been watched and they will only be placed on videos that are 90s or longer and what’s great is that they are actually splitting the ad revenue 55% with the publishers which is the same revenue split that YouTube offers it’s Right now it’s unclear wether videos will be clearly marked That they will be advertised or not if users will be able to see that Where on YouTube with longer videos it is clearly marked but what we really want to know is what you think of these mid roll video ads in the comments below, either from the user perspective Or from a marketing advertising perspective Facebook is testing out Video Covers If you have Narcos Facebook page recently you might have noticed that is cover image is moving The Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed to social pro daily that they currently testing out the ability to upload video covers He said “They are always looking for new ways to help business to create more engaging content and to create even richer for their audience Unfortunately they havent revealed when or whether they will roll out this feature to even more users Snapchat launches AR World Lenses Snapchat announced and launched its AR world lenses Actually it announced it just before Facebook announced it’s AR efforts at F8 Pretty sneaky Since Snapchat actually rebranding itself as a camera company it really only makes sense That they start developing AR and VR features So now users can do more than just just turn themselves into a dog Or make a silly face, or add colourful hair They can now flip the camera and add 3D objects Into their environments which just adds a whole other level of fun! For marketeers it really means to start looking into AR and how it can help with your content marketing, especially as more and more companies are developing and are turning towards these developing technologies but as always you just need to experiment with it and see how your audience reacts and engages with this new type of content Facebook Announced New AR, VR and AI Initiatives Mark Zuckerberg announced at the yearly F8 Facebook developer conference that the next big thing for Facebook is to dive into the world of augmented reality virtual reality and artificial intelligence They launched a couple of new products like, camera effects studio, the AR studio and Facebook spaces They even have plans to work on a couple of devices like VR glasses and 360 degree capable cameras So its pretty clear that Facebook is investing in creating high tech visual content this year Apple clips receives 1 million downloads in 4 days In March Apple launched clips an app focused on making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics and more Actually in the first 4 days in the first 4 days it received 1 million downloads Which is huge for you guys if you don’t have it already, you should definitely download it and try it out it is super user friendly and great for mobile, like on the go video production Right now it’s too early to tell How the app will do in the long run, but we definitely recommend it and it’s looking good Here are a few things to take note of 1 in 5 Facebook videos is now broadcasted live Showing that live video is really not slowing down And Instagram stories have actually surpassed Snapchat in users they have now reached 200 million users this month out shining snapchats 161 million But Snapchat also announced they are releasing Their Geo Filter API to advertisers Allowing advertisers to create Geo Filters for certain locations or events and it allows them as well to have better insights in their ROI Well that’s it for Coffee Corner if you liked this episode Hit that like button and if you’re new to the channel the subscribe button right here, be sure to check in every Thursday for a new episode and incase you missed last weeks episode you can check it out right here and if you know more about video marketing in general you can check out our blog right there Well that’s it for this episode, see you guys next week. 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