Sparc: VR sport of the future, today?

so what do you think personally with the future cpp are you guys going to be doing anything else inside Sparks NV is well CCP has many studios that are working on different products so I can't talk to the other Studios right now but with my project our goal is very much so to get sparking players hand get feedback on and figure out what comes back will you for have some future be bringing real athletes to the game and trying to make it into an action sport that way that sounds pretty awesome yeah I mean what a lot of the stuff that were that we're looking at right now being pre alpha and trying to get into an alpha stage would be to get that kind of feedback upfront so that we can start tuning the game to really take advantage of you know one of the examples we use is people who play a lot of tennis would they come in and say hey this feels about right you know we're not trying to recreate tennis but we need that feeling to resonate the same with like a baseball player who maybe not a pitcher because there's so much nuance and that's so much about the grip and how you hold it but but even just throwing the ball how does that feel does it generally connect up it doesn't we're not trying to make a baseball throwing simulator but we do need it to carry some of those same basic hooks so that people just go yep that works out so a new hardware and software coming out and you have sets do you think you'd be sort of integrating the game with that or is it just you're going to be staying with hoppers that you have now or will you be working absolutely our goal is to is to support you know sort of the major changes that come out of the VR market you know things like what we talked about we've designed the game to fit to fit the space you have available to you to deal with the fact you have a tether you know coming out of the back of the headset we don't want to ignore those elements and have people getting tangled up in the wires so we've designed the game very specifically for this generation but we absolutely forward to things like when the tether comes off can we design a cool 360 game mode that that would work and then go from there once we start tracking people speak and we bring the rest of the avatar back in and have people having to get their feet out of the way the projectile leaving it anywhere versus just your torso and if you were to bring in the rest of the body you think that that's possible if we get if we get good for tracking absolutely but but that's the reason why we took out the lower body right now is because we just don't we don't know we don't know what your feet are doing and there's no value to us to put in like I can look down and see feet but as soon as they don't move with my feet as soon as I look down and see a projectile go through it or worse hit a leg that I'm not in direct control of it just takes people out of it and so that's you know like I said we're really trying to embrace may sound like the wrong word but really trying to work with the limitations instead of just smashing into them and trying to hammer our way through them we're just saying hey these are the limitations let's make the best experience possible for now so that we can't involve it in the future okay so first thing what do you think is the most exciting that we are and where it's going I think it's for me it's the different the different playstyles that have shown up and the different learning that we've done about how like how to present information to people we we've designed games for screens for a real long time where we understand the confines of this rectangle and we understand how fast people's eyes can move around and what is mouse and keyboard how fast can people play Starcraft 2 for example where VR has taken it and shifted gears and almost slowed it way down but it's not like you're in first year just going slow and people like this is boring you still have some of the craziest most horrifyingly spooky and most action-packed experiences in VR but it's not about just jamming more units on the screen or more you know more explosions and effect it can be a much more intimate interaction it can be a much more intense interaction with less and I don't mean less because it takes more to render the scene I mean just with with less just flashes and blasts like you can have very very creative intimate social interactions in the VR that we haven't seen anywhere else yet so premium tdr but for people who don't know anything about VR what do you think is that one thing that could bring them into well the thing that I really hope to think the thing that is resonated very well when we showed the mixed reality view last year were people who said who would say to a boyfriend or girlfriend that we're going to go do this on our next date you know when this comes out and that just to be very that was very humbling that you know we're talking to people you know seeing the comments on Facebook or whatever of the video we were talking to people that we've never spoken to that weren't even gamers you know these are people who air hockey is the extent of what like when they want to talk about playing games there were people who were saying hey you know Jim you you don't even play video games you think they're dumb but check this out and Jim was like hell yeah you know like that's just it's just a different concept I don't know how to explain it like so we're so used to interacting with with gamers and and we love them like this this is the core of what we do and being able to expand that and give them really intense cool interactions but also giving them something that they can they can show to their friends and their family but that's one of things for me as a VR gamer at home one of my favorite things to do is to have people over and have them play it like it's just again even games that I'm like ah you know I've played the hell out of that game like I'm done with it people will come over and just again lose their proverbial 1:04 allowed to say that but lose you know they just get really excited about the about that experience and it's like not like anything they've ever seen before the same thing like we see that people of all ages you know here at fan fest last year we had two little little tiny kids probably like five or six years old playing sparking when they were done they came over shook hands and said good game and I'm just like okay I don't think any of the players actually that's not true they all drank beers together afterwards but I mean the other thing that I really liked about it was just the the level of enthusiasm and passion that we've even seen out of the players at fan fest coming out of it drenched in sweat you know and and talking trash to one another is going to it's a lot of fun to see I where can our viewers I play spark calm and that spark with a sieve anymore head over to beer books

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