Stripping & Waxing Vinyl Tile Floors Using a Stripping Brush

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67 Replies to “Stripping & Waxing Vinyl Tile Floors Using a Stripping Brush”

  1. I gotta get me one of those stripping brushes. Those black stripping pads get loaded up with the slurry on the floor and it makes it hard to cut thru old wax build up. You got nice equipment and looks like you do really good work.

  2. I like black pads, but have been using brushes more lately. My local guy got me a Carlisle 80 grit, .050 nylon brush for $250 in the 21" size. Five pads costs me $43. I use the pads when the floor has been burnished and the wax doesn't want to let go. I put and extra 50 lbs on the buffer. That will kill the brush fast. If the floor comes clean using Bare Bones, mop some on, extra in the tank, it is good. The brush will last as long as 10 boxes of pads. Only when it is giving me trouble do I go to pads.

  3. i work at walmart they need to see this video we all the time telling im about thing over and over they dont  let us do all the flooring in one nite they have us do it in parts and cut lines we keep telling them there is no way to stop cut line making a line we say once you wax to the cut line of old wax it will show they play know it all when they are wrong lol

  4. We just got our 17 in stripping brush last week and just used it last night I like it but pads are a little better when there alot of wax especially when there alot of wax… and cut off lines are vary easy just get towels or a blanket and do your cut off…

  5. Hello brotha, I was just wondering how and who did you talk to to get the account. I'm curious because i have started my own strip and wax business. Can you help a young business man out. Thanks.

  6. Nice job. Good planning makes jobs easier.Like the big garbage can on rollers for stripper mix. Bless ya.

  7. Thank you for this. I tried for first time to strip and wax my floors at home and didn't know how to do it.  This explains it.  Thanks!

  8. Hello jerry. I watched a few of your videos and I was wondering when your all done with the stripper how many layers of wax do you lay down

  9. Wow, as someone who has stripped and waxed floors myself I find it hard to believe that this video could have received any thumbs down. I'm going to assume that those are just haters. Maybe they mad because you didn't show them how to wax it because you know that is like the rocket science part of

  10. I got to strip the floors on my job.I never did it,but my cousin keeps the floors waxed.What I wanna know is,why does it looks dingy around the edges?I think my cousin didn't use a bag to keep the finisher from being contaminated with dirt and debris.The boss keeps harping on the dingy dirt looking substance at the edges.

  11. I've gotten in to the whole custodianship industry in earnest as of late, and doing this aspect of the job I find necessary. so, I thank you for the informative and very instructive video! cheers from Canada!

  12. Is it better to start cleaning on the sides than starting on the middle so you dont need to step on those areas you have already cleaned.

  13. Buy a floor scrubber is worth it trust me expensive but worth it, also make sure you don't let the stripper dry other wise you are doing the job twice, and it's better to start with the edges especially if you do it by sections you don't want your edges looking bad so starting with the edges it's better for straight cut lines. Also it helps to lay down floor neutralizer out side the area you are stripping so if the stripper does run all over the place you don't worry about stripping sections you are doing. Also to do along an edge use a scraper to get the wax out its faster and your edges look better doodlebug helps but scrapers works best.

  14. Nice vid , thanks for the input , i have owned a grl cleaning business for over 2 decades , and we provide floor jobs to all our accounts at least once per year . One thing we do is that once the person doing the stripper has stripped an area of 8 x 8 , the clean up guy gets in front of him doing the clean up . So both of us are walking backwards while doing the cleaning . For scrubbed / wax only we get .022 per sq feet , and for heavy duty stripping/ waxing we get .048 per square feet . I did an open space hallways only scrubbed/ waxed 4 hrs , and made $1040 .00 , minus my 17 years old helper pay , and $100 on stripper , and wax .

  15. we do 20× bigger than this are only 2 ppl but we use the scrubber machine & manual tactics, basic stuffs like mop, water scrapers, black pads & a squeegee

  16. I just started a cleaning business and am thinking of offering this service but i dont know how much to charge per sq ft,
    what is the recommended charge?
    and what is the recommended cleaning schedule for retail?
    I know it might depend on how much traffic the place might get.

  17. This guy is like Trump, interesting information but his presentation makes me unable to watch in its entirety… this job needs a floor machine so you could add quarterly maintenance into the bid. Maybe he doesn't have the budget for the right gear…. Good on him for grinding it out though

  18. the stripper brush is a good tip.
    This is a great way to do it with minimal equipment and good organization. He knows what he's doing.

  19. by using swing machine, he barley has to use brush on edges. A tip I saw in comments.. strip edges and corners first, to aviod walking on slippery floor.

  20. Lord this is the truth!  Should work backwards though so you come back to your entry point to avoid all that slippage!

  21. Wet vacs come with front squeegee they are twice as fast and easy to use than doing it this way. Poor guy will wear out his back doing it this way. I can see the passion otherwise a good video

  22. i do the same exact thing with the barrel i fill it up with the stripper and water its a whole lot easier than using a mop and bucket i also use a small pale to sling the water and stripper from the barrel

  23. Glad to hear it . Like your videos . You have passion for your work like I do. I found that using deionized water ,ultra pure (same as window washer s use ) as a final rinse gives the floor that extra shine. Cost about a $1 for 2 gallons. The good thing is you can eliminate one coat of wax. Instead of ,3 coats I can get same shine with 2. Try it.

  24. I can't understand, for the life of me, why people in our business use actual stripping pads. When I first started, I used them only to find that I was wasting a lot of money. The brush is actually way more cost effective, more efficient, and does a much better job of removing wax from floor, even stubborn wax.

  25. what rpm does that machine run? looks to be 2-3 times faster than the one i use, no wonder stripping is always a pain

  26. We used a huge aztec machine with propane to strip floors but in manhattan propane isnt alliwed so you need a small machine like his with a brush (no pads)… and a wet dry vacuum with a squeegee

  27. Great video. The stripping brush is definitely the way to go. I inherited a elementary school from a guy who only scrubbed and re coated for years. A Complete nightmare. Pads gummed up then just sat on the top of the wax. The brush cut through.

  28. Please inform me how can you scrub that quick and then. Vacuums it up? The stripper needs to set for least 5 minutes then you need to scrub for a while then vacuums it up and probably repeat! There must be like one of two coats of wax on that floor

  29. What brand name of stripping and waxing solution were you using? Your setup looks really good. Please let me know man.

  30. some will disagree, but at times I will use a hard black floor pad and scrub small problem areas dry…it can dig into the floor, so be careful…I do this on VCT floors at my work and it works like a charm….cut pad into a few pieces, then use a piece under your foot and do a little dance over the dirty wax spots…again, be careful but this does work

  31. Funny looking set up for floor stripping. But hey it got the job done though!! Hope it didn't take a whole week to do that store!!

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