Super Hero Carpool Ride

Making my way downtown walking fast– Hello? [EVIL LAUGH] You’re
never going to get me. What the? [MUSIC PLAYING] I think the Joker’s up
to something really bad. I’m picking you guys up. Where are you? Come on, hurry up. I don’t understand
why girls take so– PUSSYCAT DOLLS:
[SINGING] Don’t you wish your girlfriend
was hot like me? Wow. PUSSYCAT DOLLS: [SINGING] Don’t
you wish your girlfriend was– Hey you guys, it’s
Rachel, and basically– I’m currently having
a giveaway where I’m giving away a MacBook Air. And the only rule to enter is
that you must be subscribed, and the giveaway
ends on August 12th. Oh, this belongs to you. Thank you. Let’s see what
the Joker’s up to. You look so good. Don’t bug me right now. Is that supposed to be a
joke, because I’m a spider? You literally wear a belt
on your head so be quiet. What are you doing? Just watch. Batman’s going to come. Do you think that works? It’s going to work,
it’s going to work. Watch. No way. I told you. You know, you have my number. You don’t need to
use the bat signal. It’s more fun this way. Oh, there he is. Hey, hey. So what’s your story? Why do you need a ride? Can’t you just fly? I just had my cape dry
cleaned, thank you very much. Oh, that makes sense. Of course, of course. All right, guys,
let’s find this guy. Oh, we’re picking up– We have to Harley first. We have to get Harley. Do we have to get Harley? I mean, OK. She’s not– Yeah, we do, we do. Let’s go. She knows him the best. She knows the Joker the best. That’s true, she
knows him the best. I don’t even care
what the Joker does, he can date whoever he wants. Yeah, this isn’t about that. It’s not about that. Here guys, squad goals, ready? Oh, wait. Can I do the same thing? Squad goals. [INAUDIBLE] So what’s the story
with the Joker? I have no idea. He just called me,
he didn’t tell me. It’s possible he may
be up to something. Wasn’t he just in jail though? I bet they threw him
back in Arkham Asylum. Why am I in the carpool? Why wouldn’t I
take the batmobile? I have like 12 cars. More like eleven. Oh. What are you trying to say? Soulja boy, tell him. We’re superheroes remember? We’re trying to save the planet. Touche. Yeah, green. Do you have any idea the
price of gas right now? I’m going to stay– [POLICE SIREN] Oh no, are you serious? Are you even old
enough to drive? Oh come, man. Oh my god. Are you old enough to drive? I knew this was going to happen. This is what we get
for saving the planet. I need a transport. I got a 568 with a bunch
of adults dressed up as superheros. I’ll get him. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. Don’t do that, don’t do that. You guys are such
goody two shoes. Good evening, officer. Keep your hands on the wheel. Did you know you were going
eight miles over the speed limit? Come on, are you serious? I’m Spiderman. Oh, wow. Superheros, huh? OK, well there’s a
guy running around in a striped shirt
and a ski mask. If you see him, can you catch
him and bring him in for me? You think I’m kidding? I’m actually Spiderman. We’re real superheros. Yeah, we’re all real superheros. You’re the real Spiderman? Yeah, I’m the real–
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, my son’s a huge fan. Can I get a– can I
get your autograph? Absolutely. I have a lot of fans. Yeah. You’re a nice guy. Thanks, champ. He was a nice guy. He was a nice guy. Wait, did he just put a ticket? Are you serious, bro? I told you guys you should
have let me get him. Oh my god. Well if we had a real
man operating the vehicle this would not have happened. Bro, do you want me to
bring out the Kryptonite? Yes. You don’t have Kryptonite. Yeah I do. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. That’s really immature. All right. I’ll close it. I’m closing, I’m closing. Relax. Relax. So you mean to tell me if I put
Kryptonite in a plastic bag– Yeah? –I won’t be affected by it? No, you won’t be. Obviously. Did you not go to school? Everyone knows that. Did you not see
those commercials? You don’t even need school. You just need a TV. Oh, I guess not all of us
went to medical school. All right, time for a selfie. Let’s do it. There’s always
time for a selfie. All right, that
works, that works. I always look so
un-photogenic it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why I
always look like this? [BIRDS CHIRPING] I’m starving. Let’s go get something to eat. No, no, no no, no. We don’t have time. We have to catch the Joker. Wait, I kind of want
a milkshake though. Oh my god, are you kidding me? Please, Spiderman? Please? All right. Fine, fine, fine, fine. Let’s go. Yay. Yeah let’s go, homey. How can I help you? All right, what do you want? Vanilla. I want a vanilla one. OK, so I’ll have two
vanilla milkshakes. I want the biggest
cheeseburger they have with extra, extra fries. I need the biggest
cheeseburger you can provide. This is all your fries,
all your sandwiches. Wait, stop. Is that the guy the cop
was telling us about? Oh, yeah it is. OK, well let’s go get him. Nah, the guy gave
me a parking ticket. I’m not getting him anything. Spiderman, you’re being petty. Fine, let’s go get him, boys. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. [LAUGHTER] [PUNCHING SOUNDS] This is funny to you? Yes. Get down there. Hey, stay still. Don’t move. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Really? Do you have to do
that in front of me? We just broke up. Clark? Kal-El. All right, Kal-El, we
broke up 600 years ago. Kryptonite. Oh. Ow. Ow. [MUSIC – RIHANNA, “NEEDED ME”] I’m a savage too. I think I would
get along with her. Wait, is that the
police station? I think so. Harley and Wonder, let’s go. We got this. [LAUGHTER] So, you like to
terrorize old women, huh? [LAUGHTER] Wow, you really are superheroes. [CAR STARTING] [CELL PHONE RINGING] Hello? [INAUDIBLE] Who is this? [INAUDIBLE] Where is he? [INAUDIBLE] Guys! Guys, we’ve got
to find the Joker. He’s up to something real bad. Oh, no. What is he doing? OK, OK. Oh my god, I can’t see. Stop! You’re never going to get me. There’s the Joker, I see him. He’s right there. This is a trap. This is definitely a trap. This is not a trap. Let’s go. Go, go, go , go. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Hello, friends. Joker, what are you up to? As you can see,
I’ve planted a bomb on every tree in Gotham City. And with one little
push of this button– That’ll cut off the oxygen
supply, you can’t do that. You monster! What about the fish? What about the fish? What? What am I supposed to swing off? OK, you can’t do that. Exactly. [EVIL LAUGHTER] And then when I’m
done, I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to– We did it. You’re welcome. VANESSA CARLTON: [SINGING]
Making my way downtown– Hello? What’s up, bro? [INAUDIBLE] A pool party? Right now? Yeah. Yeah, we’ll be there. Bye, bye. [EVIL LAUGHTER]

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