SVALA, SELMA & YOHANNA – EUROVISION Carpool Karaoke ICELAND (English Subtitles)

Hi. Thank you for giving me a ride sweetheart. No problem. I was just in the area running some errands. Clearly I got lucky. Yes. How are you? Well, I am just doing great! Great. Well I am going to turn on some music. Is that okay with you? Of course! Music makes the world go round. Oh yes it does. Ohh the music didn’t start playing. Ohh should I press something? Maybe hit play? Shuffle play? No. I think we are supposed to press this button. What a coincident. I think I might have heard this song once or twice before. Do you know it? Yes I do! I know it too. I have an idea. We start a band! The SB Duet. We are SB and SB. Can’t go wrong. But how was it? I remember watching you perform live on TV and you almost won. You were so close. Yes. I was so close. I mean, this was so epic and the performance was perfect. I mean, how could you dance this much and sing so perfectly. It was almost like you were miming You know.. ohh someone is beeping. Hey, lets just move on the right lane. Take a chill pill. Relax dude. I mean I drive like an old lady. Let’s just wave and say hi. Ohh it was a woman after all and she is furious furious! Okay yes, at this time I was a professional dancer so I was in a little bit better shape than I am in now. But I decided that while we were working on the choreography that I would always sing full out while rehearsing just to create stamina for my diaphragm and lungs. And then it just becomes a habit. This is what I did in the theater for musicals where we do exactly this and this is all about repetition. Of course it’s always normal to get stage fright Yes of course, every time. But I was much more nervous in 2005 then I knew what I was getting myself into and I knew so well Well yeah you had done it before I was shaaaaaking when I walked onto the stage and I felt sick the whole time I was singing and I was sweating… but you could not see it and you could not hear it! Sometimes I just wished that people could travel inside me and feel how much hell this can be and I even thought to myself on the big stage what am I doing here why am I not at home in my pajamas, eating popcorn and watching this. Yeah I was watching your 2005 performance yesterday on YouTube and yet again, that was a flawless performance as well. The makeup, the hair, the vocals, the dance, everything flawless you were there like a goddess. But I didn’t not feel like it on the inside. You are so good at hiding it. Yes That’s how it was ooo Eurovision The adrenaline just takes over and helps you that’s what it does it is always the fuel to the fire and your so focused. Yeah the focus can cut like a laser. Yes it’s just like athletes. Everybody knows it, when the heat is on you get extra focused. But I’ve had Paper stuck on my mind lately I’ve been playing it on repeat. Yeah it is a pretty catchy song. I remember when we wrote it a year ago we were back home in LA writing a lot of new music and we write this song only in a few hours and afterwards we just looked at each other, the four of us that wrote it and we were pretty blown away. We realized this was a very big song and could be a world wide hit. Definitely. And we asked ourselves, what should we do with this song? and that’s when the idea came to our mind and we figured it might be a good fit for Eurovision. Yes and Eurovision is a really great platform. Most definitely. And not to mention if you win the Icelandic preliminaries and go all the way. Just like Loreen, she had a world wide hit with Euphoria. Yeah there are big international songs with great hooks that can make it really far especially if the delivery is 100% and everything around the performance, all the details.. If everything goes as planned then it can be a huge success. Yes you’re right. I have full confidence in you. You’ll nail it! ohh thank you. ohh Yohanna! Oh yeah, she doesn’t have a car at the moment and I just… Hiiiiii! I heard you needed a ride. Yes I do, thanks. Just have a seat in the middle. It’s so good to see you. I didn’t know we were picking you up. Just put your seatbelt on no one gets into my car without putting their seatbelt on. Yohanna, this is perfect timing. Svala and I were in the middle of talking about Eurovision. We are having a very deep conversation about Eurovision. Ohh do you recognize this? A little bit. I’ve sung this a few times girls please sing with me. I love this song. It’s so beautiful. And now Bring it Wow this was nice. This is my favorite part. And the build up! bring it, take it away. there comes the high note. and then amazing and then Yes I like this movement. don’t you? nice! now we got the rap. I am going to rap this part. Yeah this is my favorite part. Here’s the breakdown. and then bring it We nailed it! We really nailed it!!! N.A.I.L.E.D. N.A.L.E.D. naled? Oh my god. We are the bombs. Why am I wearing this warm jacket? I am choking. I am sweating too. We have been working out on this ride. I am feeling way to warm. I haven’t been on this ride for long enough to sweat. No. We had taken the conversation to the next level before you jumped in. Yeah I guess I just have to take a rain check. Yeah. Yes. Btw, am I going in the right direction?

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  1. Omg when the three were singing "Is It True?" I got CHILLS at how beautiful it sounded, it's still my favorite Eurovision song ever… Svala I wish you the best of luck, i LOVE Paper, instant fave of mine!

  2. I'm glad I came across this video! Always loved Yohanna and "Is it True" is a beautiful song. Iceland is one of the very few songs I like this year. So If not the UK, I hope Iceland win

  3. how much i would like to go carpooling with them and siing. looovely. paper IS my favorite this year. Selena rules and Yohana outstanding voice

  4. I have no idea why I was lucky enough to find this video!
    3 amazing singers from a wonderful country!
    Best of luck Svala! You must be in the final! 😊

  5. Yohannaaaaaaaaaaa omg, brings me the same feelings, as the first time i heard her, such beautiful voice coming out of such an adorable human being

  6. Svala should totally have a ride with Silvia Nótt. That would be so entertaining to watch! <3

    Love this video btw three beautiful, talented and Icelandic women!

  7. Þetta eru þrjár af bestu og flottustu söngkonum íslands, maður er endalaust stoltur af þessum samlöndum sínum og þakklátur að hafa slíka hæfileika hér á íslandi.
    These are three of the best singers we have, I´m so proud to have such a GREAT talent here in Iceland.

  8. Tres talentosas islandesas. Me encantan sus canciones. Svala es la onda. Three talented Icelandic girls. I love their songs. Svala is really cool.

  9. Iceland looks like a tiny little paradise on Earth, I wonder how's life up there.. I want to go there someday^^

  10. I love you girls…amazing video you made me travel…. I love Iceland and Icelandic people… and your amazing country 🙂

  11. Wow, this is amazing. Good luck to you, Svala, in Kyiv with your fantastic song. And Yohanna's song is one of my favourite songs ever, and Selma's songs helped me get into Eurovision to begin with, they were so good! All three of you sound brilliant together; you should form an Icelandic supergroup and return to Eurovision next year (and see if Greta's available, too; even more beautiful harmonies!). ~~Riina K.

  12. Iceland always surprises me
    It's a very very small country but despite this fact it has so many talents

  13. Svala is slaying all day setting fire to the grand stage in Kiyv! Get ready for her guys. ICELAND IS ON THE 9. MAY #TEAMSVALA
    Snapchat: svalakali

  14. I just love these three gals! They are so cool and have amazing voices but most of all they seem so fun to hang out with! Oh and also i love how Icelandic sounds!

  15. Selma is STILL that skinny legend that gave an entire continent a reason to exist back in 1999. Her songs will never get old for me.

  16. You three should get an epic song and enter Eurovision 2019!! RUV should internally select you! All three of you are amazing!

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