Swamp People: Willie’s Alligator Nemesis Bends a Hook (Season 10) | History

NARRATOR: Over in Bayou Sorrel,
solo hunter Willie Edwards also heads for a faraway hole. He’s got an old score to settle. Last year, I had a big
one I caught on the line. And he broke the hook. Look at that. And when you see one
straightened like that, and you see a trail where
he went on the bank at– that’s 13 foot, easy. NARRATOR: Alligators can stay
submerged for over 30 minutes. So Willie keeps a lookout
for methane bubbles, released from the giants below. There he is, over there. We’re going to catch him
and we’re going to wrassle him down, man handle him. Show him who’s boss. [splash] I got him. I got him. He’s big. He might be 13 foot. Oh! [bleep] [shouting] Stick his head up. [gunfire] [gunshot] NARRATOR: After emptying
his six shooter, Willie still can’t
slow this monster down. Woo! Oh! [splashing] Come on, boy. Show your head, now. He’s done. I can’t even get my– my
hands around his mouth. Ah, that was definitely him. That was definitely him. To catch that alligator
right there, it felt good. I mean, he done got away
from me so many times. And to catch him,
it was just amazing. And it was just the
right time, right moment, and he didn’t get away. Ain’t no way I’m going
to get that up there. NARRATOR: Willie can’t lift
the 500 pound gator by himself. But he’s got a plan. This right here, wrap it
around a couple of them limbs up there, and hope and pray
that it will pick him up high enough, give me
enough leverage, where I can heave him over in the boat. I hope he don’t
pull the trees down. I’m hoping we can do
what we do with it. I’m I’m going to put his
head over in the boat. Phew. Big, stocky gator. That’s it. He’s loaded. [sighs] He’s friggin’ huge.

56 Replies to “Swamp People: Willie’s Alligator Nemesis Bends a Hook (Season 10) | History”

  1. Man Willy you are a straight G bro been watching you for years straight up natural. Dam man you are good bro. Keep it up man get that money for that family bro you’re a hard-working dude keep it up. 👍🏻😎🔨💪🏼

  2. if the people giving the thumbs down because they are killing these monsters would only know how places are being over run with them, its a serious problem and they are coming into towns, eating pets, and killing humans…you would think again if it was your child one of these things killed. Am glad they at least try to control this population now if we can get people to control the non-native species rocking the USA and stop the import of these animals then we may get our land back to normal.

  3. So messed up this guy is just killing gators for what ?? He catches them hold them still and shoots them in the head🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. So you're telling me that people used motorboats to hunt alligators 300 years ago? What even is History anymore..

  5. Yes, a human with average intellect has a score to settle with a mindless beast and surprise, surprise, who came out on top? The animal no human can go toe to toe with or the human who has an unfair advantage?

  6. Steve Irwin never had to use a gun with “catching” gators, I say it with quotes bc did this guy really catch anything with a six shooter and a sniper?

  7. Respeect to this guy. I started watchin this show when i saw this guy solo hunting big crocs. Others have thier partners

  8. The show is good but killing alligators is kinda messed up 👀👀 but it is income for them so in a way I get it

  9. How in the %*!! did I go from the Casino to watching ancient aliens to this. Wow what a night🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Man I love the editing on this show. The gunshots in slow motion, water splashing the shell landing in the boat ect

  11. Lil ol willie showing all dem boys up in d swamp! Bruh does it all him self now ya hear. Dem other folks runnin two at a minimum yea. Dey gotta step Dey game up fo sho.

  12. When the terrorist is white, he's a lone "gun man"… When the poacher is white, he's a solo hunter…

  13. Shame on History channel for supporting this, I would probably shoot those guys for killing the gators. Bad human population has bloomed like anything, need to keep them in control.

  14. Can someone explain this to me? Why are they doing this? Is that a thing? Like a real thing where you just can hunt alligators? It might be. Don't know. From europe….. and we sure ain't got no alligators to hunt for.

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