T-Files: The Last Card

I didn't even understand why this was an x-file until you had me exhume the body of Laurance Rockefeller it turns out he doesn't have DNA consistent with any living thing anywhere on the planet what do you expect these billionaires they don't just go around giving money trying to save the earth trying to bring the truth to people you know there's always a hidden agenda take a look at this it got left on my doorstep it shows a billionaire meeting with the president's wife and here's the kicker it was a rockefeller Laurance Rockefeller and do you see that book in her hand are we alone they're discussing UFOs and disclosure don't you think that's kind of odd do you know how much Laurance Rockefeller sucks the other Rockefellers hated him they named him after a girl the involvement of any Rockefeller always signals something well more hidden about the agenda of course it's a very powerful dynasty and in his generation there were five brothers Nelson you know was vice president he was involved in politics and also agriculture the oldest of the rockefeller brothers john d rockefeller the third dedicated his entire career to population control and to eugenics the youngest david rockefeller is a famous banker involved in predatory of capitalism overseas and also the deep collusion between the Bilderberg Group and the anglo-american alliance he's a shadow banker with a lot of power and then there's Laurance Rockefeller norden's Rockefellers first forays into follow gee started sometime in the late 80s through dr. Cecil B Scott Jones a parapsychologist and former u.s. navy commander who had worked as naval attache in Asia and at the naval scientific and technical intelligence Center mr. Rockefeller backed many UFO related projects in the period between the late 80s and 2000 they want to open the doors and on the black government stuff and they want to cancel the funding molle we're not going to find your sister she's either kidnapped by aliens are dead they've told you this like 15 over we're gonna look for my sister in another episode they want to declassify the holy grail of documents if the government Declassified these documents we the truth will finally be out there this could be our big break about Roswell about everything the black sites area 51 the chip in your brain boom moly if Rockefeller is such a globalist hell-bent on world depopulation then why would he care if people knew the truth about aliens it doesn't make sense maybe he knows something and it's weighing on his conscience go back to the end of World War 2 scolder he bought the controlling stake in Eastern Airlines he helped to set up McDonnell Douglas one of the biggest military contractors in the world if there's any secrets about UFOs it's in the aerospace industry Laurance Rockefeller lived his life unbelievably close to the secrets of aerospace he was an early investor in aviation funding Eastern Airlines from the 1930s and partnering in the foundation of McDonnell aircraft later McDonnell Douglas one of the nation's largest and most important military contractors as a venture capital orange funded unusual experimental high-technology projects often cloaked behind national security clearance including so-called new defense and space defense related firms as well as supersonic engineering extraordinary weapons and space techniques and the Viking rocket modeled after the German v2 rocket design by Goddard Lauren tell dr. Edward Teller father of the hydrogen bomb in an original backer of the letter to FDR about the possibility of an atomic bomb in 1939 as a personal adviser teller opposed all weapons test ban treaty warning that weapons development must not be checked in any way also advising Laurance Rockefeller was retired Air Force colonel Teddy F Waka wits president of the National Aviation & Technology Corporation and a board member of The MITRE corporation who played a quote leading role in weapons research and development at the time of the great conflict when Teller overcame J robert Oppenheimer and carried the day for development of the h-bomb enforcing Oppenheimer out of government on a loyalty charge if there are any secrets about the role of weapons and aircraft related to UFOs extraterrestrial contact and the airforce Rockefeller has long been in a good position to discover them so he has a very interesting and compelling ties to the possible knowledge of UFO aircraft and whatever cover-up may have gone on between the Air Force and the shadowy powers that be after a while I wound up going to my management and telling them you know you're not going to believe this but the UFOs are clearly coming from someplace else they clearly manned our humanoid in and the only question is whether we're going to figure out how they work before Lockheed or after and so as a result of that the company at that time which is now of course been bought by Boeing over several years put in about five hundred thousand dollars worth of research effort under my direction to study gravity control techniques and also analyze UFO they have black site clearance top-secret knowledge he wants to get out there something that's been wrestling with him since probably the 60s what you're saying doesn't make sense male that would mean he has a conscience no he likes to play both sides he has a rap sheet for conning environmentalist so he could set up billion-dollar resorts next to national parks and wildlife refuges his family started by our first Peter collie and David Horowitz described the character of Lawrence s Rockefeller Laurance Rockefeller had a controversial reputation for saving the environment through conservation while at the same time exploiting the very lands he was battling to protect his entire reputation is sealed in his contradictory forms of exploitation he sponsored growth at the expense of the environment even as he was giving money to create parks and this seen the biggest contradiction of all he was carving luxury resorts out of the wilderness who had inherited his grandfather's business touch was a pioneering venture capitalist he invested in aviation new technologies and no tropical resorts with an eye to conservation conspiracy the Rockefellers are always involved in this phony environmentalism are you gonna make me do more autopsies on all of these people yes this could be how we find out the truth the truth on everything Roswell the black sites area 51 the Rockefellers everybody knows they smell like old cheese and dead fish I want to talk about UFOs popular culture and the quest for world government it's a very paradigm shifting path to power now Laurance Rockefeller is on record as having had meetings circa 1993 with Hillary Clinton and a number of advisers during his efforts to push the disclosure project which he had funded and back through the likes of figures like Steven Greer dr. Steven Greer heads up the disclosure project a group that compiles information from people who say they've encountered extraterrestrial forms of life who brought forward government and military experts who had knowledge and we're pushing for official declassification of scientists former Air Force and fAA officials is lending its voice to the argument that we are not alone group gathering here in Washington to talk about their UFO sightings but this apparently is no crackpot convention former high-level government and military officials are among those sharing what they've seen in the sky of any seekers the government might have on extraterrestrial life UFO crashes and anything else that fits the bill Laurance Rockefeller did it have something to do with the disclosure project Steven Greer because they were all the same meeting what meeting the one with Hillary Clinton at the Rockefeller ranch the one where they met to discuss disclosure of government-held UFO secrets the book in her hand are we alone they were meeting on UFOs I'd know maybe we should get him check that up the organized push for disclosure under the Rockefeller initiative worked its way through XO politics with Washington taking on the question of extraterrestrials Laurance Rockefeller wrote to and eventually met with President Clinton in the White House Rockefeller wrote a memo titled lifting secrecy on information about extraterrestrial intelligence requesting that Clinton review the government policy on this information pleading that quote as our first post Cold War president you have an opportunity to take an important step without the national security restraints that may have hindered past presidents from coming clean noting the cynicism towards government held by popular culture Laurance Rockefeller emphasized the opportunity for a quote new spirit of partnership between the government and its citizens Clinton obliged writing an executive order one two nine five eight which directed that all government records of historical value and those twenty five years or older be immediately reviewed and Declassified though National Security exceptions remain President Clinton also mused that he too wanted to know the truth about Roswell and UFOs I don't know if you all remember this but there was actually what I was president my second term there was an Anna grocery observance of Roswell you remember that people came to Roswell New Mexico from all over the world and and there's also a site in Nevada where people were convinced that the government had buried a UFO and perhaps an alien deep underground because we wouldn't allow anybody to go there and I could say now because it's now been released into the public domain I I actually I had so many people in my own administration were convinced that Roswell was a fraud but this place in Nevada was really serious there was an alien artifact there so I actually said somebody there to figure it out and it was actually just a secret defense installation alas and doing boring work that we just didn't want anybody else to see so I can't think of that but couldn't find out what I didn't say was that the Durley is no Lister there is a list the steam the secrets if there is one I don't know it I mean I really the the Roswell thing I think really was an illusion I don't think it happened I mean I think there are rational explanations that I have succeeded and I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that reveal things and if there were they were concealed from me to would I wouldn't be the first president that underlings have lied to or the career bureaucrats have waited out but there may be some career person sitting around somewhere hiding these dark secrets even from elected presidents but if so they successfully eluded me and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I did despite their efforts no proof or definite explanation of UFOs was released CIA director james woolsey also met with the disclosure project individuals he seemed sympathetic but ultimately signaled that whatever the truth of extraterrestrials it was behind the veil of secret government and above the reach of both President Clinton and the CIA director here's the answer to your question no as far as I know an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies in Roswell if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies they didn't tell me about it either no many sources claim that the President had been intimidated and even threatened against asking too many questions about UFOs told one reporter quote there's a secret government within the government and I have no control over it isn't Steven Greer Rockefeller funded however I did find something rather interesting when I checked out Chris Carter creator of the x-files apparently he had a consultant named John Mack who was taking money from Lawrence rockefeller what's all the more interesting about this effort for disclosure in the government is the eerie parallels to the pop culture phenomenon x-files which set the message that the truth is out there and really probably in many ways sought to find out if the public Excel wanted to believed it wants to believe in aliens it's a very compelling story very good entertainment it has a lot of the same themes that other crime and mystery dramas have pursued but it goes much further Fox Mulder is paranormal curious he wants to find the truth about what happened to his sister who he believes is abducted by aliens and he has the unlikely partner of Scully who's a complete skeptic who puts her faith in science and sticks only with the evidence and together they uncover well many hints at the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life but almost certain proof of government conspiracy of hiding the truth of the mysteries that are really out there and it's a lot like the show that ran right before it Twin Peaks where although they acknowledge government conspiracies and corruption they really put the FBI in particular and government agents in general and a positive light emphasizing that some of them are not only good but are willing to go into the unknown into the distance to do what's right and to save the day and find the truth about things it's a long story but actually I prefer Denise if you mulder and scully just like Agent Dale Cooper and Twin Peaks really put it all on the line for truth and justice what a great government story and so x-files becomes an important vehicle as a social message tool to explain government secrets and these plots to cover things up they make science fiction with actual conspiracy former White House chief of staff John Podesta was known among White House reporters as the unofficial leader of the x-files club in the West Wing of the White House decorating his office with x-files memorabilia to date Podesta remains perhaps the most vocal government proponent of UFO disclosure even as he prepares the campaign for Hillary in 2016 back in 1998 The Washington Post wrote if Podesta were ever to become a Washington celebrity this married father of three would probably be acclaim for his fanatical devotion to the x-files I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs it's time to find out what what the truth really is that's out there we ought to do it really because it's right we ought to do it because the American people quite frankly can handle the truth but I would see him while the x-files was going on the Clinton administration was really working towards disclosing alien UFO truths the importance of the Rockefeller family to the Clintons and their mutual fascination with UFOs led to President Clinton pressuring virtually every major cabinet administration official to probe the issue going so far as to appoint a Deputy Attorney General to the Justice Department specifically tasked with alien investigation a close parallel to the x-files series where the character of FBI assistant director Skinner plays a conflicting role in both helping the shadow government cover-up and shielding Mulder and Scully's unending choir to uncover the truth whatever the truth Clinton officials repeatedly sent the signal that answers were not forthcoming and that whoever held the truth was behind a wall of secrecy in a secret government that controls the public one and holds the truth hostage to a blind world of us little people had someone show up at 3:00 a.m. on my doorstep bleeding with the name Rockefeller in their chest what that sounds like an average Tuesday night at your house I don't at least one figure from these meetings was known to be involved with the x-files project paid Laurance Rockefeller advisor Johnny Mack a very big proponent and believer in UFOs and extraterrestrials was known to have consulted with Chris Carter on the series production then if one word to put oneself in the position of an alien or some visitor from outer space and look at the earth they would see that what we were about was destroying the greenery in the life of the planet image into a desert that seems to be what we are good after what we're doing meanwhile there are numerous accounts of CIA FBI NASA and other secretive government figures giving tips encouragement or plotlines to Chris Carter and then there's the fact that Hollywood in general is known to have a CIA office who review scripts and give incentives for positive government spend and take away lures incentives like military equipment for big-budget war flicks if they don't tow the line a new zero and not like that Chris Carter tells the story and I am I met this psychic who was hired by the CIA just to hang out at Hollywood parties and then go back and drop emails about what she talked about and this was the CIA keeping tabs on producers and writers curiously we find that a lot of real-life examples of government false flag events overlap with both the Clinton administration and the run of the show x-files both of which came on the heels of the end of the Cold War and the end of the Communists being an enemy who we can all join together to fight against instead it was the beginning of the age of the fight against terrorists overseas and also domestic threats at home during the Clinton administration we saw these events mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall end of the Cold War the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center beginning the nebulous age of radical terrorism an explosion underground in the garage section of the World Trade Center in New York City has killed now three people according to New York Port Authority the Waco Siege we begin this morning at the scene of the headquarters abed religious cult called the Branch Davidian just outside of Waco Texas the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing you also talked about new bomb threats around the country one in an IRS office in Boston another one at the in Fort Worth Texas ruby ridge and other standoffs with militia and patriots and finally 911 which took places the x-files was winding down and just after its spin-off the lone gunman aired a pilot episode with a chilling plot similar to the false flag allegations that would follow the worst terror attack ever on American soil it seemingly predicted the attack on the Twin Towers by a rogue government conspiracy some six months beforehand you're saying our government plans to commit a terrorist act against a domestic area go Lone Gunmen star Dean Haglund spoke out about the episode how the episode for the lone gunman we're the basic plot was the gunman had to stop a plane from flying into the World Trade Center eight months before it actually happened and part of that plot was that as it said the script that this was to start an international war on terror from our first saw my first love and morning I was stricken with the thought that maybe we somehow inspired in some way I was greatly relieved to learn the plot existed long before that was on and then disturb that if we could imagine it our government prepared to address the extraterrestrial and UFO question invoked the trump card with the potential to override all other concerns and war diplomacy and politics I was introduced to the late dr. Wernher von Braun in the US the father of rocketry in my first meeting with him during that first three and a half hours he said to me Carol you will stop the weaponization of space there is a lie being told to everyone that the weaponization of space is now first being based upon the evil empire the Russians there are many enemies he said against whom we're going to build this space-based weapons system the first of whom was the Russians which was existing at that time then there would be terrorists then there would be third world countries now we call the rogue nations or nations of concern then there would be asteroids and then he would repeat to me over and over and the last card the last card the last card would be the extra-terrestrial threat after a century of peacetime propaganda against the population I have to know what happens when an atomic bomb explodes there's no coincidence that an alien invasion would follow terrorism and Wars across the map communism the Cold War threat of nuclear annihilation – bloody world wars and an elitist corporate quest for world government will mankind be duped with the ultimate truth only to be controlled in a new dimension of cynical global politics it certainly looks like the powers that shouldn't be were setting up a mind-bending paradigm shift that would change everything through the revelation of beings from another planet but for now they haven't are they just waiting until enough people want to believe you're on April 17th 1995 Clinton issued his executive order unto classification of materials two days later on April 19 1995 the highly suspicious Oklahoma City bombing destroyed the federal Murrah building which housed FBI offices and allegedly much evidence strikingly parallel to real-life events the first x-files film released in 1998 depicted a government inside job in the bombing of an FBI building in Dallas that held evidence of extraterrestrials appearing very reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing I'll do you one better scolder it's not just about the black site secrets of alien encounters it's about world government a plot to get the new world order they've been pursuing for decades the United Nations a one-world government all United not by terrorism or the Cold War but the invasion from outer space are you ideas for global takeover falling apart is false flag terrorism fizzling out disclosure cleansing the minds of the unwashed masses with a tantalizing terrifying taxable new reality think the Patriot militia groups we mocked in three episodes back are right this is all about a one-world government conspiracy and a currency movement Mali they were crazy and they dressed up like hookers but what is really being covered up and what is being hidden is it alien secrets or just government secrets they don't want the public probing into and is cover-up the only motive anyway because it's a government conspiracy what do they expect to gain the public's compliance for a mind-control experiment no they want that in the background this is bigger than that it's for world government it's everything the League of Nations and the United Nations can never be until now until now after terrorism after communism and with the presence of extraterrestrial life there's also the motive for world government and certainly the Rockefeller dynasty has been deep inside of it they donated the land that became the United Nations building they've been behind a lot of the big the United Nations pushes including agenda 21 and the family has been involved in bilderberg's quest to tie the world together under one single power what happens when you cross two breeds of pure evil together David Rockefeller and other members of the family have been involved in the Bilderberg Group working behind the scenes to create an alliance for global control and have been involved in founding dozens and even hundreds of groups involved with uniting the world and pursuing various causes which they helped manipulate and hope to ultimately convert to the power for a one-world government the perception of an invasion that would make all the masses submissive that's what my source said that clandestine directed-energy weapons were going to bring about an alien hoax what if Lawrence Rockefeller wants to use this disclosure event to create a organization bigger than the United Nations Henry Kissinger is practically the family's pet and he gave that statement that was recorded at Bilderberg about how an alien invasion of threat from beyond would unite the world under the United Nations and Reagan said practically the same thing as speech at the UN there actually need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bound I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world Moli the government loves us they would never do any of the things you just said tell that all the women you met in the last five episodes why you had a chip in your brain now you can't even find him there disappeared taken by the government or the aliens or both or they just went shopping get the whole alien for going he said no like terrorist industry around old Roswell thing oh it's been big we've been in business 23 years yeah yeah okay well look at this alien right there used to be more of the alien thing to see you to do in Roswell business is coming down open up and aspect to be rich in a year well would be in business three three years and we're not rich yet but that's not our expectation either we do we have a lot more about this we really well enjoy it enjoy the people that come in from all over the world Molly I follow the science follow the money scolder the Rockefellers are stinking rich with it of course there's money to be made in an alien conspiracy even just a gift shop in Roswell would net you a couple thousand a day maybe I'm in the wrong business ultimately they too became players in their own drama the Clinton administration the Rockefeller faction even the whistleblowers in government putting forward the idea and playing into their own drama the idea that they themselves are the good faction trying to expose things in government but it just can't be done they can't go above their rank they can't access what's really going on they're putting out the idea that they're on the side of the people that they too want to know they want to believe but they just can't get disclosure because they don't have control over those areas and in many respects is true they're puppets of the system there are strings behind it and the Rockefeller Clinton connection itself helps to show that but they want so badly for people to buy into the white hats that you see such a parallel between the dramas on TV fighting for disclosure fighting for true trying to do the right thing in a corrupt system and the way it really played out as far as inside the White House and the show drama of politics you're gonna make us go to the United Nations aren't you scolder the land for the United Nations building was donated by the Rockefeller family how do you expect to get in it's a restricted area there's no trespassing and photography is prohibited with our FBI badges look Mele I know you loved a way of your FBI badge in people's face and scream about aliens but you know Hillary Clinton she's running for president no one can ask her any questions not you not anybody pack your bag scolder we're going to the United Nations this is truly a celebration yes the United Nations and after that well make sure you pack a bag because then we're going to Wyoming the Grand Tetons haven't you ever heard of the earth star some say it's the key to everything that's where the Rockefeller set up their private ranch and their big donation fine we'll go to the freakin United Nations cuz I wasn't busy I didn't have like a date this weekend or anything it wasn't like I was gonna do something with myself I didn't follow you around Laurance Rockefeller we knew you weren't dead put down the alien clone and step away step away it's doubly alien scenario has already been put out there by numerous politicians as a means of control think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader and now we hear the news just today this week that they've slid in another enemy only this time we're going to protect our satellites in other words we have to have some reason to spend these trillions to waste these dollars on a space-based weapons system and they're all lies thanks to the Hubble telescope and what we know about black holes the universe and all that the dimensions of physics are such that I would be quite surprised if in the lifetime of people that are no older than 30 here we don't discover some form of life in another universe what's so bad about a world government are you gonna make me do more autopsies on all these people yes David walketh or you will never finish what your brother started put down the alien clone and step away are you like 150 that's not natural I read on the internet that the aliens probably took the goal from the photos are they can carry five bricks each the internet I just read on the internet that Bruce Jenner's a woman in cape while here at the United Nations can you get me some freedom fries Laurance Rockefeller does not kidnap your sister I'm not going do your own autopsy I got one better for you turns out the smoking man's DNA matches that of Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton you

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