Tana Mongeau – Hefner ft. Bella Thorne (Official Music Video)

All these bitches out here tryna be a playmate but I wanna be Hugh Hefner. I wanna throw bandz on these hoes. Fuck on your bitch like I’m Hefner. I take 10 percent like i rep her. No fake in my tits But I’ll check hers your bitch gimme brain like her neck hurt I could count higher than 21. My bank is just fine Get your money up. Gold in my blunts it be rolling up. Red on my shoes And we pulling up. You used to drop them panties now you drowning in them xannies got my name all in your mouth Yeah, your tweet just gave me clout I’ll drop 5k on a drop of fucking water, more ice on my wrist than tuition for your daughter Yo, I fucked your bitch I’m sorry. I’m rich and you’re not. Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana Playmate of the month, cash come in lumps, keys full of bumps. Mans all on my humps Fuck on your bitch like I’m Hefner. She said she in love but I left her. She sip on my pussy like nectar She say he was good, but I’m better. Hopping in this bitch like a mother fucking bunny Playing all these boys like I’m catching bears with honey. Sign NDA’s, keep ’em quiet. We out in these streets like a riot. I want gucci shit so I buy it Can’t catch my flow so don’t try it. Tana Tana Tana Tana, Aye, Woah, Yeah

100 Replies to “Tana Mongeau – Hefner ft. Bella Thorne (Official Music Video)”

  1. THIS IS A LOAD OFF CRAP LYRCIS MAKE NO SENCE AND THE PRODUCTION IS AWFUL ITS SO BAD ITS LAUGHABLE 😂 and am not saying it to be mean am just saying what am seeing 😅

  2. This shit is fucking stupid. She couldn't have made it any more obvious than she's just a dumb blonde whore 😂 and they're prolly both high as shit making this thinkin it's lit.. Honey it's not.. You're producers must have down syndrome.

  3. The fact that you are not even close to be gay but using that image like its something cool and sexy is absolutely disgusting.

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