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section 5 of the History of Prostitution This is a Librivox recording all Librivox Recordings are in the public domain for more information or to [volunteer] please visit the history of Prostitution by William Sanger section 5 Chapter 4 Road Part 1 laws Governing prostitution Our earliest acquaintance with the Roman laws governing prostitution dates from the reign of the emperor Augustus But there is Abundant evidence to show that prostitutes were common in the city of [rome] at the time when authentic history begins it Does not appear that religious? Prostitution was ever domiciled in italy though in later times the [festival’s] in honor of certain deities were scandalously lose and To judge from the Etruscan paintings the morals of the indigenous [italians] must have been disgustingly depraved in the comedies of Plautus which are among the oldest works of Roman literature which have reached us the prostitute met it leaks in the Bod, Leno figure conspicuously They were thus evidently in the third Century before Christ well known characters in Roman society When the floor a lien games were instituted we have no means of knowing. No credit whatever must be placed in the pure I’ll stories of Lactantius about the Courtesans Acha, Orrantia in [Florida] but it is certain that the chief attraction of these infamous celebrations was the appearance of prostitutes on the stage in a state of nudity and their lascivious dances in the presence of the people and There is evidence in the story that the performance was suspended during the presence of the Stern moralist cato That they had been long practice before his time Indeed it would not be presuming too far to decide without other evidence that Prostitution must have become a fixed fact at rome very shortly after the romans began to mix freely with the greek Colonists at Trentham and the other greek cities in italy that is to say about the beginning [of] the third century for Christ We learned from tacitus that from time immemorial Prostitutes [had] been required to register themselves in the office of the eid I’ll the ceremony appears to have been very similar [to] that now imposed by law on French prostitutes the woman designing to become a prostitute Presented herself before the e dial gave her age place of birth and real name with the one she assumed if she adopted a pSeudonym The public officer if she was young or apparently respectable did his best to combat her resolution? Failing in this he issued to her a license Mcentee [are] stupid I ascertained the sum which she was to demand from her customers and entered her name in his role it might be inferred from a law of Justinian that a Prostitute was bound to take an oath on obtaining her license to discharge the duties of her calling to the end of her life For the law in question very properly decided that an old so obviously at war with good morals was not binding However, this was the prostitute once inscribed incurred the taint of infamy which nothing could wipe off Repentance was impossible even when she Marion and became the mother of legitimate children The fatal inscription was still there to bear witness of her infamy in Rome as in so many other countries the principle of the law was to close the door to reform and to render Advise hopeless there is every reason to suppose that these regulations were enforced at a very early period Of the republic of The further Rules established under the imperial regime. We shall speak presently Meanwhile it may be observed that there is ground for hoping that at the best age of the republic the public morals were not Generally corrupt the old stories of Lucretia and Virginia would have had no point among the demoralized people All who are familiar with Roman history will remember the Fierce contest waged like cato the sensor against jewels? Fine dresses and carriages of the roman ladies an indication that graver delinquencies did not call for official interference The same tato after the death of his first wife cohabited with a female slave but Vulcan covenant was recognized by the roman law and weed seemed to have involved no disgrace at a later period the intrigue no sooner became known than the old sensor married a second wife to avoid scandal a similar inference may be drawn from the strange story too late livie of the bacchanalian mysteries introduced into rome by Foreigners about the beginning of the second Century before christ It is not easy at this late day to discover What is true and what falls in the statement he gives? But there is no reasonable doubt that young person’s of both sexes under the impulse of sensuality Had established societies for the purpose among others are satisfying the craved instincts To what extent the mania had extended it is not possible to judge The numbers given by the Latin Writers are not very trustworthy But we may learn how strong was the moral sentiment of the roman people From the very stringent Decree which the senate issued on motion of the council of Estonia’s and from the indiscriminate? executions of parties implicated in the mysterious rights Other evidences of the purity of Roman morals might be found if they were wanting in the remarkable fidelity with which the vessels observe their oaths in the tone of the speeches of the statesman of the time in the high character sustained by such matrons as the mother of the Greg high and Finally in the legislation of Augustus which professed rather to affirm and improve the old laws than to introduce no principles as We approach the Christian, Era the picture gradually darkness Civil Wars are usually fatal to private virtue it is not to be doubted that the age of scylla and Claudius was by no mean the Moral one Scylla [the] [dictator] Openly Led a life of scandalous Debashree Claudius the all-Powerful tribune is accused by Cicero of having seduced his three sisters Soldiers who had made a campaign in awfully good grease or voluptuous, Asia Naturally brought home with them a taste for the pleasures they had learned to enjoy abroad Scipios baths were dark the Narrow apertures Just light enough was admitted to spare the modesty of the bathers But into the baths which were erected in the later years of the republic the light shone as into a chamber Even silla debauched as he was did not think it’s safe to abdicate power without Legislative effort to purify the morals he had so largely contributed to corrupt by his example of Yoga stone age and the two or three centuries which followed we are [enabled] to form a close and comprehensive idea? Our information ceases to be meagre on some points indeed it is only to abundant The object of the Julian laws was to preserve the roman blood from corruption and so farther to the [grey] prostitutes These aims were partially attained by prohibiting the intermarriage of citizens with the relatives or descendants of prostitutes? By exposing adulterers to severe penalties and acquiring the tolerant husband and accomplice By laying penalties on Bachelor’s and married men without children by prohibiting the daughters of equestrians from becoming prostitutes Tiberius from his infamous retreat at Capri sanctioned the Decree of the senate which enhanced the severity of the laws against adultery by this decree It was made a pennell offense for a matron of any class to play the harlot and her lover The owner of the house where they met and all persons who connived that the adultery were declared equally culpable it seems to have been not uncommon for certain married women to inscribe themselves on the e dials list as Prostitutes and to occupy a room at the houses of ill fame This was pronounced a [pennell] offense and every encouragement was held out both two husbands and common informers to prosecute in Other respects the republican legislation is believed to have been unaltered by the emperor’s The formality of inscription its accompanying infamy the consequences of the act remain the same prostitutes carried on their trade under the eid [Al] [ZAi] He patrolled the streets and entered the houses of ill fame at all hours of the day and night He saw that they were closed between Daybreak and three in the afternoon in Case of Brawls he arrested and punished the disturbers of the peace He punished by fine and scourging the emission of a brothel keeper to inscribe every female in his house He insisted on prostitutes wearing the garments prescribed by law and Dyeing their hair blue or yellow on The other hand he could not break into a house without being habited in the insignia of his office and being accompanied by his lectures When the eid Al hast elias attempted to break open the door of the prostitute Mammalia on his return from a gay dinner The Latter Drove him off with stones and was sustained by the courts the E dial was bound also and complained Laid by A Prostitute to sentence any customer of hers to pay the sum due to her according to law classes of prostitutes It was the duty of the e dial to arrest punish and drive out of the city all loose Prostitutes who were not inscribed on his book? This regulation was practically a dead letter at no time in the history of the empire Did there cease to be a large and well-known class of prostitutes? Who are not recorded? They were distinguished from the registered prostitutes with a three kiss by the name of proust [Eboli] they paid no tax to the state while they’re registered Rivals contributed largely to the municipal Treasury and if they ran greater risks and Incurred more nominal and familiar the letter they more frequently contrived to rise from their unhappy condition We have no means of judging of the number of prostitutes exercising their calling at rome Kokua and the other Italian cities during the first years of the Christian, Era during Trade-ins rain the police were enabled to count 32,000 Roam alone, but this number obviously fell short of the truth One is appalled at the great variety of classes into which the [prosti] HBU lie or unregistered Prostitutes were divided Such worthy Billy [Kukai] Corresponding to the capped women or French [loreta] whose charms enable them to exact large sums from their visitors be famous I who belong to respectable families and took to evil courses through lust or avarice The doggies who were remarkable for their beauty of form and disdain the use of clothing? The new pie or she wolves who haunted the groves and commons and were distinguished by a particular? cry in imitation of a wolf The I liek Rei or Baker’s girls who sold small cakes were? Sacrificed to venus and pry ava’s in the form of the male and female organs of generation The boost wadi. I whose home was the burial ground and who occasionally officiated as mourners at funerals The cop I [servant] girls at inns and Taverns who were invariably prostitutes the Nocti Louie or Nightwalkers the bleeped T Died a very low class of women who derive the lane from [bleating] a cheap and unwholesome beverage drunk in the lowest holes The O belarus wretched outcasts whose prize was too overly say to sense the for Rei Country girls who lurk about Country roads The Gal Ni por Thieves as well as prostitutes The quadrant Rei seemingly the lowest class of all who’s fee was less than any copper coin our current encounter distinctions of these the military kids assumed an air of respectability And were often called born I immediately kiss Another and a distinct class of prostitutes were the female dancers who were eagerly sought after and more numerous than at Athens They were Ionians lesbians syrians egyptians Nubians knee grasses in means the most famous were spaniards Their dances were of the same character as those of the greek flute players The erotic poets of rome have not shrunk from celebrating the astonishing Depravity of their performances Horace Faintly Deplore the Progress which the Ionic dances yo Nikkei motifs were making even among the Roman virgins? these prostitutes carried on their calling in defiance of law if Detected they were liable to be whipped and driven out [of] the city, but as their customers belong to the wealthier classes They rarely suffer the penalty of their conduct Apart again from all these was the large class of persons who traded in prostitutes The proper name for these wretches was len low ball which was of both sexes though usually Represented on a stage as a beardless man with Shaven head under this name quite a number of varieties Were included such as the lupin Ide or keepers of regular houses of ill fame? the [Above] Tortoise impaired Duck torres Pimps Honky [Leah] [three] keys and Uncle Lou Lie women who negotiated immoral transactions and others Then as almost every baker tavern Keeper bad housekeeper barber and perfumer combined the Leno Keenum Or trading prostitutes with his other calling their various names Tom sword and Went Adios Volney Adios Etc became synonymous with Leno This miserable class was regarded with the greatest lowing at rome This hasty classification of the Roman prostitutes will be incomplete without some notice however brief of male prostitutes Fortunately the progress of good Morals has divested this repulsive theme of its importance the object of this work can be obtained without Entering into details on a branch of the subject which in this country is not likely to require fresh legislative notice but the reader would form an Imperfect idea of the state of Moral at Rome where he left an ignorant of the fact that the number of male Prostitutes was probably full as large as that of females that As in Greece the degrading phenomenon involved very little disgrace that All the roman offers allude to it as a matter of course That the leading men of the Empire were known to be addicted to such habits that the eid I’ll abstain from interference safe where roman youth suffered violence and that to judge from the language of the writers of the first second and third centuries of the Christian Era the Romans like some asiatic races appeared to give the preference to unnatural lusts houses of Prostitution having examined the laws which govern prostitution at rome and [the] classes into which prostitutes were divided it is now requisite to glance at the Establishments in which prostitution was carried on em Du feu and others have followed Publius victor and sexist rufus in supposing that during the Augustine age there were 46 first class houses of ill fame at Rome in a much larger number of establishments where prostitution was carried on without the supervision of the eid I’ll as It is now generally admitted that the works bearing the name of Publius victor and sexist Rivers are forgeries of comparatively recent date the statement loses all claim to credit and we are left without statistical information as to the number of houses of prostitution at rome Registered prostitutes were to be found in the establishments called Lupin area These differed from the greek dicked area in being of various classes from the well provided howls of the [Peace] ward to the filthy dens of the [ESco] line and Suberin words and Farther in the wide range of prices exacted by the keepers of the various houses it is inferred from the results of the excavations at Pompeii and some meager Hints thrown out by Latin authors that the Luminarias at Rome were small in size The most prosperous were built like good roman houses with a square courtyard sometimes with a fountain in the middle Upon this Yard opened the cells of the prostitutes in Smaller establishments the cells opened upon a hall or porch which seemingly was used as a reception room the cells were dark closets illuminated at night by a small bronze lamp Sometimes they contained a bed, but as often a few cushions or a mere man with a dirty counterpane constituted their whole furniture over the door of each cell hunger tablet with the name of the Prostitute who occupied it and the prize she sat on her [favours] on the other side with the word ocupado When a prostitute received a visitor in herself to turn the tablet brown to warn intruders that she was engaged over the door of the house a suggestive image was either painted or represented in Stone or marble One of these signs may be seen to this day in Pompeii Within similar Indecent sculptures abounded Bronze ornaments of this tile hung around the necks of the courtesans the lambs were in the same shape and so were a variety of other utensils walls were covered with appropriate frescoes in the best ordered establishments It is understood that seems from the mythology were the usual subjects of these artistic decorations But we have evidence enough at Pompeii to show that gross indecency Not poetical effect was the main object shot by painters in these works regular houses of Prostitution [Lupin] area were of two kinds establishments owned and managed by a [board] who supply the cells with slaves or hired prostitutes and Establishments where the ball merely let his cells to prostitutes for a given some in The former case the [Bod] was the principal in the latter the women There is reason to suppose that the former were the more respectable Petronius alludes to a house where so much was paid for the use of a cell and the sum was an ass lesson two cents Messalina evidently took herself to one of these establishments which for clearness sake we may call assignation Houses and as it appears she was paid in copper. I ate a porpoise ‘keep it is safe to infer that the house was of slender respectability the best houses were abundantly supplied with servants and luxuries a Swarm of Pimps and Runners sought custom for them in every part of the city Women uncle I or not [a] kiss were in readiness to repair with skill the ravages which amorous conflicts caused in the toilets of the prostitutes boys Vicario nice attended at the door of the cell with water for ablution servants who bore [the] inconsistent title of a quoi de were ready to supply wine and other refreshments to customers and Not a few of the lupin Aria kept a cashier called wheel Eagles whose business it was to discuss bargains with visitors and receive the money before turning the tablet under many public and some of the best private Houses at Rome were arches the tops of which were only a few feet above the level of the street These arches dark and deserted Became a refuge for prostitutes Their name for niggas at last became synonymous with Lupin odd and we have borrowed from it are Generic word fornication There’s reason to believe that there were several score of arches of this character and used for this purpose Under the great Circus and other [theatres] at rome besides those under dwelling houses and stores the want of Fresh Air were severely felt in these vile abodes Frequent allusions to the stench exiled from the mouth of a photonics are made in the roman offers Establishments of a lower character still worthy Patti boulaye in which the girls occupied a balcony above the street The Estaba La where no cells were used and promiscuous intercourse took place Openly The port or allah or pigeon houses the Kesariya or suburb houses of the very lowest stamp? The clearest picture of a roman house of ill fame is that given in the famous? passage of Juvenile which may be allowed to remain in the The female it need hardly readded was Messalina Dormire we’re um sensor at Oxford Al Sabatino t get Em Prefer Recogi Lee sumera Nocturnus Matrix auguste Oculus Link Waybut Committin [Kylan] on Auntie Ozuna said nigrum flower Klinem absconding [Tegel] arrow Intro it Caledon wet. He can’t [only] [lupanar] [eight] [callum] Walk wat quiza Tune a new dock appeal is considered a lot east it alone Mentee, [Toluca], sky Austin did way too generous every time Nicky when dream accepted landing Grantees at choir opposite a tray Subpoena Hawkins motorhome Absorber with echoes [Moxley] known s was yum dim attentive wellness Tris Tris Re 8 quad pot with tan Multi McKellen Klaus it add Hook Arden’s Riga died and Teague in a wheel, why Atlas Ottawa Snack doom [Saathiya] Tariq acid Obscure Risk Wagon easter peaceful Miquela care night voy Alla Panna is to lead at Polly not a dorian the passages in italics Contain useful information Which I’ll allude to some of them here after in while it is evident from the line [mocked] [Slain] [only] ETC that at a certain hour of the night the keepers of houses of ill fame were in the habit of closing their establishments and Sending their girls home the law require them to close at Daybreak But probably a much earlier our may have suited their interest Illusion has already been made to the furnaces under the circus it is well understood that prostitutes were great Frequenters of the spectacles and that in the arched furnaces underneath the seats and the stage they were always ready Satisfy the passions which the comedies and pantomimes only to frequently aroused this was one formidable Rival to the regular Routine [Aria] the baths were another in the early roman baths darkness or at best a faint while I trained and Besides not only were the sexes separated, but old and young men were not allowed to bathe together But after Sillas [wars] though there were separate sue daria in Tepid area for the sexist they could meet Freely in the quarters and chambers and any immorality short of actual prostitution could take place men and women girls and boys mixed together in a state of perfect nudity and in such close proximity That contact could hardly be avoided such an assemblage would obviously be a place of resort for dealers and prostitutes in search of Merchandise at A later period cells were attached to the [bathhouses] and young men and women kept on the premises Partly as bath attendants and partly as prostitutes After the bath the bathers male and female were rubbed down needed and anointed by these attendance it Would appear that women submitted to have this indecent service performed for them by men And that health was not always the object shot even by the Roman Matrons Several Emperor’s endeavoured to remedy these frightful immoralities Hadrian forbade the intermixture of men and women in the public baths Similar Enactments were made by Marcus Aurelius and Alexander severus but Hallia Gavel is is sad to have delighted in uniting the sexes even in the washroom as Early as yoga ssin, era however the baths were regarded as little better than houses of prostitution under a respectable name Taverns or houses of entertainment were also in some measured brothels The law Regarded all servants waiting upon Travelers at indore Taverns as prostitutes It would appear also that butchers bakers and Barbers shops were open to a suspicion of being used for purposes of prostitution The plebeian y diles constantly made it their business to visit these in search of unregistered Prostitutes though as might be expected from the number of delinquents and the very incomplete municipal police system of rome with very little success the Baker’s establishments Which generally included a flour mill were haunted by a low class of prostitutes to whom illusion has already been made in the cellar Where the Mills stood Cells were often constructed and the e dolls knew well that all who enter there did [not] go to buy red finally prostitution to a very large extent was carried on in the open air The shades of certain statues and temples such as those of [Marsyas] Pan priapus Venus ETc were common resorts for prostitutes it is sad that Julia the daughter of the emperor Augustus prostituted herself under the shade of a statue of [marsyas] Similar haunts of Abandoned women were the arches of aqueducts the porticoes of temples the cavities in Walls Etc Even the streets in the poor awards of the city appear to have been infested by the very lowest class of prostitutes Whose natural favors had long ceased to be merchantable? It must be borne in mind That the streets of rome were not lighted and that profound darkness rain when the moon was clouded over end of section 5 section 6 of the History of Prostitution This is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit the history of Prostitution by William Sanger Section 6 Chapter for Rome part 2 habits and Manners of prostitutes a Grand distinction between Roman and Greek prostitution lies in the Manner in Which Commerce with prostitutes was viewed in the true communities and Athens there was nothing disgraceful in frequenting the dick [tarian] or keeping in Hetaera at wrong on the contrary a married man who visited a house of ill fame was an adult add and liable to the Penalties of adultery Anna Bitumen tree of such places was a boy coast or Score taught or both of which were terms of skating reproach When sister wishes to overwhelm cataline. He says his followers are scored 80 days Until the lowest age of Roman degradation moreover no man [of] any character entered a house of ill-fame Without hiding his face with the skirt of his dress Even Caligula and [Haylea] Gavel is conceal their faces when they visited the women of the town the law prescribed with care the dress of Roman Prostitutes on the principle that they were to be distinguished in all things from honest women thus they were not allowed to wear the chaste stola which concealed the form or the [rita] or fill it with which Roman ladies bound their here or to wear shoes Sockos or jewels or purple rose these were the Insignia of virtue? Prostitutes were deep toga like men Their hair dyed yellow or red were filled with Golden Spangles was dressed in some asiatic? fashion they were sandals with guilt thongs tying over the instep and their dress was directed to be a our material in practice however these rules were not strictly observed Courtesans war jewels and purple Robes and not a few boldly concealed their profligacy under the stola others seeking rather to avoid them to court miss apprehension as to their calling wore the green toga proudly and over it the sword of jacket called a [mcCallum] which like a white sheet of baronial times was the badge of adultery others again preferred to silk and gold dresses of the [East] Sattika [Westies] which according to the expression of a classical writer seemed invented to exhibit more Conspicuously what they were intended to hide robes of tyre were likewise and use whose texture may be inferred from the name of textile vapor when two sticks TVs Which they received the law strictly prohibited the use of vehicles of any kind to Courtesans This also was frequently infringed under several emperor’s prostitutes were seen in open litters in the most public parts of rome and others in litters which closed with curtains and serve the purpose of a Bedchamber a law of the mission imposed heavy penalties on a Courtesan who was seen in a litter in the lupanar of course rules regarding costume were unheated Prostitutes retained their hair black, but as to the rest of their person they were governed by their own taste Nudity appears to have been quite common if not the rule Petronius describes his Hero walking in the street and seeing from thence naked prostitutes at the doors of the lupin area Some cover their busts with Golden stuffs others veal their faces It has already been mentioned that the rate of remuneration exact it by the prostitutes was fixed by themselves, though apparently Announced to the E dial it is impossible to form any idea of the average amount of discharge The lowest classes as has been mentioned sold their miserable favors for about two tenths of a cent another large class were satisfied with two cents The only direct light that is thrown on this branch of the subject flows from an obscure passage in the strange romance untitled apollo news of tyre which is supposed to have been written by a Christian name symposia in That work the capture of a virgin named Tarzia by a [bawd] is described The ball orders a sign or advertisement to be hung out inscribed He who the flowers Starsia Shall pay half a pound [afterwards] she shall be at the public service for a gold piece The half pound has been assumed by commentators to mean half a roman pound of silver and to have been worth Thirty dollars The gold piece according to the best computation was about equivalent to four dollars But whether these figures can be regarded as an average Admits of doubt even supposing our estimate of the value of the sums mentioned in the ancient work to be accurate the allusion to Tarzia Suggests some notice of the practice of the roman balls when they had secured a virgin it Will be found faithfully described in that old English play Pericles Prince of tyre which is sometimes bound up with Shakespeare’s works when a bawd had purchased a virgin as a slave or when and sometimes happened under the late emperor’s a Virgin was handed to him to be prostituted as a punishment for crime the door of his house was adorned with twigs of Laurel a Lamp of unusual size was hung out at night and a tablet exhibited somewhat similar to the one quoted above stating that a virgin had been received and enumerated her charms with crew grossest When a purchaser had been found [and] a bargain struck the unfortunate girl Often a mere child was surrendered to his brutality and the ratch issued from the cell afterward to be himself crowned with laurel by the slaves of the establishment Thus far of common prostitutes Though the Romans had no lose women who could compare in point of standing influence or intellect with the Greek Hetaera their highest class of Prostitutes the pharmacy or delicate I were very far above the unfortunate creatures just described They were not inscribed in the evals roles They haunted nola painter or tavern or baker stall they were not seen lurking about Shady spots at night They wore no distinguishing costume It was in broad daylight at the [theatre] in the streets in the via sacra which was the favorite resort a fashionable realm that they were to be found and there they were only to be distinguished from Virtuous Matrons by the Superior Elegance of their dress and the swarm of admirers by whom they were surrounded Indeed under the later emperor’s the distinction Outward or inward Between these prostitutes and the roman matrons appears to have been very slight indeed They were surrounded or followed by slaves of either sex a favorite waiting-maid being the most usual attendant Their meaning glances are frequently the subject of caustic illusions in the roman poets many of them were foreigners and Express themselves by science from ignorance of the latin tongue These women were usually the mistresses of rich men though, not necessarily faithful to their lovers We possess no such biographies of them as we have of the greek retiree Nor is there any reason to suppose that their lives ever form the theme of serious works? though the Roman erotic library was rich What little we know of them we glean mostly from the verses of horus to Bolus ovid Pro perseus [Catullus]? Marshal and from such works as a satirical of Petronius and the novel of apuleius And that little is hardly worth knowing the first five Poets mentioned Katella’s Horace Precious ovid and TBIlisi Devoted no small portion of their time and talent [to] the celebration of their Mr. but Beyond their names lydia Chloe lousy lesbea Cynthia Delia Miera [Karina], Etc We are taught nothing about them, but what might have been taken for granted that they were occasionally beautiful lascivious extravagant often Faithless [and] heartless From passages in ovid and also in one or [two] of the others it may be inferred that it was not uncommon for these great prostitutes to have a nominal husband who undertook the duty of Negotiating their immoral Bargains [leno] [meritus] the only really useful information We derive from these erotic effusions relates to the poets themselves all The five we have mentioned moved in the best society at rome Some of them like Horace saw their fame culminate during their lifetime others filled important stations under government Over it was intimate with the emperor Augustus and his exile is supposed to have been caused by some improper Discoveries he made with regard to the emperor’s relations with his daughter yet, it is quite evident that all these persons habitually lived with prostitutes felt no shame on [that] account and Recorded unblushing [ly] the charms and exploits of their mistresses in verses intended to be read indiscriminately by the Roman use Between ovid and Marshal the distance is Immense Half a century divided them in point of time whole ages in tone During the august and era the language of poets though much freer than will be tolerated today was not invariably course no gross expressions are used by the poets of that day in addressing their mistresses and Even common prostitutes are addressed with epithets. Which a modern lover might apply to his betrothed but Marshall knows no decency It may safely be sad that his epigrams are never again to be translated into a modern tongue expressions designating the Most loathsome depravities And which happily have no equivalent in none in our language abound in his pages Pictures of the most revolting Korean sees succeed each other rapidly in a word Such language as used and such scenes Depicted as would involve the expulsion of their utterer from any house of ill-fame in modern times yet marshall, enjoyed high [favor] under government He wasn’t able to procure the naturalization of many of his Spanish friends He possessed a country and a townhouse both probably gifts from the emperor His works even in his lifetime were carefully sought after not only [in] rome, but in goal Spain and the other provinces Upon the character in Life of Courtesans in his day He throws but little light the women whose hideous depravity he celebrates must have been well known at rome their names must have been familiar to the ears of Roman society But this feature of Roman civilization the notoriety of prostitutes and of their vile arts properly belongs to another division of the subject Roman society it was often sad by the ancients that the more prostitutes there were the safer would be virtuous women Well done said the moralist were youth entering a house of ill-fame so shalt thou spare Matrons and maidens as This idea rests upon a Slender substratum of plausibility It may be as well to expose its fallacy which can be done very completely by a glance at Roman Society under the Emperor’s Even allowing for poetical exaggeration it may safely be sad that there is no Modern society Perhaps there has never existed Any since the fall of Rome 2 which juveniles famous satire on women can be applied? Independently of the Unnatural lusts which were so unpleasantly avowed the picture drawn by the roman surpasses Modern credibility That it was faithful to nature in fact there is unhappily too much reason to believe the causes must be soft various directions to mark distinctions between Modern and ancient Society may at once be noticed in no modern civilized Society is it allowable to present? immodest images to the eye or to utter immodest words in the ears of females or youth at Rome the contrary was the rule the walls of respectable houses were covered with paintings of which one Hardly Dares in our times to mention the subjects the City’s frescoes and nude sculptures Such as will be seized in any Modern country by the police fill the halls of the most virtuous Roman citizens and nobles Ingenuity had been text to the utmost to reproduce certain indecent objects under new forms More was common [indecency] adequate to supply the depraved taste of the Romans Such groups as satires and Nimbus Leda and the swan Pasiphae and the Bowl Satires and she goats were abundant Some of them have been found and exhibit a wonderful artistic skill all of these were daily exposed to the eyes of children and young girls Who as precious as were not allowed to remain novices in any infamy? Again though Horace would use polite expressions in addressing, [Tendra] Sorl allergy the latin tongue was much freer than any Modern one There’s not a latin author of the best age in whose writings the coarsest words cannot be found the comedies were frightfully obscene both in ideas and expressions a Youth or a maiden could not begin to acquire instruction without meeting words of the grossest meaning the convenient adage Cotton on [Narrow] basket was invented to hide the prurient sea of authors and one of the worst Puts in the wretched plea that though his page is lewd. His life is pure it is quite certain that whatever might have been the effect on the Poet his readers could not but be Demoralized by the Lewdness his verses add to these causes of immorality the baths in a fair case in support of Juvenile will be already made out a young wrong girl with warm Southern blood in her veins could gaze on the unvieled pictures of the loves of venus Read the shameful epigrams of Marshall or the burning love songs of Catullus go to the baths and see the nudity of Scores of men and women he touched herself by a hundred lewd hands as well as those of the bathers Who rubbed her dry and netted her limbs a young girl who could withstand such? Experiences and remain virtuous would need indeed to be a miracle of principle and strength of mind But even then religion and law remained to assail her She could not walk through the streets of rome without seeing temples raised to the [honour] of venus That venus who was the mother of rome as the patroness of illicit pleasures in? Every field and in many a square Statuz of priapus whose enormous and decency was his chief characteristic Presented themselves to view often surrounded by pious Matrons inquest a favor from the God Once a year at the lupercalia she saw a young man running naked through the streets armed with thongs with which they struck every woman they saw and She noticed that Matron squirted this flagellation as a means of becoming prolific what she may have known of the Dionysia or Saturnalia the Wild games in Honor of Bacchus and of those other Dissolute Festivals known as the eaves of venus which were capped in april it is not easy to say But there is no reason [to] believe that these lewd scenes were intended only for the vicious or that they were kept a secret When her marriage approached the remains of her modesty were effectually destroyed before marriage She was led to the statue of mutinous a nude sitting figure and made to sit [on] his knee With a you spewed ekiti Embryos darrow’s daily baths a we dated This usage was so deeply rooted among the wrong that when Augustus destroy the temple of mutinous in the Valiant war in consequence of the immoralities to which gave rise a Dozen others Soon Rose to take its place on the marriage night Statuettes of the Deities [Subi] coos and prima hung over the nuptial bed would sue Bhakta a swan so ido non SI Como at [comprimido] and in the morning the jealous husband exacted by measuring the neck of his bride proved to his superstitious mind that she had yielded him her virginity in the Older age of the republic it was not considered decent for women to recline on couches a table as men did this However soon became quite common men and women laid together on the same couch So close that hardly room for eating was left, and this was the custom not only with women of loose morals but with the most respectable Matrons at The feast of trimalchio just the best resto of a roman dinner We have the wife of the host and the wife of heaviness both appeared before the guests hyb ines amused them by seizing his hosts wife by the feet and throwing her forward so that her dress flew up and exposed her knees and Trimalchio himself did not blush to show his preference for a gittin in the presence of the company and to throw a cup at his wife’s head when her Jealousy led her to remonstrate the voyage of the Hero of the Satyricon Furnishes other pictures of the intensely Depraved feeling which pervaded Roman society The author does not seem to admit the possibility of virtues existence All his men and women are equally vicious and shameless the open spectacle of the most hideous debauchery only provokes a laugh if a man declines succeed to the propositions which the women are the first to make it must be because he is a Disciple of the awareness awareness in whole cities are depicted as joining in the hue [and] cry after the lost frat head noted Baci The Kamati Honest which Cicero enumerates among the symptoms of corruption in his time had become of universal usage? it was for them that the kooks of rome exhausted their art and Devising the dishes which have puzzled Modern gastronomist seeeeee For them that the rare old wines of Italy were stowed away in cellars For them that egyptian and Ionian dancing girls stripped themselves or Dondi Nebula Linea No, English words can picture the monstrosities which are calmly narrated in the pages [of] Petronius and Marshal Well my juvenile, cry vice has culminated it is perhaps difficult to conceive How he could have been otherwise Considering the example set by the emperor’s it requires no small research to discover a single character in the long list that was not stained by the grossest habits Julius Caesar the Bald adulterer was commonly sad to be husband of all men’s wives Augustus his youth had been so dissolute as to suggest a most contemptuous epigram employed men in his old age to procure matrons and maidens whom these purveyors of Imperialist examined as though they had been horses at a public sale The amours of Tiberius and has retrieved at [Capri] cannot be described It will suffice to say there was no invention of infamy, which he did not patronize That no young person of any charms was saved from his lust More than one senator felt that safety required He should remove his hens and wife or pretty daughter from rome for Tiberius was ever ready to Avenge obstacles with death The sad fate of the beautiful Maloney Ax was stabbed herself during a lawsuit which the emperor had instituted Against her because she refused to comply with his beastly demands gives a picture of the age Caligula who made some changes in the tax levied on prostitutes and established a brothel in the palace commenced Life by the washing his sisters and ended it by giving grand dinners during which he would remove from the room any lady he please and after spending a [few] minutes with her in private return and give an account of the interview for the amusement of the company Messalina so far eclipsed claudius in Depravity that the perfused vultures of the former appeared by contrast almost moderate and virtuous Nero surpassed his predecessors in cynic recklessness He was Anna bitumen tear of houses of prostitution He dined in public at the great circus among a crowd of prostitutes. He founded on the shore [of] the gulf of naples Houses of prostitution and filled them with females whose dissolute habits were their recommendation to his notice? The Brief sketch of his Journeys given by tacitus and the allusions to his minister of pleasures tigellinus Leave no room for doubting that he was a monster of Depravity Passing over a course Galba a profligate otha a beastly vitellius a mean vespasian in a dissolute titus the mission revived the age of nearer He seduced his brother’s daughter and carried her away from her husband bathed Habitually in company with a band of prostitutes and set an example of hideous vice while enacting severe loss against the bar [cheree] After another interval Commodus converted the palace into a house of prostitution He kept in his pay 300 girls of Great beauty and as many use and revived his dull senses by the sight of pleasures He could no longer share Like narrow he violated his sister’s like him He assumed the dress and functions of a female and gratify the court with a spectacle of his marriage to one of his freedman Finally elagabalus from the historian could only compared to a wild beast surpassed even the most audacious infamies of his predecessors It was his pride to have been able to teach even the most expert courtesans of rome something more than they knew his pleasure to Naked and to pull down into the sink of bestiality in which he lived the first officers of the empire When such was the example [set] by men [in] high places there’s no need of inquiring further into the condition of the public morals a sensor like tacitus might indignantly reprove, but a marshal And he was no doubt a better exponent of public in social life than the stern Historian would only laugh and copy the model before him it may safely be asserted that there does not exist in any modern language a piece [of] writing which indicates, so Hopelessly depraved the state of morals as [Marshalls] epigram on his wife secret diseases at Rome at what period and where Venereal diseases first made their appearance is a matter of doubt It was long the opinion of the faculty that they were of modern origin And that Europe had derived them from America where the sailors of Columbus had first contracted them? This opinion does not appear to rest on any solid basis and is now generally Rejected the fact is that the venereal disease prevailed extensively in Europe in the 15th century? But the presumption from an imposing Mass of circumstantial evidence Is that it has afflicted humanity from the beginning of history? Still it is strange that Greek and latin authors do not mention it There is a passage in Juvenal in which illusion is made to a disgustin disease Which appears to bear resemblance to Venereal disease? Epigrams of Marshal hint at something of the same kind Celsus describes Several diseases of the Generative Organs But none of these authors ascribe [the] diseases they mention to venereal intercourse Celsus professes what he says on the subject of this class of maladies with an apology? Nothing, but a sense of duty has led him to allude to matters so delicate But he feels that he ought not to allow his country to lose the benefit of his experience And he conceives it to be Desirable to disseminate among the people some medical principles with regard to a class of diseases which are never revealed to anyone After [this] apology he proceeds to speak of a disease which he calls Inflammatory [Collies] which seems to have borne a striking analogy to the modern phimosis. It has been supposed that the elephantiasis which he describes at length was also of a syphilitic character and The symptoms detailed by Era toes who wrote in the latter half of the first century? certainly remind the reader of secondary syphilis But the best opinion of today appears to be that the diseases are distinct and unconnected Women afflicted with secret diseases were called Al coon went I which explains itself They pray to Juneau flu Onia for relief and use the estate opticals by way of medicine The Greek term for this herb being bombarded on which the Romans converted into Boo Borneo That word came to be applied to the disease for which it was given weather in the case of females or males Modern science has obtained Dense the term [bubo] the [Roman] said of a female who communicated a disease to a man hike there in Booby not We find were over in the later writers allusions to the Marbles Campanos the clutter So mean I the ruby go ETC which were all secret diseases of a type if not syphilitic strongly resembling it it must be admitted however that no passage in the ancient writers directly escribes these diseases to commerce with prostitutes Roman doctors declined to treat secret diseases They were called by the generic term marbles in decades, and it was considered unbecoming to confess to them or [to] treat them Rich men owned a slave doctor who was in the confidence of the family and to whom such Delicate secrets would naturally be confided But the mass of the people were restrained by shame from communicating their misfortunes As was the Ka is among the jews the unhappy patient was driven to seclusion as the only remedy however cruel and senseless this practice may have been as Regarded the sufferer it was of service to the people as it prevented in some degree the spread of contagion Up to the period of the Civil wars and perhaps as late as the Christian, era the only physicians at Rome were drug sellers Enchantra’s and Midwives the standing of a former may be inferred from a passage in horace where he classes them with the lowest? outcasts of Roman Society The Enchanters Sag I made filters to Produce or impede the sensual appetite They were execrated and even so amorous a poet as ovid felt bound to warn young girls against the evil effects of the Afro 26 they concocted Midwives also made filters and are often confounded with the Saga The healing science of the three classes must have been small About the reign of Augustus Greek physicians began to settle at rome they possessed much theory and some practical experience as the treatise of celsus shows and soon became an important class in Roman Society it Was not however till the reign of nero that an office of public physician was created under that emperor a greek named andronicus was appointed a tacky ahead or Court Physician and Archaea te popularise were soon afterward appointed for the people they were allowed to receive money from the rich but they were bound in consideration of various Privileges bestowed on their office to Treat the poor gratuitously They were stationed in every city in the empire Rome had 14 besides those attached to the vessels the Gimnasia and the court other Large cities had 10 and so on down to the small towns which had one or two From the duties [and] privileges of the IKea tea it would appear they were subject to the e dials it May seem almost superfluous to add that no careful medical reader of the history of Rome under the empire Can Doubt but the Archaea t Filled no sneaker and that a large proportion of the diseases they treated were directly traceable to prostitution end of section 6

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