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opening in 1981 Canada's Wonderland is located north of downtown Toronto in Ontario Canada the park now owned by Cedar Fair is the most visited seasonal amusement park in North America in 2019 it would open the tallest dive coaster in the world Yukon striker in 30 seconds we're going to show you everything to do at Canada's Wonderland so watch closely what we couldn't show everything in 30 seconds she'll just have to come up to see all of Canada's Wonderland for yourself just say went a sprawl casting began to bill Canada's Wonderland the intention was to open with five feet area's international Street Medieval Fair grand World Expo 1890 the happy land of hanna-barbera and frontier Canada frontier Canada would represent the rugged Yukon backcountry during the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s the winter of 1897 beyond mountains 2,000 miles north from civilization the cria was gold the idea was in design phase and Canadian journalist historian and nearby resident Pierre Berton was brought on as a consultant to provide historically accurate ideas for the new area he would take inspiration from Silver Dollar City in Missouri and use his extensive knowledge of the Klondike Gold Rush instead of going ahead with the land Kings Entertainment made the decision to postpone the construction of frontier Canada until the year after opening in 1982 instead of having a watered-down Canadian section of the park they wanted to wait and do the job right taking its place v themed area would be International Festival 1982 came and went and frontier Canada did not arrive in fact it was put on hold indefinitely that is until it will become a reality in 2019 37 years later during the mid-1980s the part wanted to continue to offer more thrilling experiences and one of the first major investments after opening was Sky Ride the ride of your life would go down all the way no sleep why the nude skywriter Canada's first stand up coaster at Canada's Wonderland a standard rollercoaster built by togo a Japanese amusement ride company the second stand-up looping roller coaster for the company following the now-defunct king cobra which had open the year before at Kings Island the first in the world to be designed from the ground up as a standard roller coaster both king cobra and sky rider would be the exact same riders were bored and be taken up a 95 foot lift hill after the first drop the ride went into a vertical loop before a Camelback hill it then entered a 540 degree helix which had riders stand inner almost completely sideways another Camelback before the train headed back into the station with the last few moments of airtime on the way while king cobra closed in 2001 after the manufacturer went out of business and parts became hard to find sky rider would stay at Canada's Wonderland until 2014 operate in for 29 years until it was announced it would close to provide space for future enhancements and redevelopment of the land in the future years also it was not very comfortable for guides during its lifetime over 23 million people rode to love it or hate it stand-up coaster and 24 people were chosen through a Twitter contest to be the last riders of the roller coaster close in on September 12 2014 the ride was known to be increasingly rough and uncomfortable by the time it closed it was relocated to a park in Tuscany Italy where it still operates today as freestyle land testing began almost immediately after the removal of sky rider three years after the RAI closed in late 2017 Canada's Wonderland folder permit to build nine support footers in the nearby lake and modify the waterway with a tunnel traveling under the pond the application was approved and construction of the new rights foundations began immediately the land in the area remained mostly unchanged over the nearly four years since Skyriders closure work was spotted before the 2018 season had even began with sections of vortex having been removed and a tunnel was being dug through the lake work on the tunnel was complete before the pocket even open for 2018 inside sat for track pieces and two water pumps to pump out rainwater covered over the ride had began construction the remove sections of vortex were reinstalled in time for the 2018 opener in late July following continuous construction in the area the park started tees in a big announcement [Applause] Canada's Wonderland officially announced what the redevelopment of the land was going to become and the skyline of the park would never look the same again the park had been in need of a new major coaster to complement its lineup and it was time for a third bnm construction on the ride was complete by February 2019 the installation of the final piece of track being lowered into place for the world's fastest longest and tallest dive coaster as well as the one feature in the most inversions a journey along 3625 fee of orange track featuring views over Toronto breach in 223 feet high while the same height is the previous tallest dive coaster foul raven which was also 223 feet tall due to the use of the tunnel the drop would actually be 245 feet reaching speeds of 85 miles per hour after departing the station the Train turns 180 degrees and heads up the huge lift hill a 47 degree angle heading into the now iconic hang over the drop after around 3 seconds the train races down the 90 degree drop into the tunnel directly in the middle of vortexes turn around the train then enters the now world's largest Immelmann loop which is 187 feet tall next a zero-g roll and the first ever vertical loop on a dive coaster after this a second Immelman taken the inversion count of the right for the most on any dive coaster lastly a final steep drop into an airtime Hill ends a 3 minute and 25 second bright the ride opened on May 3rd 2019 as a media event in April 72 people were selected who helped raise funds for the hospital sick children to be the first riders on Yukon Stryker the new roller coaster broke all the dive coaster records it would sit in a brand new theme land named Frontier Canada which had been more than 37 years in the making Yukon striker joined lumberjack flying canoes might see Canadian mind buster soaring Timbers Timberwolf Falls and the whitewater Canyon as the signature attraction of the section that was envisioned for the park all those years ago this new area would also feature several new food venues such as the miners cafe and gold rush Junction as well as theme to beer which can never be a bad thing it might have taken all of the current records but was the ride any good Wow yes is really good does it revolutionize and expand on SheiKra which opened 14 years earlier no though it did apparently revolutionize bag storage on the right where it's traveling bag holders hmm the vest restraints removed some of the freedom fell on the upper versions for me at least but it's nowhere near as bad as val Raven does sorry of our even you know gap video yeah at least while it is not the best themed dive coaster in the world it is one of the most thrillin more importantly though is it a good fit for Canada's Wonderland the park note back has its roots for the inspiration for the ride and it's the perfect addition to complement the parks current attractions and it really is a fun roller coaster oblivion was the first life coaster SheiKra took a step further Baron 1898 stepped up a FEMEN and Yukon striker broke all of the records frontier Canada and Yukon striker are the perfect fit for Canada's Wonderland thank you so much for watching this episode of expedition theme-park we've spent this week looking at some of the most iconic dive coasters in the world next time though rather than a vertical drop we will be looking up let me know in the comments below where you would like to see covered on the channel and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on upcoming episodes a special thank you to our patrons for supporting the channel and we will see you next time

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  1. I got this credit last month and it's a fantastic ride. The ride itself is more intense than SheiKra but I don't think it's a better ride.

  2. I actually went on Skyrider on it’s last day. It was my first and only time on the ride and I quite enjoyed it. It was so cute, because the loaded you in a covered area, and when you looked up, you could see the ride operators in their booth, and for the last day they had put up a “happy retirement” banner.

  3. I have binge watched so many of your videos, these are epic and you deserve all the best for this channel! X

  4. The first half of the coaster is epic, second half… is like squashing in your handwriting in so it fits on the paper. The end part could be better. Plus I think they should called this coaster Ziz as it would've complemented Behemoth & Leviathan.

  5. Cool, the only dive coaster I’ve been on is Hang Time at Knott’s Berry Farm. The lift, hang time, and drop built great anticipation my first time on it!

    I saw that Hang Time has 5 inversions?

  6. Ya Canada. Thanks. I remember SkyRider, it was fun but yes as a man, it did hurt. Can't say where. Nice history of the park too

  7. Although I have never had the opportunity to go on any of the bigger dive coasters, I feel that they just don't have what Oblivion does, and that is a good tunnel. Sure Yukon has a tunnel through a lake but my problem with it is that the coaster pulls out so early that it looks like most the drop has been done by the time you pass through the tunnel. Oblivion is one of the only dive coasters which has the (nearly) vertical drop into the tunnel exposing none of it's pull out. Hopefully, some of the future dive machines will be able to match the incredible tunnel of Oblivion.

  8. I’m so glad you talked about my home country! I love your videos, and you keep each one so interesting and fresh that I can’t help but come back for more!

  9. I really love your channel, it’s really interesting to learn about theme park history! Have you ever considered making a video about Paulton’s Park? I went there last year, it was awesome and I’d love to know about the history behind its rides!

  10. Am I wrong or does this ride look like griffin from Busch gardens Williamsburg, like almost the same track?

  11. The adverts of the Yukon Striker you show in this video are so much more fun than the ones of like Th13rteen and such from UK parks. Not everything has to be the scariest ever

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