The Listening Station: Mr Scruff

I don’t know why it’s lasted so long. I’ve continually bought records for the last 35 years, or whatever, I know a lot of people have. But there’s a whole new generation of people whose parents have never bought records, that have somehow got into it. Yeah, this is an amazing album by Lightning Hopkins called Penitentiary Blues. It’s difficult to describe, it’s just straight up blues but every tune is like six, seven minutes long, and you can just picture them all just sat there in a circle playing the guitar, but that was, you know, we’d sit and have a beer when I was a bit older and he’d play me a lot of his blues records, and this was the one which I think just really resonated with me. But it’s really evocative and mellow and just an incredible album. Right, this record is by Cybotron, and this was the record that inspired me to start DJing. Having all this amazing new electronic music all mixed together, I’d not heard mixing before I heard these records as well. It was a very special and quite alien experience. The production’s amazing on this record as well. Purely synthesized robotic music. As a 12 year old kid who was listening to the charts, at the time, a bit of blues and a bit of two-tone ska, is like, what an earth’s this? You know what I mean? There aren’t many times in your life, whether you’re hungry for music or not, to kind of come across something that’s so new and fresh. I can still remember the feeling I had when I first heard this record. So, this one, this is Starship Africa by Creation Rebel. I’ve been through a few copies of this ’cause I’ve played it so much. Although there’s thousands of dub albums out there, this one, for some reason, I can’t explain it. I like how it makes me feel. It’s real alien music. Just the vision behind it’s simplicity, and I think all these records I’ve brought with me today, I love them because I can’t explain them. I came across them at a certain point in my life and every time it reveals something new. I don’t know how vinyl has survived all this. But the act of taking this out, putting it on here, and just sitting down with headphones on, or on a really decent pair of speakers and just having this music come at you in such a way, you actually end up feeling like you’re inside the music. It’s incredible.

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  1. I love DJ doing vinyl sets, I’ve watched Mr Scruff countless times and the selection never fails. Mr Thing is other DJ I follow too… both chaps are proper diggers!

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