The Untold Truth Of Johnny Depp

Over the course of a film and television career
that’s spanned over 30 years, Johnny Depp has played more than a few strange characters. Some have been part of his bizarre collaborative
history with director Tim Burton, which has seen him become everyone from Willy Wonka
to Sweeney Todd, but he’s also always marched to the beat of a different drummer by himself. Though he’s had a tortured relationship with
fame, Johnny Depp is still a master of his craft and an extremely interesting guy to
boot. Even after spending all these years in the
limelight, there’s still plenty that’s been left out of the headlines about the enigmatic
actor and musician. This is the untold truth of Johnny Depp. Auspicious start There’s a longstanding Hollywood rumor that
Johnny Depp first got his start after his first wife introduced him to her ex-boyfriend,
who just so happened to be Nicolas Cage, and Depp has somewhat corroborated the story in
his own words. “Somebody said, ‘Well, why don’t you go meet
my agent. My agent is Nic Cage.’ She sent me to an audition for something,
and I got it.” Cage reportedly saw something in Depp, and
opened some crucial early career doors for him. Soon after, he was cast in his first film
role in A Nightmare on Elm Street, and with that, he was officially an actor. Making movie magic Thanks to projects like Platoon, Cry-Baby,
21 Jump Street, and Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp started to boast some clout in Tinseltown
in the early ’90s. The film he decided to cash his chips in on
was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? So the story goes, then-girlfriend Winona
Ryder read Peter Hedges’ novel of the same name, and got Depp to read it too. He felt it was a modern day Catcher in the
Rye and identified strongly with Gilbert, a young man trapped in a small town and saddled
with family responsibilities. “There was some residue with my childhood
that I connected to that character and with those people.” Depp then told director Lasse Hallström about
the book, and the two agreed to work on the film before there was even a script in place. Hallström enlisted the author Hedges to work
on the script, and the rest was movie history. Sticking to music When Johnny Depp first came to California,
he didn’t actually intend to be an actor. He was actually in a band called the Kids,
who’d been pretty successful around the greater southeast. Depp actually dropped out of high school because
of the band, and they opened for national acts like the Talking Heads, the Pretenders,
and the Ramones. After the band split up, he turned to acting,
but Depp never forgot his love for music, and was in the glam band Rock City Angels
before making his screen breakthrough. Depp later started the band P with Butthole
Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes. Although they broke up fairly quickly, he
remained musically active; most recently, he’s been in a band called the Hollywood Vampires
alongside Alice Cooper, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and Guns N’ Roses vets Duff McKagan
and Matt Sorum. The members say they’ve all had brushes with
death, and Depp in particular seems to feel lucky to be part of the collaboration. Kid friendly By portraying Captain Jack Sparrow in the
Pirates of the Caribbean series, Johnny Depp got to bring a lot of joy to children both
in and outside of the theaters. He’s spent a great deal of his free time suiting
up in the character costume to visit children’s hospitals and schools, and the reason for
his particular fondness for children has a little something to do with his own experiences
as a father. “They’re giving me the gift.” “I was the parent when my daughter was ill
and…” “I’ve known darkness in my life, but that
was the darkest period ever.” Of course, Jack Sparrow isn’t the only character
he has embodied to bring joy to his youngest fans. In 2016, he acted in The Black Ghiandola,
a micro-budgeted movie about a young man who, in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, risks
everything to save the life of his companion. The short movie came together thanks to the
Make a Film Foundation, a charity which helps filmmaking dreams come true for kids and teens
with serious medical problems. The film was written by and starred Anthony
Conti, a 16-year-old who was stricken with stage 4 adrenal cortical cancer, and Depp
happily joined in as one of the film’s supporting A-listers. Cinematic chameleon Johnny Depp has tried on so many different
screen personas that it’s entirely possible that even he doesn’t even know what he looks
or sounds like anymore. Even in interviews, he tends to talk with
affectations that sound like they’re from somewhere between Great Britain, Boston, and
Wonderland. And he also seems to enjoy disappearing into
his roles. “The last thing I want to look like is myself. I’ve always felt it was important to escape.” So, if you ever wondered why he tends to choose
roles that make him virtually unrecognizable, it’s because he seems to prefer on-screen
anonymity. Even still, he refuses to watch his own movies
anyway. “I’ve seen only a couple that I’ve had to
see, like just to check you know the cut or whatever. To make sure the cut was cool.” Getting political In addition to making movies and music, Depp
has also been known to use his platform to raise awareness for political causes. Alongside several other socially conscious
artists, Depp participated in the Voice Project’s “Imprisoned for Art” campaign in late 2016
appearing in a mugshot to shed light on a Ukranian filmmaker serving a 20 year jail
sentence in Siberia. Depp is also no fan of Donald Trump, and appeared
in a Funny or Die “lost” movie called The Art of the Deal, based on the Trump book by
the same name. The movie was posted the morning Trump won
the New Hampshire primary, but Depp’s continued to whip out his spot-on impressions on command. “I got a feel for him because he’s sensational. Absolutely fabulous.” “I told them to build me that wall. I want a sensational wall.” If Alec Baldwin ever decides to stop impersonating
the President on Saturday Night Live, it looks like Johnny Depp could fit right into it. Personal problems As much as he might like to sink into his
screen roles, in recent years, Johnny Depp’s personal life has become a very publicized
roller coaster. He and former wife Amber Heard caused something
of an international incident in 2015 when they traveled to Australia to film the latest
Pirates installment and brought along their two Yorkshire terriers. Upon arrival, the couple failed to properly
declare the animals with customs officials. “Mr. Depp has to either take his dogs back
to California or we’re going to have to euthanize them.” They were forced to return the smuggled animals
to the United States, and Heard pleaded guilty to knowingly producing a false or misleading
document for failing to disclose the dogs. The two ended up delivering an awkward apology
video, which he was later able to laugh about. “I would really like to apologize for not
smuggling my dogs.” But that was just the start of their problems. Their marriage soon after ended in disaster,
as the actress claimed that he’d been abusive to her during their relationship. She also alleged that Depp was addicted to
alcohol and other substances. Though their divorce was finalized relatively
quickly, Depp’s days of making headlines for all the wrong reasons were far from over. Financial woes With over $50 million worth of property and
one of Hollywood’s most interesting resumes to his name, it was a bit shocking to learn
that Johnny Depp has major money problems. Shortly after his split from Heard, Depp’s
legal woes raged on after his attorney and accountant informed him that he was financially
underwater. The two reportedly had to make Depp understand
that his income was being outpaced by his spending on luxuries like art, jewelry, wine,
property, and the $3.6 million per year he paid his personal staff. Depp finally agreed to sell his yacht, but
it was the start of a tense communication between the three that would end with Depp
firing both of his advisors. Depp went on the allege that his former managers
caused him to rack up more than $40 million in debt and to dispose of valuable assets,
and that they talked him into high-interest loans that they didn’t make payments on. They responded by claiming that Depp was irresponsible,
prompting legal actions on both sides. In January 2017, Depp filed suit against The
Management Group for mismanagement of his wealth and for defrauding him out of money
during the course of their duties, between 1999 and 2016. Depp claimed that the company siphoned some
$28 million, and that they didn’t pay his taxes on time. TMG countersued. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also
been sued by his former bodyguards for unpaid wages and unsafe work conditions. Thin but okay Johnny Depp appeared in two major films in
2017 Murder on the Orient Express and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and
lined up a few more for 2018, including the Fantastic Beasts sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Depp looked mostly like his youthful self
in those films, which was why fans were shocked when an odd picture of of the actor circulated
around the internet in spring 2018, where he’s posing with a fan in Russia, looking
ghostly pale and skeletally thin. While Depp often drastically alters his appearance
for films, this sudden physical transformation still proved alarming, leaving fans wondering
why Depp was “looking so skinny,” blaming everything from drug addiction to preparing
for a movie role. As it happens, it’s probably for a film Depp
is set to star in a dramedy called Richard Says Goodbye as a professor dying of a terminal
illness. Depp obviously still has no trouble scoring
promising projects, even now. “Working lunch. I’m on a roll.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. We love you so much Johnny! If you are going through or have gone through a tough time, please open up about it. We don't want to see you suffer in silence. If you are stressed, please take a long break and relax.

  2. I want to say this to the world. I wish this little Pearson (me ) and my opinion!!! Would, and could be read, seen, and heard threw out America, Spain, Europe, Asia….

    I WONT YOU TO READ THIS TEXT… Think about what has been said…. And now, what those words and actions have done and are still doing!!…….
    BT WE ( As the people and fast judges to cut a thought so we can feel cleen or in power or righteous…. Have done to a man that has only been real to hinself and his fans. Never had this man ask for fake light, he back away from the mast publazized veiw on him. He refusese to even look at how beautiful he is. He was born cool. Has never had an evil bone expressed but yet right now in his life, his fans have turned against him, the reporters that vowed that he would never do wrong. Are doing nothing but pointing out the few things that he has done wrong.
    And what are the claims…..
    Ok. Biggest. He hit his wife

    Well. I'm am saying at the berry start. N9. Abuse is no bueno!!!
    I want to take a closer look at the charge thow
    His wife filled charges.
    Jonny's mother had just died.
    He was very close to his mother
    He emieditly apologize.
    Her pics were fuking week

    If anyone has ever been in a fight. Yet Alo e. A domestic fight
    That little brushing around the immediate eye.

    Man. I can't believe that I'm trying g to justified a hit to a woman's face.

    No. That's wrong of me

    Ok. I can't say that Jimmy didn't hit pr maybe push her away in am argument. And the outcome was that
    Now. I don't advocate domestic abuse
    I have no point to explore that part
    I do want to add this in thow
    All of Jonny's ex's and wives have stood up and said. That man is the most loving and caring Pearson. No. He did not hit her.

    Only now. By a 22 or 20 sometgings claim. That he hit her.

    Now. Let me get to the finances.
    That motherfuket has earned every bit of his dimes. So who is to jusdege where he spends his money

    Fuk you. Self rigtious. Hipocrits. That day he's wrong for spending
    HIS MONEY!!!!

    Omg goddamne.

    And now. Now. The world has turned their backs on Jonny Depp

    This man made it. He is the heart throb. But the world hasade him …… A tyrent.
    He was fired from. The biggest charctor he made

    You: we:. All of us. Made a model out of these beautiful people. But if a slit wrong has been done. We all cut their thoughts. Brag about it. And then riticule them.
    Goddamn. Get your priority's right, WORLD.

    I have to stand for Jonny.
    I mean. Why wouldn't you. And why would you hate one him so much. That he wants to die. ? Why. We should feel like the shits of the world we r


  3. Amber heard is one gold digger. Imagine getting fired from globally loved franchise over baseless allegations and getting your reputation tarnished. Johnny Depp did award worthy performance in fantastic beasts 2 but it was ignored because of that allegations and rumours. His own ex wife calls Amber heard a gold digger. If he was such a domestic abuser, his ex with whom he had been married to for 3 years wouldn't had spoken out in his support if she was abused. The guy is at the lowest point in his life with his hard work destroyed, money gone and kids taken. He deserves a hug while Amber deserves jail

  4. I've loved Johnny since Nightmare on Elm Street and have loved him in everything he's done. I believe the accusations that he abuses alcohol, he's bloated enough and slurs his words enough to make that believable. I HOPE he never his his exwife but……he might have. I just hope that, if he does need help, he finds it and heals himself. I also hope he never ever does another fucking Jack Sparrow role 'cos yeah, that's over done dude.

  5. Johnny is a great guy who's been through way more than anyone ever should. But he's inspired millions of people, including me. People say bad things because thats what people do… Gossip. Frankly, I think the cause of Johnny's problems (sadly) came as a result of him being too innocent and nice. Bless him.

  6. well looks like all the people who have commitments that they want meet you Jonny,,I'd like to hear you sing and maybe some art work thank you…..,๐Ÿ˜™

  7. I love Johnny Depp and his films are all magic.Pirates of the Caribian without Johnny aren't Pirats of Caribian.Johnny please make a lot beautyful films more.

  8. Johnny Depp mever abused Amber Heard. It has came out that she has been lying this whole time. She put fake bruises on her and she would cut herself to make it look like it was johnny depp.

  9. I'm so disappointed Johnny Depp never won an Oscar. He is the top number one actor who deserves it more then anyone. He deserves way more recognition. From all the different roles he's played. He's my favorite actor. He's a damn genius. He needs an Oscar before he passes. Damn it. Poor Johnny ๐Ÿ˜ข.

  10. Wow!! Johnny Depp has flaws, & life problems like the rest of the 7 billion some people in this world… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Who knew???

  11. so dont hire managers as they will fuck up your finances and leave the ladys alone as they will make silly clames and steal your money. and you will be fine in hollywood.

  12. I love hearing about actors success and new things going on around them. But some of these things seemed like they should be more private to him rather than spilled all over the web.

  13. Lawyers are parasites they want to sue everyone it doesn't bother them if you lose they will then line you up for an appeal more $$$… Johnny looks like he is rotting from the inside out, Satanism does that to people, he might not be evil after all or his failings would not be happening, he is clearly very intelligent i pray the the Lord our God take care of him, and heal him of that which ailes him amen….

  14. U would think โ€œthe untold truth about Johnny Deppโ€ would be dark and scary but itโ€™s just his journey

  15. I don't care…..he still my Dream husband….who i would have 8 kids with ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  16. Loved Gilbert Grape. Thanks for acting. I love so many of the characters youโ€™ve chosen. I wish you all the best Mr Dep in your future. No one should every threaten Yorkies! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  17. His beauty was hiding the ugly person he is… No more disguise!!! Just the ( ugly) truth !!!!
    Ugly! Ugly Ugly Ugly!

  18. He's a good actor because Satan gave him that gift, and with demonic possession…he can lure you in. In his private life, he's as evil as they come in Hellywood. Followers of Christ Jesus can see the vile filth oozing from his actual body and we know of his disgusting deeds. Their earthly god gives them earthly treasures and only lies are possible. Demonic entities enter and follow these people day and night: peace and safety will NEVER COME to them!

  19. No one knows but it's actually true, jhonny depp is adopted by a Comanche family witch was my grandpas sister who adopted him so that makes his apart of my family in a adopted way

    So I'm actually concerned a bit of jhonny depp family

  20. He is a self admitted satanist. They live to sacrifice children to their god lucifer aka moloch, baal. In exchange for fame & fortune. Do a little research, you'll find out.

  21. Ancient acting art using demonic spirits possession how you can get multi personalities even change of appearances… He would be my number one pick for adrenal Chrome drug addiction CgHgNO3. Wonder if he is ever spent time with Jeffrey Epstein on his Pedovaur… I believe he admits for spirits to use him and for that reason alone is enough for me not to want to see him are another movie of his movies. What a sad mess.

  22. my father got so addicted to this he is not completing his work be aware that this can steal 1 of your family member's work don't watch it

  23. Johnny Depp is easily one of the greatest actors of our time. Undeniably an amazing actor. That being said….

    From the way ppl talk about him youโ€™d believe he was a serial killer. Abuse isnโ€™t ok no matter who you are. But besides that his personal dumb decision are his alone to bare no one elseโ€™s so stop trashing him for his life style.

    Plus there are So0 Many other actors who get WAY Less shit when they admitted to doing horrible things sexually & physically. But apologize (short of) and we move on. Hes obviously a victim of his fame. When so0 many others use theyโ€™re fame to create victims.

  24. Johny deep in lier in a role of lier
    city 2010 new york man blamed for lie hiring actor to play him in a film as everyone else liers while he is punisher of intelect

  25. Its a shame one of my favorite people (johnny depp) doesnt like one of my ofher favorite people (President Donald Trump) but johnny is such an amazing actor ill over look this and he is still my favorite hollywood actor and 3rd favorite person of all time

  26. Just leave him alone like would you like it if everyone commented on your privacy and everything ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ he is one of the best actors of all time literally

  27. That he's a pedo and like to put camera's in young girls dressing room's. That the real truth that Hollywood doesn't want you to know.

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