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  1. did anyone think that the hand print might not be on the window at all,
    but on the floor, and the window's shadow,
    is just in the right spot for it to look good?

  2. The bedsheets lady, for a lack of a better name, I believe it's somewhere in Malaysia, Thailand? Somewhere over there maybe India I'm not sure but it goes by a certain name and it is considered to be a burial shroud that is wrapped around the body. They do this when somebody passes away and they will bundle up the corpse but after a certain amount of time if somebody doesn't remove that funeral shroud or whatever you call it that it could cause this particular Thang 2 come out basically letting you know that hey you forgot to unwrap me I can't move I can't walk I have all I can do is hop and how am I supposed to get into the Afterlife while I'm hopping even though they claim to teleport I guess I don't know but I seen a documentary on this and it's really creepy actually! I'll have to look the name up I can't remember what it's called. But I'm almost positive it's like from Thailand or Indonesia somewhere in that area. Spirit can rest when to take the Shroud off of it. Not could this be a fake I'll most definitely! But to villagers in the area it is a very real thing and something must have sparked this fear because it does seem a natural.

  3. I would have cracked that satanic Disney Princess's head with an aluminum T-Ball bat as hard as I could, AT LEAST 11 times…

  4. You guys want something truly scary videos with effort and just just looking for views to pay their rent try frostmare slapped ham you gotten lazy and I'm unsubscribing and going away CLEARLY TO HIGH TO BE A HUMAN ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME SMFH

  5. I lived on the 3rd floor of this house my friend told me about was for rent so I moved in until after 4 days I was settling in I went to taking a shower when I saw something didn't see it at first went to get out the shower saw a ghost looking right at me I frozed and it dissapeared and another day heard the ghost coming up the stairs I moved out the next month

  6. The camera operator in the first clip (….whistling an ominous tune) is clearly Sheldon Cooper calming himself by whistling "Soft Kitty".

  7. The "old guy" in the attic is a pranker w. a puppet. A kid is in the space behind the black cabinet and lets the can go. The blinking doll's eyes can move and blink thanks to a turning mechanism on its back. LOve your channel!

  8. The old man one or whatever was scary! The hand print one well how do we know it isn't a hand print of the floor? Does anyone watch scary videos alone and then get worried someone is behind you? Or something like that.

  9. The first video I 'm sure it from Indonesia lol, and the ghost with white cloth named "pocong", because in Islam, when someone dies, their body is wrapped using white cloth,
    But I'm sure this is fake, why the ghost is jumping while they can fly, because it's human in that video, and human can't fly wkwk

  10. What a horrible video. Used to watch this channel a while ago. Hopefully this is just a one of and you haven't really fallen this far.
    This was cringe

  11. 6:04 it's blatantly obvious what it is. The reason the lighting is so dark in the room is because it is one of their friends running across the room then edited with a shadow filter which is available on most video editing software. The darker the room the more believable it looks and it even tells you that on the software. The room is so dark the girl herself looks like a shadow person in the beginning.

    If they were actually making a video of her dancing they most certainly would have wanted the room much brighter NOT darker with all the blinds closed UNLESS it was for video editing purposes. Furthermore she wasn't dancing as suggested … she was just standing there as if she was summoning a demon waiting for her friend to run across the room.

    Instructional videos can even be found here on YouTube by simply typing "shadow person video editing" and you will find pages and pages on how to do it.

    Don't get to bummed out over it Calin it's little kids like this that keeps your channel filled with content. All it takes is a little effort on their part and a completely gullible host. Put them both together and we have Slapped Ham. I'm certain after viewers read this you will have a ton more videos of this nature to share with us.

    Good Times !!

    On a better note I still enjoy your content unless is so elementary that it insults the viewers intelligence then I will point it out. As you know I typically don't say anything and just enjoy the show. Some of your content is legit but these clips mentioned here certainly isn't.

    The white lady at the beginning of the video is also ridiculous. It's so Hollywood it's actually funny.

    8:28 The soda can falling … If you look closely at the bag where the can fell from you can clearly see someone behind the black entertainment center pushing the can. Their face is also visible as soon as the clip starts. The dog who left the room knew who it was and didn't want to be bothered and most likely why it didn't bark or run off.

    10:07 How was the last clip filmed on beta cassette?? …. The footage is so grainy and typically for editing purposes which it obviously was. The grainer the video the easier the editing and everyone knows this fact. We are in 2019 and even the cheapest recorder wouldn't give that horrible quality unless manually set to do so in the settings. This is a rule of thumb. Anytime the video quality is this poor the video was edited

  12. I don't often comment on here, but I felt compelled. I am a recent subscriber, probably six months back, and really got into the early content on the channel- but only recently have a been getting bored of these. It's mostly the clearly fake videos that have me disappointed. I will continue to stay subbed, but I can't say for how much longer. Not saying anything bad about the channel, of course, because there are plenty of people who do enjoy it.

  13. I wish I could send in some of my scary experiences but they all happen during sleep paralysis… and I also have a bad habit of making what's meant to be a horrifying creature too one sexy boi, i've done this around 4 times

  14. #5 is creepy fecal matter! That doesn't like an old man, that looks like some else. Maybe it's C.G.I. which is something most of us don't really understand so we say awe that's C.G.I.

  15. 8:54 "the dog looks spooked." – how the f*ck can you tell the face impression of the dog with such shitty video quality!?

  16. Lol,,, rabbit jump….funny they shine their flashlight at that spot waiting for that rabbit..lol. Second one look like two dogs one black and white

  17. #5 The thing in the attic, you forgot to state that a human's eyes CAN reflect from the flash from a camera but CAN NOT glow white! That things eyes were glowing white! It has to be paranormal

  18. AND I just caught this at the minute @6:27, not that it means anything, but I thought it weird that someone is standing outside facing a window with closed shades. It looks like a females feet. Left window, look at the open part at the bottom of the window you can see a pair of feet with, if I'm not mistaken, dress shoes.
    But slow the video down to .025x and still look at the main part of the video at that exact time I noted and in one of the frames in that 27th second you can see the kids all the way to the left of the screen it looks like he has some kind of dinosaur head on from a costume of some kind. It's pretty weird looking. But I think it's a good fake video

  19. Number 1. Rumor has it that video was shot in a Mexican park, it is not a doll, it's a life size Snow White statue.

  20. I wish people would get their facts straight! The last video ISNT of dolls! It’s of statues in an abandoned amusement park. Also the one statue that “blinks” is of Snow White. Actually matter of fact slapped ham made a video of this same video and states this. Seriously?!

  21. Okay, I'm gonna step out on a ledge now, but does anyone else think Callen's eye's are a wee bit shiny? In school we called it something very politically incorrect, but as an adult now, I'm calling it as I see it, Callen looks stoned! : )))

  22. All I can think about with the figure jumping up from the bushes is that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when she pops up from behind the fridge and goes "Hello!"

  23. I'm a real big fan of this channel but most of these videos aren't creepy or terrifying. No. 1 & 2 on this clip are obviously fake, like many others online are, or misconstrued. Not everything filmed without context is creepy. And the dog did not look spooked. It just simply got off the sofa and left the room with zero body language to suggest it was in anyway afraid. Sometimes what you see is just what you get, no more, no less. We should always look at all videos from a healthy, sceptical point of view, whether you are a believer, like me, or not.

  24. That thing in the first video looks like a Pocong. In Muslim burials, a dead body is buried in a white sheet and tied at the top of the head, around the neck and above the feet. At 40 days the body is dug up and unwrapped so the soul can be freed. However, if it's not, it'll rise from the grave and hop around looking for someone to unwrap it. It can hop very high and very far so that's what I think it looks like.

  25. As moka enesme
    entitled Smeagol in the attic, it looks like a flexible doll thrown forward & quickly pulled back. And it's certainly not old…speed in movement is one of the first things to go, don't ask me how I know 🙂

  26. First video…. " with only one flashlight" yet when he moves the flashlight into view of the camera the scene is still back lit. Hoax video

  27. I entered the abandoned architecture 50 years ago and got to choose Shayeb and Mendhar scary Shaklo is not a human and tried Azini Akhtar and gray gin scary section of the adventurer Hasan Bar Bar

  28. Wow i cant believe slapped ham has lowed down to these kind of videos… all clearly fakes and a waste of time unless your looking for a laugh i guess.

  29. Well if it was a homeless person common sense might tell ya if they where worried about the jumper I’m thinking that the person would have left during the set up! I’m sure it took a bit and I’m sure they did test runs and looked under the trampoline to see how far down it went! Idk just a thought

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