100 Replies to “These Eerie Videos Have Left Internet Users Spooked”

  1. aNd ThAt'S iT FrOm Meeee, I'lL SeE YoU aLl NeXt tImE — P E W !

  2. Number 1 actually made me laugh. I think they disturbed two guys doing something naughty, the one in front clearly being on his knees. I can't actually see anything else.

  3. Sigh Too many Asian vids and teenagers with cameras, two of the most unreliable sources you can find. It's a shame, used to be a great channel.

  4. "I killed your baby?" Kids these days got no respect what so ever, and people in general in this culture lost any sense of humanity.

  5. Sometimes the ghosts in the haunted areas that they reside are a result of a paranormal death themselves. Ive seen some terrible industrial accident death bideos on youtube and right before the unfortunate person/ people dies, you can see an orb floating around and other parajormal things in somenof those cctv films.

  6. Urban legends are just that. A woman and her child were killed,etc. No names,history checks,etc. Silly teens mucking about. 'I killed your baby!' Grow up!

  7. Did anyone else notice @11:58 the orb that flew past the dummy's head after it opened? I thought at first it was the filter Slapped Ham uses on the videos, but it isn't. Please tell me that I wasn't just imagining it and there is something messing with the owner of the dummy's head.

  8. thats a load of rubbish, ALL easily faked, set up, hoaxed and REALLY !!!!! a witch, you can see its a dummy, manikin* pulled up fast by wires,,,, jeeze, I SURE HOPE NO PERSON IS STUPID ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY THINK THIS TRASH IS REAL,,,JEEZE HAHAHAH

  9. MDR des chasseur de fantome qui utilise des application de débile mentale sur un telephone ….. vraiment des débile mentale

  10. The first one was 2 people getting it on in the woods. No mystery there. The woman wasn't chasing them she was pulling up her pants or underwear.

  11. Number 5, Mr. Fritz is so photo shopped or altered in some other way. If you look behind the glass case that holds the dummy head there is decoration on the wall. Even though the case is glass you can't see the wall hanging in the background, it's incomplete. Also, I could be wrong on this one, but it seems like the reflection on the side of the case is off. It could just be the angle though. I've seen this vid a few times on other channels and this is the first time I noticed the discrepancies.

  12. 6:08 you can see a light. It's kinda weird like it's a reflection from something clear and shiny. Not really sure how to explain it but I didnt hear it mentioned o.O Lower right side.

  13. 11:32

    How come Slapped Ham didn't even say anything about not just the door to the dummy head's case opening…but its EYELIDS ALSO MOVED!!!!

  14. The door to the doll head in the case opens, you can see 2 orbs go from right to left from the door. Then on the right, you can see an orb go from the bottom to the top. Creepy af!!👻👻

  15. In the first video, I believe it to be fake. Both those supposed entities look 100% human to me. I think more people are going to make an effort to create fake videos and pass them off as genuine and authentic. Indeed, it will be a genuine and authentic fake video. What people will do to get attention these days.

  16. This is the bottom of all your videos. Cmon dude, these collections are so amateurish, any high school kids can do this.

  17. Mexico's terrifying w out any paranormal activity
    Whatever that was flew away!!! Tf imagine all the stuff that happens n moves if we videoed everything??? Scary there's other beings on this planet we can't see

  18. Did anyone notice the orb fly from right hand corner and go up and over to the left a second or so after glass cabinet door opened in the last video with the dummys head ?

  19. #4 can easily be faked…. The one with the stuffed animals…. The couch is sitting in front of curtains we don't know what is behind these curtains the couch could easily be hollowed out and have some one sitting behind it moving a certain toy on command. Since the couch is just covered in stuffed animals that are simply won from a carnival or a crane machine there is nothing special about them.

  20. at 6:07 you can see a spirit orb or something like that it passes then the stuffed toy begins to move and again at 6:27 check it out what do you guys think oh its video number 4 I speak of

  21. I feel that ghosts move toys and stuff the same way we scare our kids by moving the “elf on a shelf” to scare them into behaving LOL, except they are invisible

  22. How did you not mention the orbs appearing on the right side of the camera before the monkey moved? Those are generally textbook indicators of spirit activity

  23. Before the monkey moves i can see a haze cloud like thing go from the right hand of tje sxreen to tje left… After the monkey moves.. That same haze comes out from where the monkey is towards the front of rhe screen

  24. I love …. slapped ham creppy contant an i watched all the videos of slapped ham very creppy 😱😱😱😰😰😨😬😬👺

  25. Seems like the way to stop paranormal activity in your home is to put cameras everywhere, because they don't like to perform on camera, apparently.

  26. You should start reading bedtime stories. There is just something so soothing about your voice. I dunno why but if i cant sleep i put on one of your videos and next thing i know im out like a light. You are best and I love all your content.


  28. Holy FRICKBALLS😳 I had it on full screen– at 11:33 the dummy head's 👀 suddenly POP OPEN, immediately before the door to the case swings open, & u can see all the orbs flying around.. I'm usually EXTREMELY skeptical about ALL these types of videos/ things, & honestly, I usually just assume that they're ALL either faked/ staged, edited, or some kinda rational explanation (like an optical illusion…) just bc they usually SO obviously are…I've only ever seen a couple that truly freaked me out. This 1 DEF did, bc it seems like the dummy head saw something/ a spirit, headed for him, & HE got panicked & popped his eyes WIDE open like that (they started as a squint), then immediately after his eyes shoot open, u c the door fly open, then the orbs flying around (I usually think they're dust, but lotsa people claim they're proof of spirits or whatever, when they c them on vids…), then the other more obvious eye & mouth movement 😱 For some reason, I felt super nervous when just starting that clip, & had it on full screen, then as soon as the eyes shot open like that, it SCARED THE SOUL OUTTA ME! I never get spooked on videos like this, & watch them all the time…this 1 got me so nervous, that even long after finishing the video, I'm STILL feeling anxious, lol😬

    I gotta say, though- I was already concerned about the dummy head owner being some kinda psycho, just wondering why he's got a dummy head on a stick like that, just living in his home with him🤔 AFTER watching that, & hearing that he simply covered up & chained the case… I'm FAR more worried about homeboy….thinking he's maybe some kinda serial killer that thrives off of terror?! WTH is he thinking?! I'd be making sure that thing was across the country, burned on it's lil stake, dropped in the middle of the ocean, or a church for an exorcism…but I most CERTAINLY WOULD NOT be having the creepy thing still living under the same roof as me! If the thing moves like that, then OBVIOUSLY a frickin blanket & chain r NOT gonna be very effective there!!!

  29. With the stuffed monkey moving on it’s own, if you look closely, you see a shadow on the right as the monkey moves. It’s a hoax

  30. I want to start by saying that I love this channel, I also have to say that the creature in the 1st video that appeared on this countdown was a normal human on all fours wearing a costume that bounds forward whilst on all fours too! I can only see a human in front and probably behind it is just another human in another costume and I do not understand how people can mistake them for anything else, sorry to be a debunker and spoil all the fun. I'll watch the rest the video now and shut up. Lol, still LOVE my Ham well and truly Slapped though!!

  31. Hey Ham Fam, Hope all had a great start to you week.
    I don't know what is is about dolls and dummies, butvi have alway disliked them. Even as a little girl, I got one doll and totally destroyed it. No one every brought me another. Maybe one of these old creepy dolls were responsible for my demise in a previous life…😮😮😮🤐🤔😂😂🐷🐖🐷🐖🐷🐖
    Have a Slapped Up week guys.
    Love your work Callen, I even finally, after a loonngg time, joined the rest of your Patreon mob. Gotta keep you vids coming 😁😁🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  32. What kind of sick b** would say I killed your baby I hope that she is haunted for the rest of her freaking stinking life I hope that ghost will never leave her alone for saying that just the fact that she said that makes me sick to my stomach even if she didn't do it she's a horrible person and deserves to be tormented by that baby for the rest of her life just saying and I'm not sorry

  33. At 6:10 and 6:20 WHAT IS THAT FLOATING ACROSS THE SCREEN BEFORE THE STUFFED ANIMAL MOVED🤔👀👀👀👀👀 Y'all see that right!? 😨😱

  34. The budiwhatever, is a demon, with a demon master in an area of the world where it should be able to thrive. No Christ worship or hallowing blessings to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob=no protective aura from Satan or his minions. Thank, Mohammad.

  35. Why don’t you talk about other things going on in the vids ? Like the stuffed monkey teddy before it moves an after it moves you can clearly see a yellow light patten moving in front of the couch and to the right of it right next to the teddy ? Is anyone else seeing this ???

  36. I live in Memphis Tennessee. About a mile-and-a-half across the state line in Mississippi we have a crybaby bridge in a small town called lake cormorant 😱😱 I have taken several of my friends there to freak them out lmao it's so funny!!! I still have no idea what makes it do that but it literally sounds like a baby screaming!!! Freaky!!!

  37. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what was going on in the first video it was two people at it and got caught out 🤣🤣🤣

  38. #2 is a sheet On the end of a stick like a puppet thing , the hang it down from above an pull it away so it looks like it’s flying it’s a joke

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