100 Replies to “These Scary Nest Camera Videos Are Freaking People Out”

  1. Air conditioning and heating systems turning on and going off in conjunction with various lighting conditions create the dust "orbs"…this has been well documented after repeated studies.

  2. People!!! Don't use water to put a cooking fire out! What he says is right. The fire authority says cut off the oxygen or use a fire extinguisher. Sometimes if caught early the lid can be used to extinguish , but if too large , sand or baking soda in a LARGE amount can cut off the oxygen and put the fire out. Your best bet is an extinguisher. Read the label too. Some are specific to a specific type of fire. Be safe ❣️

  3. Welp I'm done with these. If anyone wants good paranormal videos. Look up nukes top 5. Much much better. That is all.

  4. overfilled pots boiling with oil and butter, when spilled over causes cascade affect when caught fire, fire reaches inside the bowl that is simmering soup or liquid with oil causing further fires..
    just a tip dont over fill ur vessels

  5. Orbs every where i believe they are Souls. The Death is walking around us. Or maybe a parallel universe is merging. Or a catastrophe is coming.

  6. Damn, that kid in the second to last video got decked. It just needed a "And his name is John Cena!" sound clip.

  7. That lad was in terrible pain. Torturous pain. People do not drive your partners to wrath/rage. Do not play with them and press their buttons on purpose to get a reaction or you may be sorry you did. Do not be foolish. Both men and women boys and girls do this to one another and it's pathetic. As crazy as that boy was seeming I'd bet a thousand dollars that she is the one who did something to hurt him and he's freaking out. Perhaps she took the poor lads virginity and now he wants to stay with her but she is off sleeping with other guys and it's driving him to wrath. This is why God instituted marriage so that we would not be hurt in such horrendous ways. Do you think that it was just because He likes to rule us? Not so it's all for our health and eventual benefit of course. This is why many people get murdered you know because someones heart is broken and that pain is sharp they will lash out. Not everyone is graced out of a terrible situation. Be aware if your playing with someone it's time now to stop and treat them with respect as another human being. Of course no one will force you or make you but just to let you know what goes around actually truly does come around indeed. And we all reap what we sow literally. So either way all will be paid for heavy in the end. So go skipping down the streets young people but just know that for every idle word you will be judged and every secret act will be brought into the full light of day one day. When that happens many will cry for themselves and their own wretchedness. But that will not save them then. Therefore seek God while He may be found. Be kind and fair to one another. Love one another and sacrifice for each other. Compromise and you will be rewarded with many beautiful days on the earth. Those who keep hatred as a guide will be destroyed by their own hearts. A heart hardens in hatred becomes brittle and eventually shatters then that person dies one way or another. Forgiveness sets me free not my enemy. God allows bad things to happen so that people will come to the end of themselves and cry out to God for help and be saved forever wrapped in Life. God allows the worst pain so that those being hurt will finally say God help me I have no control and I'm standing on the edge of death's abyss. God help me I have no control over a thing! For life's circumstances dominate even the strongest of men! God allows bad things to happen to teach Patience and Self-Control as well. God allows bad things to happen so that we might be redeemed and exalted with Him and set free for ever from lifes trials and hardships. God allows bad things to happen so that you will turn back to Him as a child scorned by the world and knowing nothing humble and ready to be Reborn! You live in the Test. All suffer here on earth but not all suffer WELL. We must seek God through His Son Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah and be set free or we will fall. Decide. Many large churches from every denomination have fallen away from God. Many are evil who claim to be of God. Many put on a face every Sunday and are nothing but pure hypocrites. The catholic church is evil and a false church. Yet there still remains a group of real true Holy Spirit filled Christians in the earth. Those children of Messiah. Those who have overcome all the world in Him. It's far easier for me to hit someone back than to turn the other cheek! So then who is the strongest of men?! Who is the Master?! He who has perfect Self-Control over himself! Jesus showed that amazing strength of God. He made no sound while they tortured Him. He died so that you might live forever in joy and Peace. The Lord said we would know His people by their fruits or qualities and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Anyone who walks in the Holy Spirit of God shows these nine qualities more than any others and not just in front of other people but 24/7. And anyone who shows the opposites of those qualities constantly are of death and are dying. Jesus loves you more than any words can adequately express. Find Him seeker for better help you will not find. The Bible's new testament is a good place to begin. Seek and you will find. Knock and the Door will be opened unto you. No one can ever be a master unless they have first mastered themselves. And no one can overcome the lusts and sins of this world without the help of God the Holy Spirit. Otherwise we remain slaves to all those things we cannot stop doing. The Lord has dominion over all depressions over every addiction and even over every disease. A child of God must be first and foremost honest before God. Come to Him in your hurt and pain and He will set you FREE. Great Joy is given to all who accept Jesus great Joy now in the midst of the Test. How could we stop sinning without something like Joy to fill that infinite hole in all our hearts that we used to fill with drugs, sex, money, position, titles but none of those things can ever satisfy for more than a few minutes. The Joy of God stays forever no matter what your circumstances are. Therefore even in prison the true Christian remains unbreakable for to live is Christ and to die is gain. I am just a weak mortal but if my soul is founded upon the Immortal Rock of my foundation I cannot be moved. My body can be destroyed but my soul is safe. And Jesus is our Rock the Stone the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone. I was a suicidal drug dealer/addict. I overdosed many times trying to kill the pain of my existence. Each time I overdosed God sent someone to find me dying and call an ambulance. Jesus took all my pain away. I owe Him my life and He will have it. He saved me from a thousand troubles and war. He healed my body from epilepsy He healed my mind from many mental illnesses and my heart from death and sin. I never knew life on earth could be this way. I thought people like me were liars and insane. I hated God exceedingly. God saved me and flipped my whole life upside down! And I will tell this hopeless world that there exists a HOPE beyond anything they've ever imagined. Because it's true. Nothing can change that I told the truth today. May God bless you exceedingly abundantly beyond all you see or imagine.

  8. 6: Keen evil spirit thats in a curious state

    5: Might be a bi polar freak that blew a gasket, having a mania about something that annoyed him or pissed him off

    4: These are not spirit orbs, this might be a sighting from the extra terrestrial invasive orbs archives

    3: Probably a young immature troublemaker

    2: Fuckin classical ass retarded dumbasses

    1: Angry spirit, that motherfucker will show up on a tablet ghost detector you know

  9. Never use water on grease fire, use baking soda…. obviously that was mostly startch, potatoes or something….

  10. Never, ever throw water on a fire on a stove. You want to choke the fire. Water on a grease fire will spread it. If you can’t throw a lid on the pot or burner you use flour. You should also get a small extinguisher, we bought one for $15.

  11. In #5, a male teen throwing a temper tantrum publicly. Nothing unusual there. Males tend to do that until their early 30's if they have any sense whatsoever, never if they don't. In #4, that is extremely unusual for orbs. Was that house built on a burial site of some kind?

  12. That second one pissed me off man, guy had too much beer shouting at his missus because she's parred his pyscho arse off, lay of the stella dude ya wopping big clampet 😂

  13. Thats time ill NEVER get back for this stupid horseshit. Dammit! They used to actually have good vids. Now i just wanna punch Callan in his stupid face most times.

  14. Things happen from day to day, we are just lucky to get to see them. Scarey or a bit of reality is awesome. Thank you for every single vid. 🙂 Hugs

  15. About fire video.. u can do simple experiment. Take spoon,put water on the spoon then burn below spoon. Then take some water then throw at the spoon and it explode. So when u cook make sure not put to much water. Water+fire=gas then boom! 😆

  16. Not exactly the most intelligent parents in the world leaving a stove unattended, with boiling oil on the burner. Should never have used that bucket of water. Also not getting the kids out before trying to put the fire out was pretty careless, as the resulting injury to the kid when the father tripped over him showed. Had that grease fire actually spread as a result of the water bucket, and it nearly did, that kid could have been incinerated.

  17. The first one with the ghost in the bed with the guy wasn't scary that ghost just wanted a … boo -ty call

  18. Picks on cars because he knows they won't hit back and yelling at his GF but you can see from her reaction she's seen it all before… What a F#@King TOOL!!!…

  19. I once had a small fire break out on my stove. I grabbed a box of baking soda and threw a small handful on it and the fire went right out. Easy clean up too. I think I was more shocked by how fast the fire went out than at the fire itself.

  20. When I saw old mate coming with that bucket of water I nearly jumped up and yelled "No! Not water!" Safe to say I got some funny looks."

  21. "These are some of the most horrendous videos ever uncovered that are sure to leave you disturbed and horrified….. (cheerfully) So hit that subscribe button for more creepy content, just like this." This man could deliver my death sentence and I'd still probably be ok with it.

  22. The dog video with all those orbs could be dust if it was caused by heating kicking on and off or central air. Register blowing dust. Possibility.

  23. that man screaming at his gf (i hope now ex) is just an abusive guy. hope the woman got out of the relationship. however i dont think this should be shown anywhere online i think it should have been handed to police so the police can help this woman who is clearly getting verbally abused. who knows what he does behind doors

  24. animals can definitely see spirits. ill often see my dog watching something or shes chasing what appears to be nothing but i do have the ghost of a cat (amongst others) in my house. the most scary thing to happen is both my child and my dog standing at the bottom of my stairs staring up towards the landing, i asked my child what she was looking at and she just said "whos that?" which led to me marching about the house trying to find an intruder but i found no one. i have seen and heard various shadow figures

  25. 4:10 #4 Orb Shower could just be caused by the AC kicking on throwing dust in front of the camera and then shutting off soon after.

  26. That's exactly how a fire happened to me, Its unreal I never thought it would happen to me. I didn't handle it well I ran and my kitchen burned down,the gas meter was there to but although cremated it didn't explode thank god for safety in UK and for the fire brigade.

  27. The second one just shows once again, how most of today's young people have zero conflict resolution skill, and zero ability to cope with being told no. Their world skills are so inferior to where they should be at their respective ages, that it is very sad, and also very scary. They haven't been raised for the real world, all wrapped up in their protective bubbles and safe spaces, and now it is they who will pay the price. (And those unfortunate enough to be around them-when they explode)

  28. I hope the police might have arrested the stupid raging teenager later … Maybe also the men who looked at the houses in the middle of the night … Happy 2020 , Kallen & slapped ham !! From Germany with love !! 😝

  29. 7.30 mark was probably a Bean Shooter with broken spark plug porcelain. Goes through glass like butter ultra quiet

  30. Yup ,, lol ,if I was a Ghost,and I came back from the dead,the first thing I would do Is Roll a Garbage bin across a Sloping Down Drive way , Yup, Yup For sure 😛 ,,lol

  31. Our bins are on an inclined driveway. We have 4. That's how they move and sometimes it's just 1. It is never all 4. It a gravity issue combined with the weight of whatever is in the trash/compost/recycling bin

  32. PSA:
    Never use water or liquid to extinguish a grease/oil fire. Use a kitchen safe fire extinguisher or if you don’t have one of those use baking soda to extinguish the flames. If the flames aren’t out of control find anything that you can safely smother out the flames; large lid to a pan or pot, a sauté pan that is slightly larger than the pot/pan with the fire in it.

  33. Oh snap! slapped ham used words on his T-shirt low key in 21 hrs of upload and Chills used low key in his video 2 days ago. Someone is slightly jelly…😏

  34. Imagine you're in the toilet using your phone. You wanna wipe your ass but your hands are busy. Suddenly a hand comes from the toilet and wipes your ass…

  35. Why would a ghost need to open the door? Why wouldn't the girl be running from the crazy man? Just a couple of wonderings. 😛 Great video compilation, Cal.

  36. Maaan I live alone so let me wake up to see another human looking shape under my blanket, fuck trying to snatch the blanket off imma just proceed to just start beating the shit out of whatever the fuck

  37. These kids committed the vandalism on the cars to steal. The reason why is because these kids are from the low income ghetto, have absent fathers & a mother who has given them no moral compass. They are taught that because of their race, they are victims and they are “entitled” to steal from others even though these people work for what they have. I know this because this kind of stuff used to happen all the time where I used to live. Kids that were supposedly friends with my sons robbed us 5 times

  38. Yo, the dust moved around as the dog moved around. When he chilled, the dust settled down.

    Also, my dogs do this shit all the time.

  39. Lol the screaming ex boyfriend reminds me of a woman I used to work with. It was a restaurant so we had a big walk in cooler that happened to be pretty much sound proof.
    She would sometimes get triggered by a jackass customer. Though her dealings with the customer was always level headed, calm, courteous, professional…. later on when there was time, she'd go into that cooler and scream and yell similar to that guy. hahahaha. It seemed to work for her. Maybe I'll try this in the car going down the highway

  40. Holy shit never throw water on a grease fire. That dude was really lucky. If you are reading this and don’t have the proper fire extinguisher in your kitchen, fix that problem now.

  41. Dude you need to try harder all your playing is film students videos as scary videos , I used to love this channel but you don’t seem to care anymore

  42. It's finally happened. I knew it would but no one would listen to me. I've reached the point where I can't leave a room without going "Pew!" I don't do the arms, though. I do this little kick/leap thing. Still, I must apologize. It was involuntary theft of a "Pew!" (Damn!)

  43. Hi all
    I've been trying to push to ask the sites that this algorithm had been doing to the freedoms we should be enjoying, to save half of you tubes pennies you've come to rely on. Please at least think about making a new you tube type site that will again bring true freedom back to us. There is old timers from you tube that knows what that was for us to really enjoy. I bet 95 o/o would pitch in to making this happen. Invest in a real public forum, not another controlled environment. Every business venture knows it hurts "growing pains".Food for thought.
    Keep good dreams close

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