This Superhero Squad Has a Discrimination Problem (feat. Brenda Song & Rob Huebel) – Key & Peele

– ♪ Saving earth from space ♪ ♪ Power Falcons! ♪ – [roars] [falcon screech] [growls] – Yellow Falcon,
what do your senses tell ya? – Destructo is
a killing machine. – [growls] – His armor is impervious
to our blasters. You got any ideas,
Red Falcon? – Sure do, Yellow Falcon. Blue Falcon, you remember
our battle at Dango Bluff? I’ll take the legs,
you take the blasters. – It was Beaver Creek,
and I took the legs. Make sure you shore up
that flank, Black Falcon. – Um, are you talking to me? Because I’m
the Green Falcon. – No time for that,
Black Falcon. Purple Falcon,
arm missiles! – Roger that.
Arming missiles now. [machinery whirring]
– Uh– – Battle formations.
We’re going in. – Hey.
– Roger that. – Hold up.
– Copy that. – Roger.
– My falcon is green. – Hey, hey, hey.
We can talk about our falcon colors when we get
back to base, Black Falcon. Right now,
we got a mission to do. Fall into falcon formation. [screaming, explosion] – Well, now, here’s the issue
is that, you’re gonna give me an order, I’m not gonna
know you’re talking to me. ’cause…i’m not
in a Black Falcon. – Come on, chill it out,
Black Falcon. – Yeah,Black Falcon,
relax. – First of all,
I don’t like the way you guys are saying “black.” Second of all,
there is no Black Falcon! I’m Green Falcon! – Black Falcon, homie, no one’s trying to get up
in your grill here. – Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
Don’t talk to me like that. No, don’t say “grill”
like that. I’m theGreen Falcon,
and i– – Oh, stop being
soBlack Falconabout it. – What the [bleep]
do you mean by that? – Black Falcon, brother, I understand
what you’re going through. – Do you?
No, I don’t think you do. How would you feel if
I called youRed Falcon, huh? – Whoa! – and Purple Falcon, how would you feel if I called
youYellowFalcon, huh? – That’s racist.
– That was racist. – Yeah, that’s racist.
– Ooh, that is racist. – That’s racist?
Oh, see, okay, nope, forget it. Black Falcon out–
Green Falcon! [whoosh]
Green Falcon! Damn it! – Hey! Why’d that Green Falcon
fall out of falcon formation? Black Falcon,
get on that and report back. Black Falcon?
Black Falcon, come in. [rock music]
– ♪ Saving earth from space ♪ ♪ Power Falcons! ♪

100 Replies to “This Superhero Squad Has a Discrimination Problem (feat. Brenda Song & Rob Huebel) – Key & Peele”

  1. in the original power ranger they really put asian girl as yellow ranger and black guy as black ranger 😭😭😭 I just realised it now cause my culture didn't associate race with certain colour. I only know this now through American culture..

  2. Key and Peele need to come out the closet they are super gay..oh wait a minute I forgot all of Hollywood is never mind

  3. The skit should've ended like:

    A). After green falcon flies off, the alien shoots the rest of the Falcons

    B). After G. FALCON leaves, the alien also leaves due to being "uncomfortable with a bunch of bigots"

  4. woah.. I was just thinking about this bit this morning and it popped up on my recommended.. yo google AI is serious business… wtf

  5. 😂😂😂😂 So this whole scene is that the black guy (green falcon) though everyone was calling him black falcon because he is black. Wow!

  6. I expected them to zoom out of the cockpit and the exterior of the falcon was black with only the interior green 😉

  7. I remember Zack in the original Power Rangers, the black guy, also being the black Ranger. Also…black falcon does sound cooler than green falcon.

  8. What they didn't mention was how while Black Falcon was off getting offended, The whole group was getting murdered by Destructo.

  9. You're obviously gonna know I'm talking to you. You keep responding to black falcon😂
    At the same time. Y'all saw my whole uniform back at base. 😂

  10. why do the same videos get uploaded to the same page over and over. ive seen THIS video from THIS uploader pop up as new at least 6 times this year.

  11. I knew Key and Peele were a thing, but I saw a whole episode and loved it!! Then they were cancelled. I’ve seen most their episodes since then, and can’t believe I missed so much! Key and Peele are so talented!! And Funny!! Idk why movie Keanu was so bad. Glad Get out was a huge success! I look forward to their future endeavors!!

  12. Years ago as a kid watching this I didn't understand it at all, the entire time I was wondering why they keep calling him black falcon when he's in green lol

  13. HISHE: Green Falcon lands, gets in his car, calls his dad and says"You would NOT BELIEVE what happened to me at work today…I'm coming over! " Arrives at the house, and Sam from the Avengers opens the door….

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  15. I guess making a joke about calling blue falcon and red falcon both white falcon and them not know who you're talking to was too complicated of a joke to create a punchline.

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