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welcome back ladies and gentlemen to other Star Wars The Old Republic video I'm Lauryn line and today I'll be counting down my top 10 content plans as Star Wars The Old Republic that were ultimately scrapped hopefully I'll be able to share something new or interesting with you that you otherwise didn't know about so without further ado sit back relax if I hope you enjoy yet another Star Wars The Old Republic top ten number ten at number 10 today we have the players of Slayer on a planet originally pitched the Bioware title coats or one but was cut fairly early on during its development Bioware originally produced screenshots of the planet for advertisement purposes distributing said screenshots to Lucasfilm and the press in the hope of building hype around this experimental title that YouTube's budgetary restraints and time limitations the planet was ultimately cut from the game however a group of modders managed to reconstruct the planet based on nothing but set screenshots and players are now able to download this coastal mod and experience the planet for themselves the overwhelming support for the Slayer on planet inspired the developers of Star Wars The Old Republic to consider adding the planet to the game back in vanilla a data miner simply by the name squirtle miner found traces of the planet mentioned in the form of leaked content concerning the upcoming 2.0 expansion at the time supposedly the planet McCabe was not the only planet in development as saharan was originally meant to contain class stories for both the Empire and the Republic the Imperial story seemed to revolve around various Imperial scientists and would be led by Darth Colonia who has not had any further mention since this 2.0 leaked whilst the Republic story would feature Republic Scouts led by a commander Nikko's the two factions will inevitably engage in some conflict but the storyline was never fleshed out and the rest is simply speculation number nine ninth on our list today is the scrapped plaintiff boffin whooee which was data mined alongside the planets for her on this planet was also intended to be released with 2.0 but was believed to be cut due to budgeting problems ATS was launched Botha Mui is best known for its featuring alongside the original SWTOR timeline promotional videos that discuss the law of various planets around the galaxy this video specifically discusses bottom Louie and the Imperial take over the planet in 30 671 BBY 18 years before the Treaty of Khorasan unlikes LaHaye Iran however both the movies dialogue was leaked which I will link in the video description this leaked informed data mine is that the planet would be strictly pub side so only playable via the Republic faction the storyline entails a unique class story for every class unlike the current storyline methodology where all classes feature the Outlander the console story for example in volt hunting down a tour win Val who I will link in the video description was the trooper class story seemed to evolve around stopping the Imperials from bunkering down on the planet this idea of having unique class quests has always been a preferred form of storytelling personally but with the problems that sport was launched I can understand why the budget needed to be cut the planet bottom Louie has also had various references more recently with the coat f expansion where certain file directories hinted at the planets possible return such as the veil in promotional art currently on the Star Wars The Old Republic website but unfortunately so far nothing has came of it besides a subtle reference to the boffin homeworld number 8 following on at number 8 today we have a mere plat to bottom Louie this being the Imperial Homo doves iost as I lost again was anticipated to be released in two point O but was ultimately delayed until the shatter of revenue expansion of specifically patch 3 point 2 where players currently faced off against Emperor vitiated prior to the coat F storyline the original story firs Iost was leaked the Tor community prior to 2.0 where quest maps and dialogue was leaked alongside an initial image of the soon to be headed zone the storylines similar to boffin movie would also be class specific this time to the Imperials for example the warrior story had players fight against Jedi Master Noster ow in the hands fortress ons iost similar to the current OSIS storyline the Inquisitor would go to the Empress Tower and help with various Dark Council members with tasks the Bounty Hunter an agent also featured plan tailored stories which I will link in the description ultimately Zaius never reached its full potential but I think it's fair to say at least the planet made it to the game number seven at number seven I've gone with both there's a cool stronghold and the Hoth stronghold as both were planned to be released during coats hats these are cool stronghold firstly was data mined and made to resemble the palace of the eternal dragon from coat at chapter 6 the director each the stronghold was snuck into the game files alongside patch 5.2 but data miners managed to uncover the hidden file and made it public shortly after launch however the stronghold itself never made its two official release and the community is starting to wonder if the stronghold will ever even surface as for the hofstra hold more recently uncovered during patch 5.8 the directory again was hidden amongst patch files and was uncovered almost immediately leading to some speculation around whether or not this was done purposely by the devs to test audience reactions or if the DES once again made an oversight the stronghold anyway was planned to have its own region on the planet Hoth where players could purchase the stronghold from a directory and be transported to the new location the appeal the stronghold was never revealed but players believed it was similar in design to the glacial fissure region on Hoth next up at the sixth spot on today's list is a cancelled game-mode so unlike a regional zone this would be an event planned for the SWAT or MMO this event being the Bunter XIV pod racing event that was planned to be very similar to the original swoop race minigame featured throughout the kotor franchise the game mode would be curable similarly to how star fighter is today and would have players run multiple laps in an attempt to defeat opposing players players would also be allowed to upgrade and change their pod racer or suite bike in both a cosmetic and upgradable sense the cosmetic appeal for the vehicles would be tied strongly to the cartel market whereas actual what grades would be unlocked by competing in the swoop game mode the gamer itself would have encompassed a vast range of items and utilities that made the experience seem that bit more interesting one such example being the addition of power-ups that would add more at the experience these power-ups could range from missile strikes to stealth fields the whole concept in my opinion seemed very much so like Mario car but with swoop bikes and pod races unfortunately the game-mode came across some technical hurdles that severely affected server performance and was thus not released halfway on our list today we have the Imperial warlord flashpoint from 2.0 which would function still need to be circa flash points as seen in the Titan of the industry quest line the story revolves around Grand Moff Regas going rolling separating from the Empire Regas is motives are purely Alienist as he does not agree with allowing aliens into the Empire itself and therefore he only trusts humans and droids and he thus managed to gain support from the remnants of Mao vs Empire I will link the full patch dialog in the description but the flash point appears to be quite far through development the freshmen' itself seems to function as the primary introduction to Jace Malcolm who we all know from the iock a Thark the Republic side players would align themselves with Malcolm in attempt to stop Moffatt Regas whilst Easterlin is an imperial player involved preventing another great schism within the Empire the reason for this content being cut is for the most part unknown but upon speculation most argue that due to the rising dreadmaster arc at the time the Empire Republic did not necessarily need another third-party faction to fight the flashpoint was plans to take place on Rega seas fleet over the planets of and virus where the player would make his way planetside and defeat readers within his own fortress after assaulting rebuses ship with a small boarding party the player would defeat readers on the planet and the remaining supporters of rhesus army would surrender and the play would be congratulated on beheading the serpent quote-unquote images and concept are the flashpoint unfortunately never emerged and the idea was scrapped a few months before the release of the expansion the runner-up on today's list is one of the more recent data mines discovered on the 510 3pts server this data mind being the Jena enclave on Dantooine initially players discovered this zone by exploiting various zone boundaries and managed to stumble across these two large settlements the first is positioned to the southwest at the Daly zone and the second is positioned to the Northeast upon investigation players found that one zone belong to the Imperials featuring a vast array of Imperial banners and that the other was intended to be the exterior to the Jedi Enclave there is much speculation concerning the intended use of these zones but based on the layout and design the zones were more likely to encompass an array of quests for both factions oddly there's an elaborate tram system similarly to the skybridge on onderon above the Imperial base whilst the Jedi Enclave seemed to feature a peculiar war-torn settlement both zones were surprisingly far along in development before they were scrapped but unfortunately Charles Boyd announced via a forum posts that the zones were cut because they specifically did not fit the current pirate theme that the plant was going for and as a result the plaque was haft in size which was a shame but hopefully this content will be recycled and used in a future patch around the time of the Kroger's palace operation prior to patch 2.0 information concerning the pilot of Varro was leaked specifically a dialogue between the player and a commander Callum discussing a coalition of crime lords who abandoned the Hutt cartel in favor of the dreadmaster's these huts were using stolen greed technology to restore their homeworld of vorel that was currently a radiated cesspool of lava and swampland the player was tasked with hunting down the crime lords alongside their dreadmaster allies unlike other mentions on this list today the players of viral itself was outright canceled meaning there were no plans to implement the planet in the near or even far future inferring that it's very unlikely that players will ever see viral within this context as for the storyline the storyline for Imperial players would see the return of the geo hardened a faction that was later resurrected in coat at chapter 2 run for the shadows alongside a scene as arc as for Republic players they would be tasked with tracking down a super weapon of source the same weapon that destroyed Planeta vile in the first place the aim would be to stop the crime lords from using set weapon on other systems this is a similar arc to the IO cath story now no one knows for sure why the planet was removed it's likely that the planet vial was removed due to planetary similarities with Oricon in its current state and therefore the developers decided to focus more so on Oricon than this Hutt homeworld back in 2015 at the New York Community Cantina players asked a series of questions to developers the developers responded to one question in particular concerning Paz arc and sabacc and how the developers originally planned for these two game types to be available as mini games but due to technical difficulties and funding the developers had to prioritize other content over these minigames the original pitch upon speculation involved purely a I driven mini games so no player interaction the example referred to was during the republic flashpoint the SLS where originally players would be able to click on the pause arc table featured within the flashpoint and play a tutorial game of bizarre quit AI but jus t mentioned complications the table simply became a codex entry Imperial players would also have a soft introduction to berserk but the devs did not announce how this would come to be first our list today is in my opinion one of the most disappointed players to have scrapped from the game this being the original plan for the planet ricotta prime ricotta prime currently features alongside the forged alliance arc in the flashpoint legacy of the ricotta and is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the game unfortunately despite the planets positive response from fans ricotta prime only appears twice throughout the star was the order of public MMO whilst back during update 2.0 the original plant was data mined and story concerning the original design was leaked developers had planned ricotta prime to be a daily zone that the player would travel to after their storyline on the planets of viral has discussed earlier in this video the narrative would involve players preventing a dreadmaster uprising and ultimately stopping the dreadmaster's from obtaining a super weapon dubbed Aegis which was similar in design to the Death Star and would again be a planet killer this weapon was built by the ricotta's and very it was known about their origins this update would have expanded upon the ancient race and provided tons of narrative depth the storyline has been leaked and is in the description if you'd like to go take a look and there we have it the top 10 scrapped content from Star Wars The Old Republic firstly I'd like to thank you all very much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video as always it took quite a bit of effort to uncover all this information about squirtles content history and I'd like to think it's paid off as for my channel feel free to hit the like button it really means a lot and of course if you'd like to subscribe for more future content it would be very appreciated additionally you're welcome to follow me on any social media platform Instagram Twitter reddit I even stream on Twitch if you'd like to go take a look in the meantime I wish you all a great rest of your day and again thank you all very much for watching bye guys [Applause]

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  1. Would appreciate at least a link to the thread I made on these topics a bit ago, since you seem to have drawn from that a bit. It is a great video, good job. You really expanded on a lot.

  2. I wonder if its possible to know how much of the swtor budget is being taken up by the cartel market teams. Granted im sure they more than pull their weight in bringing in the dough but the primary purpose of swtor should be the mmorpg aspect, not space barbie.

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