Top 10 Scary Tik Tok Videos You Should Never Watch

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Back with more tik tok, i feel like tik tok
is honestly what vine was to millennials except its for gen Z. and yall are crazy honestly. Some of the stuff ive seen for this video
and another tik tok series i did i literally cannot unsee. I want to unsee some of these videos and i
cant. Thats what gen Z is doing to me and im not
even mad at. Before I get into the video you guys do jump
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else! And with that being said, these are the Top
10 Scary Tik Tok Videos You Should Never Watch. Starting us off with number 10 is The Grudge. Now obviously its not actually the grudge
on tiktok cus that would be full of copyright issues but this video its pretty damn close. Uploaded by the user marmargrund, it starts
with the cameras POV being at the top of the stairs looking down. A boy dressed in all black then appears at
the foot of the stairs and then starts going up in the most twisted contortionist grudge
like way it was creeping me the hell out. How his arms and hand were bending i was like
bruh. Nah. if i saw that coming up the stairs towards
me you better bet your ass i would up and jump out of my window. No cap. Coming in at number 9 is The Girl Within the
Girl. this was uploaded by tik tok user goatking8 and honestly it took me a while to come up
with the name of this cus frankly i dont know what the hells going on. It starts with a normal enough looking girl
wearing a blue school dress and writing what looks to be her homework. But then it zooms in and she looks up at the
camera and her eyes are actually glazed over in white. Alright crazy bish i see you. Then it cuts to another tik tok uploaded by
rotten_queen_cosplay of a white ass clown type girl screaming and losing her mind and
she looks possessed i wanna say she is. And then it goes back to the girl doing her
homework and she just continues like that didnt just happen. I honestly feel like the middle video is what
the girl is seeing behind her white eyes but i could be wrong. At number 8 we have The Reflection. Now i cant credit the girl who made this cus
her username was cut off in the video but the tik tok starts off in the dark. You can see this blonde girl looking into
her vanity mirror and her reflection looking back at her. Her eyes are glowing which is just creepy
and after a few moments her reflection gets up and walks away but the actual girl hasnt
moved a muscle. Like how is your reflection leaving us but
you are not. I just hate creepy mirror things like where
is the reflection going? Is she gonna pop up behind me while watching? Why is the real girl not moving? I have so many questions. Filling our number 7 slot is The Ghost. This ones from user rvgodoy and it basically
starts with the user running away from something and quickly locking the door of the room he
goes into. Hes obviously terrified and breathless and
he hears a knock on the door from the outside so whatever hes running away from has clearly
caught up to him no problem. The knocking comes again and this time the
person or whatever is behind the door is tryna get in to the room by shaking the door. The user then quickly runs into another room
and closes the door and waits a bit before opening that second door to see if whatever
it was made it through the first. Now at first glance, it appears that the thing
hasnt made it through the door but then it flies open revealing no one on the other side. So what kinda unseen force is chasing this
door and where is mans now? Now at number 6 is The Exorcist. So if youre not into jump scares then you
should definitely stay away from this one because it made me shit my pants a little
bit im not gonna lie. This one was uploaded by tik tok user princezee
and it starts off with two guys seeing a pair of green glowing eyes in the dark. Theyre all like is it an alien is it a this
lets go near it. Now my innocent ass is sitting in the chair
like ok its probably just a cat cus ive seen their eyes get like that when light reflects
off of them. The camera pans from the men to the eyes as
they get closer and closer to it and then at this point youre also invested and youre
like ok what actually is that. It zooms in zooms in zooms in and then demon
reagan from the exorcist just pops onto the screen screaming and its like bruh. Coming in at number 5 is Valak. Nothing particularly scary even happens in
this one, its just scary overall. Uploaded by ctfgreymatter its literally the
user videoing their friend whos dressed up as Valak from the nun. And the makeup and face is so on point, even
the costume. Its so creepy and the dudes face is pure menace. The user even says at one point what the eff
is wrong with you, youre scaring my dog. I felt that in my bones. I dont even have a dog and my dog was getting
scared yo. And then the camera glitches and the video
is over and so is my lifeline honestly. At number 4 are The Sounds. This one confused me just as much as it freaked
me out like i dont know which side i fall on more. It was uploaded by the user zane_enaz and
it starts off with him out in the middle of the desert somewhere with a flashlight. He points it ahead of him and you can see
two trailers in the distance and it kinda looks like the site of some homeless people,
maybe a weird cult perhaps i dont really know. It was giving me manson family vibes from
their abandoned home lot in once upon a time in hollywood if youve seen it. Either way throughout the whole video you
can hear this screeching which sounds like its coming from the trailers, and this other
sound which sounds animalistic but honestly i couldnt even begin to guess what that sound
was coming out of. And then comes this weird growling sound and
its like not like actual lion growl but if a human were to growl at someone thats probably
what it would sound like. Either way the guy doesnt get too close to
the area thats the best choice he couldve made to be honest. We dont vibe with that shit. Filling our number 3 slot is The Attic. This actually full on made me jump out of
seat and scream to the point jarred charlotte and joce all the iO hosts were like what the
hell just happened. Uploaded by the user deter_the_dub, the video
starts off with him showing us the attic of his friends place and him saying how his friend
wanted him to go up there and get something. But the place was too creepy so he thought
hed video it for his fans. Either way he starts panning around the attic,
and then right towards the end you see this boy. This pale ass boy with blood coming out of
his mouth and head and arm, i dont know if hes fully human i honestly dont. And frankly i dont wanna know either, but
its a good thing he did not go into that bloody attic. Now at number 2 is Two Faced. How do people even come up with this shit
i swear. Uploaded by the user infernumasylum, you know
the video is gonna be a shitshow already based on the username alone like cmon man. So it starts off with complete darkness and
you can see this hooded man in a mask come into the red sort of spotlight in the middle. The mask is obviously terrifying, the eyes
are efffed, the teeth are effed, nothing is okay. But then he takes off the mask to reveal another
face you think is a mask but its actually his real face. Im not sure if the pattern was tattooed on
or if its just makeup but its so creepy. And the worst but is those teeth are his real
teeth that hes shaved down. Like you may as well just cut the shit and
kill me now. And finally at number 1 is The Clown Purge. Now this one was uploaded by the user onkevinslevelbih
who clearly wanted me to have a ball and a half trying to pronounce that. Like what is that? Anyway, this one starts off with the user
going into a car wash on what appears to be halloween night or close to halloween since
there are barrels in front of the car with pumpkin covers on them. Festive. It then cuts to the car actually being inside
the car was and the windows being foggy with soap or foam or whatever. Then it cuts to the colourful soap they put
on your windshield and then back to the passenger window where a worker is taking off the foam. Except its not a damn worker, its some scary
ass dude wearing a mask whos wiping the window with his knife essentially. It then pans to the other window thats already
been foam cleaned and outside it you see this sinister looking clown. Then the camera quickly goes to the other
window where another clown i standing holding a sign that says free hugs on it. Then the creepiest boss clown of all at the
very end appears in a purple wig and the scariest mask ive ever seen. On god. And he simply waves. And thats the end. Mind you creepy ass high pitched music is
playing throughout the whole thing so that just adds to it. Honestly if i was in that car i wouldve locked
those doors, i woulda ran one of them over man i dont even care. Free hugs more like free death. That petrol pump really needs to make their
hiring process more rigorous i swear. And thats it for todays video guys! Hope this list didnt freak you out too much
actually i do. If im going down with all these jump scares
at my desk im taking all of you with me. Lemme know what you thought below, and as
always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time. Byeee.

100 Replies to “Top 10 Scary Tik Tok Videos You Should Never Watch”

  1. You got Infernum Isylum alllll wrong lmao😂😂😂 face paint and costume teeth. I follow HIM (one person) on tiktok and hes very much normal out of makeup. Nice lie you told everyone tho. HIS TEETH ARE FAKE!

  2. WAIT, why is the video called top 10 tictoks you should never watch!? People are still gonna watch them, cuz their in the video!!! (NOT HATEING)

  3. Raskal and dismal they are harmless and there sex demons but that's the " tow faced one" and its paint and no he's teeth aren't really like that he didn't " sharpen hes teeth" but yeah.

  4. Ayman the car gets locked on a trak in a car wash. you wouldn't be able to run anyone over untill the ned of the car wash.

  5. Number 2… the guy who invented Raskal and Dizmal didn’t shave his teeth down and that is makeup, contacts and false teeth that you can buy on amazon! He is one of my favs on TikTok! I love his skills for creating these “demons”.

  6. Vine was for millennials? It come out in 2013 and ended in 2017. So I feel like it would be more popular for gen-z. Maybe I'm wrong idk

  7. 99% of the comments: Scary tik toks you should never watch* Me: WATCHES IT (actually thats also me XD) 1% of the comments: about the video

  8. 90% of the comments: "watches the video Anyway"

    9% of the comments: "who's been a huge fan before 2019?👇"

    me (1%) : WhErE iN tHe BlOoDy HeLl Is ThIs WoMaN's BeLlYbUtToN?!

  9. This is what i would if I saw the grudge going up my stairs : grabs 12 gauge someones going to die tonight and it ain't gonna be me

  10. 1:52 she is in a pennywise cosplay and infernumasylm wear fake teeth and makeup stop telling people lies I follow both the people on TikTok

  11. Awww, I used 2 like watching this channel. Now it's insufferable. Who wants 2 hafta screen 4 who'll b "hosting/narrating" in order to watch vids?

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