Top 10 Unbreakable Video Game Records

your heart out Billy Mitchell welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten unbreakable video game records carrie swidecki recently danced her way into the 10th anniversary of the Guinness World Records gamers book not everything has to be an impressive high score for this list we're looking at records in video games that seem to be unachievable many of our selections are feats that were once thought to be impossible until these record holders proved that to be wrong number 10 Donkey Kong high score Wes Copeland Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell ain't got nothing on Wes Copeland for many years the rivalry between Mitchell and we've highlighted a good chunk of Donkey Kong history especially spawning a documentary about them in 2007 I don't drink I don't smoke I don't do drugs I play video games carrying on a new rivalry our West Copeland and Robbie Lakeman who have been switching the record on and off between each other for the past two years on May 5th 2016 Copeland managed to beat his own record from April 19 2016 and setting the bar at 1 million 218,000 points you better train your barrel hopping skills if you hope to get anywhere close to that number 9 longest tournament win streak in super smash brothers for Wii U gonzalo 0 Barrios one gravity misses hungrybox shortly after Nintendo's Smash Brothers tournament at e3 2014 one name haunted pro gamers everywhere zero aka thongs a low varios and the whole thing about zero and his bravado online has just been reaching whole new levels man and it's getting even crazier because now there's apparently bounties that it being put on his head practically a celebrity in the Smash Brothers community he's competed in many tournaments since 2007 it wasn't until December 21st 2014 when he began a long win streak that would last for a little under a year accumulating 53 consecutive victories Barrios was considered a threat among tourney players even getting a bounty rewarded to anyone who can end his streak should he choose zero suit samus you can guarantee an ass-whooping for yourself just simple give it a simple give it a simple give it a simple yeah I mean I could have definitely like Dombey or something but I'm gonna keep it simple on number eight world's largest video game collection Michael Thomason [Applause] for many of us this is a dream come true what kid today would not want a seemingly never-ending library of video games at their disposal well he may not be a kid but Michael Thomason collected over 11,000 video games to set the record for world's largest video game collection ten thousand six hundred and seven of those being part of the official count completed by Guinness sounds amazing but imagine the nightmares and back logging on these games the collection made headlines once more in 2014 when Thomason sold the entire set for seven hundred fifty thousand two hundred and fifty dollars that is some serious Bank yep popping on those extra ships at Arby's though the current bid stands at seven hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and fifty coins I mean dollars number seven video game with the most expensive virtual real estate Entropia universe asteroid that had that has a one-point been sold to another avatar owes sold for about a hundred thousand US dollars microtransactions can be the worst sometimes especially when you're playing mmo's or alternate reality simulators why spend money for digital material and video games well because we need to expand our virtual towns duh there are a few different ones you can choose from some of the more popular ones are clips toll and area deeds which gives you a share of the profits made on various land areas on clip so enter Entropia universe designed by swedish software company mind arc where users are allowed to sell virtual real estate breaking this record in 2009 the Crystal Palace in game of course was sold for three hundred and thirty thousand dollars only for this record to be topped a year later by John Jacobs who sold club never died for six hundred and thirty five thousand dollars how is this unbreakable well get this Entropia is registered as a bank meaning the in-game currency and digital goods hold real world value number six youngest pro gamer Victor de Leon the third aka little poison my gamertag is poison youngest professional gamer most of us probably have stories of playing video games at a young age but how many of you were playing them professionally at that time that's the case with Victor aka little poison who entered his first professional halo tournament at age six and following year ended up placing second out of five hundred and fifty competitors during a halo 2 free-for-all tournament he's been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for competing at such a young age since 2008 and I didn't know how good he was until we actually got to the event we got fourth place what we have fourth place at the tournament now having surpassed the age of 18 he has since moved on from pro gaming but until five-year-olds start winning competitions his legacy isn't going anywhere anytime soon double kill number five largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia Lisa Courtney I've also the world record holder for the largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia we all know pokemons motto I've gotta catch them all and this woman from Hartford Shire in the UK seems to have taken that to heart Lisa started collecting Pokemon memorabilia since she was 9 years old when the Crace first started and since then her collection has continued to grow to the point where her mother's house has memorabilia scattered everywhere wow I've never seen so much Pokemon in my life well you wouldn't know it's the biggest collection in the world she's been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records since 2009 with over 12,000 pieces of memorabilia and as of August 2016 that number has grown to 17,000 127 items not counting duplicates if anyone's gonna try to top this record they have a lot of catching up to do come on it's definitely here to stay yeah I'd agree with that yeah I'm Class A for it just Knight number four fastest time in Super Mario Brothers darbian speed has been more of Sonic's thing but Sega won't lie sonic was inspired by Super Mario Brothers back when speedrunning was first becoming a thing a tradition that's still alive and well in the gaming community to this day speedrunners are still practicing with one of the original speedrunning games many players have been sitting records with this game with each setting the bar just a little more impossibly high than the last in April 2016 a player by the name of darbian streamed his world record of four minutes and 56 seconds this isn't his first rodeo either as he's beaten his own times again and again and again under five minutes some of us can barely get through world's three props to you buddy that was it that was it number three highest score in Ichi Glen case some games aren't just best left forgotten as totally bizarre as it is to see this game on a list like this we should ask ourselves one question who has the patience this game is pointed to as the trigger that caused the industry to crash in the late 80s given how buggy glitchy and practically unplayable it was how could anyone tolerate this game long enough to rack up a high score of 1 million fifty eight thousand three hundred and ninety-nine points well Glen case would for eight hours and thirty minutes for those about to play the suckiest game of the 80s we salute you can't come short of 40 foul for a million number two longest gameplay marathon in Just Dance 4 carrie swidecki before carrie swidecki the longest gameplay marathon was Biocon kiya who played call of duty black ops 2 for 135 hours the last game we'd expect to be a part of breaking this record is a Just Dance game miss Swadeshi however made it possible knocking down our call of duty player at 138 hours this dancer wasn't done dancing with just that record though as she managed to nab two more world records during her run longest dance game marathon and longest motion sensing game marathon give yourself a victory dance Kerry you earned it or maybe you should just relax for a bit I feel incredible I've kind of taken a couple days of being lazy doing anything number one pac-man perfect game speed record David race we all know about pac-man skill screen level 256 it's not news to everybody you get to level 256 and half of the screen is glitched out maximum difficulty means all that crap nothing new until you witness someone achieve a perfect run reaching the kill screen and beyond without even dying once within three hours and 14 minutes david race has managed to reach a perfect score of three million three hundred and thirty three thousand three hundred and sixty points in flawless execution not only that but he's the only person to ever achieve this and has beaten his own records on more than a few occasions give this man a medal a giant platinum medal with his name emboldened okay we're getting carried away so do you agree with our list got any insane world records to share with us that we forgot recognized by the records eleven Guinness Book of World Records got they'll every wolf records so much for more top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to really again you

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  1. Try to break these records yourself!
    Longest Tournament Win Streak in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U:
    Largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia:
    Longest Gameplay Marathon in Just Dance 4:

  2. Lil poison nibba became a pro at age 6? Let's see how his grades are going to be in college. Seriously, I wanna see how fast he can beat Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo!

  3. Qualifications to be on that list:be an ugly virgin until death & a lifeless nerd,these are facts.

  4. may i take a moment to tell that #4 has in fact been beaten a lot? current WR is close to sub 4:55

  5. There’s some one who beat the GTA 5 World records in time events I think he cheated because because the time to break it is low real low.

  6. I was actually at one of the tournaments Zero won in Ann arbor and we were all cheering against him, and he later said on twitter that the Smash Michigan scene was toxic.

  7. How about how many teens and adults can you beat in a row without losing in smash ultimate
    GET READY 🎮🎮🎮🎮 record:2 Not that good😤😤

  8. Current SMB record is actually 4m 55s 796ms. Darbian is actually 4th now, so three people beat that unbreakable record

  9. oh well I've set the fastest times on every circuit in Need For Speed 2… I guess no one is bothered ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Speedruns get beaten regularly. They shouldn't be on this list unless if it is Dragster.

    The current world record is 4:55.796 by somewes.

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