Top 15 Videos That’ll Mess With Your Brain

15. The Lurker Ever felt like you were being watched? These three boys definitely had reason to. Posted by u/TheComixMan to the r/chillsnarrator
subreddit, the uploader, writes: “‘Some Dudes Go to the Danakil Desert, Or a Park’
What is in the 1st Frame????” The video shows three kids, getting ready
to do some parkour. Everyday kid’s stuff. But not far beyond, in the background, look
at what is watching them from a nearby tree. The figure appears like a silhouette, and
gives off serious Slenderman vibes. The ominous way it’s lurking there makes
the otherwise innocent parkour video intensely creepy. You can vaguely see the figure again at a
distance at 1:43. It continues to stand there in the clump of
trees. And again, around 3:00 minutes in. What is this thing? Do these boys have a LURKER? Nowhere is safe. 14. Highway Honey Chaos When bees approach. This is a not-so-sweet story of a honeybee
truck overturning on a highway in Oklahoma in October of 2015. The incident resulted in the release of thousands
and thousands of honeybees, who began swarming the area, stinging unsuspecting people and
coating police cars and other surrounding vehicles. The footage of the swarming went viral, as
the honeybees let loose after their crates smashed along the interstate. Police responded to the emergency call of
the incident, where they were met by the bees. Officer Carl Zink became trapped inside his
own police cruiser, after the mad bees gathered on its exterior, coating his windscreen, windows,
and all the rest. Zink escaped fairly unharmed, being stung
only once by the thousands of bees. The road was in turmoil for half a mile, as
beekeepers reported to the area to help. They recaptured the bees over hours, working
until the sun went down to gather them, as they are paramount to our ecosystem. Still, sadly several of the bee crates were
set afire, in order to prevent people from being swarmed and stung. Many on site suffered multiple stings, including
officers that helped to save their colleague. What would you do if you were faced with this
swarm? When in fight-or-flight mode, would your brain
shut down? Unless you face this bedlam, you’ll never
know. 13. Third Hand It’s an everyday afternoon – playing in
the pool, just having a bit of fun – when, all of a sudden, this happens. Posted to YouTube by JunNet Chanel in October
of 2018, this video shows what appears to be everyday footage of a nice family swim
at the pool. You probably won’t even notice what’s
incredibly creepy here at first glance. Look closely, and it’ll mess with your brain. At around :08 seconds into the clip, the father
lifts his son up onto the pool’s ledge. Watch the boy’s left leg. Out of nowhere comes a third hand, helping
to lift the boy up. The hand disappears, and there doesn’t appear
to be anyone nearby as the shot pans. Whose hand is it? And where does its owner disappear to? Did someone pass away in this pool and become
its phantom? I guess we’ll never know… 12. WTF is This? Animals in fear oftentimes don’t look quite
like they do at rest. Posted to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit by
u/Caligramm, the redditor asks, “WTF is this?” It appears to be a winged creature that appears
to have a demon face. The sound that emerges from this creature
further solidifies this theory, as it seems like a roar that is terrifying. The big soulless eyes and wide dinosaur-like
mouth make you wonder if this thing is from another dimension. Its beak certainly doesn’t look like a bird’s,
although most in the comments of this video say it’s an angry barn owl. Once you hear that, you can see the owlish
features pretty clearly, apart from what looks to be a chin and a crazy wide mouth, but which
is perhaps just part of the owl’s framed face. Barn owls are known for their horrifying scream,
so I think we do indeed have an answer for Caligramm. But knowing that doesn’t stop the optics
of this fearsome bird from messing with your brain. 11. Duppy Ghost Next time you’re wandering through a forest,
look out for the trees. They might just be hiding duppies. Posted to YouTube by Javaughn ferguson in
January of 2020, this video purports to show “proof” of a duppy caught in a tree. What’s a duppy? Meaning “ghost” or “spirit,” the concept
originated in Central Africa. Caribbean folklore in particular grasped onto
the supernatural nature of the duppy. Many residents, in fact, claim to have seen
them. The malevolent spirits appear most often at
night and are meant to haunt the living. In the video, this so-called duppy woman appears
to be somehow perched atop a tree. She is waving to someone or something beyond. If not something supernatural, how is this
woman managing to stand or float atop a tree like this? And if she is a duppy, what unimaginable malice
does she intend to induce? 10. UNKNOWN BEING Footage Don’t believe in UNKNOWN BEINGS? What if one strolled right up to tap on your
window. This UNKNOWN BEING footage, posted to the
r/chillsnarrator subreddit by u/77curran, will inspire you to take a trip over to Area
51. The footage shows an UNKNOWN BEING approaching
the window of a home. Its features are quite clear, with black gashes
for eyes and an elongated cranium; you know, the kind of features you might expect from
an UNKNOWN BEING. The UNKNOWN BEING stands there, peering into
the home, observing. It even looks as though it’s trying to find
a way to open the window. If that is indeed what it’s doing, it doesn’t
succeed, instead slinking off, perhaps to find the homeowner to TAKE him. What do you think of this UNKNOWN BEING footage
– real or fake? Either way, I’ll be locking my windows tonight. 9. TORMENT Hole This clip reveals an underground entrance
in Saudi Arabia. It was originally posted to YouTube by Bizmax
TV in August of 2019. According to the video description, the underground
is claimed to be haunted. It certainly sounds like it. Terrifying screams are heard coming from the
depths of what looks like a bunker or maybe even a well. There’s a ladder leading down into a hole
deep within the Earth. The SACRED TEXT is being read, while screeching
continues in the background. As the TORMENTED screams continue so does
the SACRED TEXT reading. But what we don’t know is why. And what is going on in this underground bunker. Some in the comments say this is one of the
scariest things they’ve ever heard. Others say it’s definitely not fake and
the ladder perhaps leads to a secret TORMENT chamber. YouTuber Psychic Afro Dancer offers up two
interesting theories. One suggests that it’s a red fox in heat. If you’ve ever heard audio from any animal
in heat, you might consider this a valid theory. But the second theory is more appealing to
those of us with paranormal leanings. It involves the belief in “jinn.” Jinn are spirits, demons, or supernatural
creatures that appear in Islamic mythology and theology. Jinn are creatures, similar to humans, thus
they are neither inherently evil or inherently good. And the word “jinn” is derived from the
terms “to conceal” or “to hide.” You can see it’s not a stretch that some
suggest “jinn” means “beings that are concealed from the senses.” It’s believed that jinn originated as animal
shape-shifting malevolent spirits found in unclean places, deserts, and dingy, dark,
desolate locations. Those who believe often try to protect themselves
from jinn. Could this be jinn, unredeemed, TORMENTED
in a scary hole? All I know is I wouldn’t be going down there
to check. 8. Evil Spirit If you have malevolent spirits haunting your
house, be ready to flee. This Mind Seed TV video was posted by Redditor
u/MuuaadDib, the redditor writes, “Powerful Evil Spirit in Old Man’s House”
The real action starts at 21:40. Paranormal investigators inside the home request
that the spirit play a note on the piano. When it doesn’t immediately acquiesce to
their request, one of the dudes presses a piano key three times. The mayhem that ensues is terrifying. It sounds like an quake is occurring, the
house shakes, doors are rattling thunderously. As the investigator’s camera lands on an
overhanging light, it rocks slowly back and forth, as the rattling ceases as suddenly
as it began. Paranormal Investigator, Tanner McBride, stated,
“I’ve never felt fear like that in an investigation.” No joke. Who wouldn’t be terrified by this poltergeist? 7. Phantom Caretaker The next time you look into your baby monitor,
you might find an unnerving guardian angel. That’s what happened to a friend of u/XxBlasianxX,
who posted this clip to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit. The Redditor writes in the comments: “A
friend of mine had recently put her child to bed and she has gone through every single
thought of how to justify the figure but it looks like a little child walking in and around
the crib.” By the time-log on the baby monitor, you can
see it’s around 9:40 PM. And if you look closely, you’ll catch a
ghost white shadow figure walk around the back of the crib, as the baby sleeps on. The figure creeps around one side of the crib,
before pacing back to the head of the crib and coming slightly around the other side. Then it moves back. At the end of the clip, it appears most visible,
leaving its sentinel spot, probably in order to go make itself a sandwich. What was this phantom caretaker doing? Do you think it’s a friendly guardian, or
does the babysitter have evil intent? Whatever the case, safeguard that baby. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 6. Haunted Hotel YouTuber Proving Demons writes, “On our
paranormal investigation at a haunted hotel, we capture a real shadow person hat man on
video.” Are you wondering what a “hat man” is? Let Dana Matthews from the site, Week in Weird,
explain the phenomena. According to Matthews, “shadow men” came
creeping out of the shadows in 2011, when paranormal radio personality, Art Bell, cast
a light into the darkness on his radio show, Coast to Coast AM. And the result was a burgeoning community
of people coming forward, explaining their encounters with these phenomena. Out of this Shadow People phenomena, another
slightly different experience arose: encounters with the “Hat Man.” Much like Shadow People, the Hat Man often
appears at nighttime, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Hence, the name. Those who encounter him have described him
as a “solid black mass,” darker than a shadow, without discernible facial features
and no describable lower body, apart from a long flowing trench coat. The Hat Man is often seen floating and moves
without sound, quite frequently in a basement setting. Another quality of this phenomena is that
the Hat Man tends to appear in places of high negative energy and family dysfunction. This video shows either a Hat Man or Shadow
Figure haunting this generally creepy house. The figure flies down a hallway, disappearing
into a distant room as the ghost investigators search the house’s interior. So, what’s going on inside this house? Is it haunted? The Hat Man phenomena is often a recurring
one for many people, from childhood to adulthood. Some believe Shadow People are evil, like
physical medium, Amy Allen, who thinks they are inter-dimensional entities. Although the Hat Man and a Shadow Person might
seem one and the same, they do indeed appear to be two separate entities. If you see a Hat Man, consider your family
dynamics and the energy of your relationships. Does this video make you believe in Hat Men
and Shadow Figures? If so, then don’t turn around. 5. Help Me! Sylvia Likens was 16-years-old when her life
was taken in Indianapolis, Indiana. Likens was held captive over three months
by her caregiver, who subjected her to increasingly brutal things. The things started with no food and increasingly
escalated, and lastly, confinement to the basement. The girl was tied there. On the evening of October 25th, a neighbor
heard Likens’ cries for help as she attempted to alert someone to her captivity in the basement. One neighbor did hear her cries but did not
inform police, as the noise ceased at 3AM. Likens passed the next day on October 26th. All involved were convicted in May of 1966. This video, posted by Redditor u/Gemaz, shows
the abandoned house of the teen. She was held captive in the basement here,
which is from where the EVP is heard. As the two men walk away from the basement
entrance at around 1:53, you can hear a voice cry out, “Help me!” clear as day. In response to one redditor who suggests the
sound is from children in the street, Gemaz admits that it could be, but to him sounds
like it’s muffled from inside the basement. He notes the voice sounds distorted, anguished,
and not from a living human. “I’m usually quite a skeptic,” he writes,
“but would class this video as one of the more compelling pieces of evidence I’ve [seen].” Do you find it equally compelling? If so, do you believe Likens’ spirit is
still sadly in this basement? 4. Abandoned Hotel How would you spend thirty minutes alone in
an abandoned cartel hotel? This video, posted by Southern Afterlife Paranormal
TV in January of 2020, puts “truth or dare” to the test, when Josh and Todd take a half
hour to themselves in the abandoned hotel at 3 AM. The “Alone challenge” saw the two partners
split up in the highly graffitied abandoned hotel, terrifying themselves with unsettling
noises and even more unsettling feelings. At 2:13, a viewer points out that it appears
someone is standing in the doorway at the end of the hall, when Josh flashes his light. At around 3:48, a scary sound is heard, almost
like a cabinet being shut. At around 5:40, Josh finds an upside down
cross that’s wet, he believes from the cold and dampness of the hotel. At around 14:00, he believes he smells fresh
paint. Maybe some invisible graffiti artist is there
to touch up their artwork. Most in the comments agree this place has
an awful and uber creepy atmosphere. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, live
people could be lurking around any corner. Don’t know if I’d want to run into either
in this nightmare hotel. 3. Shadow Person Basements are inherently creepy, but this
basement’s resident shadow person will make your skin crawl. A “shadow person” was caught on camera
in a Pennsylvania basement on 12/15/2016. The YouTuber writes, “For the last few months
there have been weird bangs and noises in our basement…sounds like someone is walking
up and down our steps.” He goes on to say that his wife thought it
was their cats at first, since their litter box is in the basement. But on the night in question, their cats were
upstairs in their daughter’s room, and their dog was in his cage in the kitchen, whining
about the basement noise. He brought a camera to prove to his wife that
the cats weren’t making this noise, which had started out of nowhere a few month’s
prior. “This thing I caught on camera I am at a
loss over,” he writes. “I am now terrified in this house.” As he heads down the stairs to the basement,
a shadow person peers around the corner, frightening the man. He runs down the stairs at it, trying to catch
it on camera up close, but it disappears around the corner and isn’t caught again. YouTuber Wyoming Oregon points out, “If
you pay attention to when he first turns the cam around right before he cuts on the lights,
it was standing right there on the stairwell then ran down the stairs.” Most confirm Wyoming’s take, with many agreeing
it was extremely creepy. Others say that they’ve seen these shadow
people in real life before. The uploader notes that they’ve decided
to move after watching this video, as they don’t want to raise their daughter in a
haunted house. After seeing this, can you blame them? 2. Ghost Train Hear that haunting whistle coming round the
bend? It might just be the ghost train. Posted to YouTube by The Hidden Underbelly
2.0 in March of 2018, this CCTV footage purports to show a ghost train at Baotou Railway Station
in China. The uploader writes: “when the station’s
security were watching the surveillance cameras they noticed this ‘Ghost Train’ pull into
the station” The eerie footage shows a transparent train
pull up along the platform. Mounted on the train tracks, as the uploader
mentions, the train pauses for its ghostly passengers to enter and exit, before slowly
leaving the station, picking up speed, as around eight carriages move past. Some in the comments of this video suggest
the train is just the Hogwart Express or a failed cloaking spell from ‘amateur wizards’. Others say it’s a train from a parallel
universe. Some call out fake, saying this video was
actually filmed in a Russian train state and has been debunked for being superimposed. Don’t know about you, but I’d like to
imagine this ghost train truly does exist and is transporting our recently departed
to the afterlife. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
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we upload every Tuesday. 1. Person of Interest Security camera footage of the suspect of
a EVENT is often something that will stick with you. Posted to YouTube by David Lohr, this video
might one day help close the case of Jennifer Kesse. Kesse disappeared from her home in Orlando,
Florida in January of 2006. Her vehicle was discovered about a mile from
her home at a condominium complex with valuables inside. This clip is the surveillance footage from
the complex where her vehicle was found. The video shows an unknown individual park
the car, exit the vehicle, and leave. But unfortunately, the clipped footage does
not show any distinctive identifying facial features, not even the person’s gender,
as the figure’s facial features are carefully hidden by the gate, as he or she walks by. Kesse’s apartment building had been under
construction, with around half of the 200 units unoccupied. Kesse had told her friends prior to going
missing that construction workers within her complex made her feel uneasy. Some of these workers resided in the unoccupied
units during construction. While some speculate that one of these workers
took Kesse, no evidence has proven this case. Kesse vanished without a trace. Multiple suspect leads led to nothing. Kesse remains on the Most Wanted list with
only this eerie footage to help solve the case.

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