Tour na Índia #4: Agra – A cidade do Taj Mahal! / The city of Taj Mahal! – HD_2018 [English CC]

In the end everything was okay
We came by bus and arrived at 6:15AM Dropped our bags at the hotel and started to walk in the city Guys, if you are not a pic fan,
this place is not worthy the price There’s nothing, only this garden behind us and a view from the back of the Taj Mahal A boy here told us that in the monsoon it is very nice because the level of the river goes up and by the end of the day you can see the Taj
reflecting on the water and take amazing pictures What a wonderful inlaying work in this marble! We chose to come to Delhi, Agra, make this trip
this time of the year Because people told us that the weather earlier
would be too hot We got surprised because Delhi and Jaipur were much better than Kolkata in climate matters But Agra is being terrible, as hot as Kolkata It’s very humid They came saying that the driver had to pay a tax to park there but he had just parked to pick us up when we were about to leave, one guy stood
in front of the car and didn’t want to let us leave The tuk tuk mafia A tuk tuk and taxi mafia stays in front of the place Maybe a tip is walk a bit and don’t get the car in front because there won’t be cool
and it’s very annoying And if you are asking why we did not take the tuk tuk then It’s because OLA is much cheaper and worthy OLA has a specific fare, like Uber that you pay and end of story Tuk tuk you take and the drivers start asking you for extra money and tips So OLA is always the best option In the heyday of this fort it had almost 500 building inside its walls This place here, for example, was a palace which now has only the throne
this stone here on the side And this walls impress because they are
more than 20m high the equivalent to a 7 floors building [Ricardo] To the right! [Ricardo] There! Did you know that the Taj Mahal is a tomb,
a mausoleum The story tells that the spouse of the king died
giving birth to the 14th child and he liked her very much, so he ordered the building of this great tomb, gigantic to bury her This tomb by that time cost almost INR 30M For you to have an idea, an unit they measure
in here is the 11g gold used to cost INR 15 so this was extremely expensive to build Inside it’s not possible to record but is very nice everything sculpted, many precious gems And the main room, where their bodies are laid is possible to hear a very special echo very unique The good part is that it’s very well organized Today is wednesday,
wednesday afternoon I believe that in holidays and weekends
it is much more crowded but the organization is very neat because when you enter there’s a circuit
from where you enter until where you exit and it’s not allowed to enter wearing your shoes
as the majority of the temples in India but instead of leaving the shoes outside they give you this shoes protector included in the ticket fare are the protectors and a 500ml water bottle Better than nothing The Taj Mahal is at my back

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  2. Interessante o canal de vcs. Pelo tempo que ficaram na Índia, vcs podem me ajudar cm importação de produtos indianos? Precisava de contatos

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