Tuesday Night PA Skill Play – GRAVEYARD GOLD – Bar Slots

Thank You everybody it's the water okay welcome to Tuesday night PA skilled play all right this week I'm gonna stick with graveyard gold 80 cents I'm just gonna roll through a thought to see what we can do I did get one request from someone to try go back to how I used to do it but they said I would be like if we continue to play a little more you'll eat me if I play another game I might do okay which I gave your dole do this it is known to have some bonuses from time to time okay he's been daddy we need those bonus things and when we get them you don't want them to be multipliers got the money we're looking for graveyard magic we take some of these we take some of those we definitely take one of those that pays $400 great Keva we want the bonus and these things doing anything tonight at all oh sweet tool oh there's some hope Kalwa baby whoo it done right gay right time so it is last week that I played a little large and it took me it took me acid it took me a hundred dollars finally to get a phone this was a 3x bonus it pays a lot like 26 so good to forgive this week so far the graveyard gold has this in the graveyard but a you never know as Kenny reaches for his wallet for the next $20 bills come on no we're not going to the Joe looked for God where to go dad alright we're 20 bucks in the first week we did this all in one game what we did a mica surplus we actually make money on that that stuff cross and all fingers hopefully right place right time let me have anything exciting we haven't even gotten any witches with no heads yet that's never those tear the TV was for them so I had I had 160 bucks my 80s there's any sense 160 bucks it was just like door expecting well guys in this power spin now the water keeps getting angry power spinning come on you think it was a bonus don't make me bad why do I can't down I set up on this journey so we're gonna see how it compares the living large actually really see see if it's good to take $100 to get a bonus let's hope not I mean if anything I'm reading for all these games for films when they're really crappy this is what they pay like I think I hit them at a crappy time crappy time crappy Rashid remember we talked a little and sometimes sometimes where's the Chucky doll that's $8 okay that's exciting everybody we're moving up in the world we have tilted the bright side of everything here only I do the back-to-back bonuses we got spins we got 12 kids everybody hi come on we deeply trigger action that's not return your action but it is close okay those two bitches with their heads we like those but we need a richer we need we need we need everybody alright let's double up me I get super Donna we got we there yet and the Chucky doll ever get to reach her this my $6 it's there's more witches with no heads I guess if they give us we've had a ball cover what you do it was the Chucky doll $10 at it really okay $12 well it was a bonus everybody every look at that it still came quicker than deliver large bonus which really paid double that but it took almost double the efforts alright the look he's got money back to everybody so got we're gonna play a little bit longer see if we get a little bit do one more redemption ideally not to have to stick any more money in either so that's nice come on golden shovels there we go no bonus not go trouble but it's a bonus double bonuses ok please don't be a multiplier give me the problem some of those who drives the pumpkins – I don't – give me Spencer I'm ok with that no no seven spends okay oh no no no gotten Sabbath this business before that's such a little amount we really gonna kick ass and we're gonna get lots of researchers dollar 60 mmm-hmm how are we gonna do with this what are you thinking Fisher which is with no heads I would have thought seven spins have a bit more potential than a eight but they could have used the Chucky dolls $8.00 all right well you know it came fairly fast after the other ones we're gonna put some baby faith back in here maybe we got one more maybe she's wait she's waiting to give us something then we're like 12 dollars away from profit and getting our money bags hi this is it's now or never down underneath that 20 bucks can we get one more bonus something awesome it's like well the edge of our seats right now there's a Chucky doll you know that I'm gonna take that you know here we're gonna do we take the damn Chucky doll and then we're gonna play our back down to 20 bucks or bonus and then I'm not least gonna get 20 bucks out here so it only cost me 20 bucks unlike last week so we get a little bit of a small Redemption but no this is fun oh definitely I might try another game next week but again I think it's just living large as our problem is it's living large and it's feast famine really you gotta give her hack sometimes you really have to work for it all right let's spit everybody I'm throwing in the towel not of course bonus we also are the talent in your last bid vote it's alright here we go whatever this is gonna take it this would probably like it can we get 20 bucks out of this here we go what's it gonna be a 10x it was you a multiplier hate 8 bucks that's exciting I guess I mean I would have just took the Chuck anything is it as exciting a box I don't know why I'm like apprehensive what's like put a sad 27:23 take your net and run it hey have yourself a great Tuesday night everybody and I will see you on Thursday for air a live round the PA still play until then did I check the next puzzle Becky idea have a good one see everybody

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  1. Why does it sound like you have the phone in your mouth…I told you not to do that how many times….Not everything needs to go in your mouth

  2. I know it sounds dumb, but you should let it spin around a couple times before clicking it. I've gotten the 15 spins twice hopefully you'll get it LIVE one of these times.

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