[UE4 FNAF] Baby’s Song – FNAF Animated Music Video

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  1. i like a lot the ideas! and omg great job with the graphics and photography, maybe this needs more scary scenes, but…… WOW

  2. You do know that it is December and you still not have published 4 & 5 of FNAF series and you said it would come out this year

  3. the "twinkle twinkle little star" part sounds exactly the same as the first deadspace games trailer. everyone should check out the first deadspace games trailer

  4. Выпустили новую серию про обычную baby пожалуйста ну я же так прошу

  5. Me: Watches this once

    Also me: Gets “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” stuck in my head

    My brain: W H A T I S T H I S S O R C E R Y ?

  6. Este el club de los que hablan español y están viendo esto para unirte al club solo tienes que comentar y listo y si no pues da un dislike y si odian este comentario POS comanse una papaya

  7. Okay this is amazing I cant lie. But the animatronics would never do this as they are only chasing after their killer. Michael Afton. Hes now (in theory) stuck in an endless loop of torture with golden freddy. Anyways I shit myself

  8. Plz make a movie about this if u do then I would praise you lol! Also good job with the animations animators! And others!


  10. This looks like a side FNAF game. Imagine this…

    A psycho horror game that follows the universe of FNAf and you go around, completing a series of objectives while trying to keep away/escape the nightmare animatronics

  11. esta muy bueno, me encanto de echo me imagino esto mismo como un video juego y con la misma calidad de imagen, seria la raja

  12. Everything is great about this, the voice acting, the shaders, model quality, the lore, the smoothness of the animation, the angles, the camera shakes, the music to set there move. EVERYTHING KEEP UP WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING

    btw;Idea of this type singning song belongs to "Visceral Games". Their first well done game was "Dead Space" and if you do nothing in main menu in DS you will see and hear the same song with the same type of showing video,but in DS you will see main's hero death scenes (isaac Clarke) when you hear loud sound and DS was released in 2008. Can't you guys find another song and do another type of showing this?!Animation is great 10/10 but I think all DS players will not like it;Why?Becouse this animation isn't scary to comparison with what Isaac Clarke survivied,he was alone in space no one can help him and hundreds of necromorphs wanted to kill him,DS is much scarier than FNAF why? Imagine you seat in room checking cameras or you are alone in a very big space ship,all of your friends are dead,scary monsters want to cut your head hands legs or eat you,if you shoot off their head they will continue go,if you shoot off their legs they will use their hands to kill you,if you shoot off their hands they still can kill you,the only way to kill necromorphs was shoot off all limbs.
    P.S as i was saying animation is great 10/10
    P.S.S Sorry for my bad english

  14. It's very cool и очень интересно лучше бы фильм сделали в кино сходить с девушкой ))

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