Unforgettable Moments in Sports History

Sports events are always exciting There are some moments that years have never passed We have compiled unforgettable moments for you Derek fisher’s memorable basket Hand of god and maradona Nadal’s first Wimbledon victory naim süleymanoğlu, the only person who lifts 3 times its own weigh Has anyone forgotten the 13 points Tracy Mcgrady made in 33 seconds? Two football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and lionel messi. The tennis match played by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. The incredible speed of Muhammad ali When Derek redmond was injured during the race, he crossed the finish line with the help of his father. nadia comaneci was getting 10 full points for the first time in gymnastics Who forgot Myke tyson? The fastest red card in football history. Federer wins the 2017 Australian Open Unforgettable moments when Lewandovski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes

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  1. 2:55 Čavić was first stupid American people still thinking Phelps was frist after he saying Čavić was frist not him OMFG stupid Americans

  2. This is biased or made by a American. So no…
    Chris Gayle Cricket
    AB DeVilias Cricket
    Jorny Lomo Rugby
    John Jones MNA
    Kabib MNA
    Tiger Woods Golf
    Vasyl Lomachenko Boxing
    Tendulkar Cricket

  3. Naim is the greatest, but he is not the only one to lift triple his weight, he is not even the first! Check your data as Stefan Topurov was the first, then Naim, Nenro Terzyiski, Halil Mutlu…

  4. Usa breaking the 150 points records against nigeria with their basket dreamteam, Djokovic wining all four grand slams in one year, senna saving a life in the middle of a race…

  5. Maradona. Puerco cochino. Solo quedaste en la historia como el jugador más tramposo y cochino. Fue lo único que lograste ese es tu mayor logro

  6. Dude!!!! I liked the video very much!!! The montage was flawless!!! U r a genius at combining clips so u can spark some crazy emotions, brother…I'm subscribing… greetings from Macedonia!!!

  7. Svi nas mrze zato što smo mi balkanci jebena sila zajedno,ovi američki ološi nas razjebali sve,naterali su nas da se mrzimo međusobno i da ratujemo međusobno! Ovako manipulišu s nama kako im je volja! Dobri ljudi moji bili vi Srbin,Bosanac,Hrvat,Makedonac,Slovenac,molim vas pročitajte komentare ovih ljudi kako nas gledaju sa zapada samo,isto kao što su nekada crnce gledali kao robove,od njih su to i napravili,još malo pa će i od nas! Gledaju nas kao da su oni neka viša klasa! Moramo se probuditi dok nam još nije kasno,u grob će nas sve oterati!

  8. It's nice but NO BADMINTON like who can forget
    "Lin Dan" :
    2 Times olympic gold medals in a row
    6 Times all England Champions
    5 Times world champions
    65 major tittle turnament

    Or "Lee Chong Wei" Lin Dan rival they are like Messi and Ronaldo in badminton

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