Updated Chicago Blackhawks History, 2019 Edition

the the best way to follow up one marathon video is with another and that's right staying in the history vein because again as it stands I don't have enough material from anything happening in hockey yesterday and today to make a hit make a current video on that so after this I'll find someone else to look at hockey related and so bull will comes that Chicago so you can see got the classic Hawks Iran not their current logo the difference between the current logo and the classic one you really don't notice it unless somebody points it out most people wouldn't even know they really changed the logo I not a big not a big difference but it is chain stitch down to the Jersey I will say that Chicago jerseys are made very well this is not chain stitched this is obviously a replica but if you buy an authentic you're getting a chain stitch logo which is really really nice I just figured I'd throw that in a long storied history for the Chicago Blackhawks were they they've had some success they got very frustrated during the 60s because they had the right players they just couldn't get the right results in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and then it got frustrating from then until the 2010s where things start looking pretty darn dynasty like uh their top all-time scorers Stan Mikita is their all-time leading scorer 541 goals 926 assists 1467 points gonna go out on a limb and say it's highly unlikely anybody ever reaches that Bobby Hall 604 goals 549 assists 1150 3 points Danny Savard 377 goals 719 assists 1000 96 points so they got three guys at a thousand and soon it's gonna be four because Patrick Kane 356 goals 582 assists 938 points with the Chicago Blackhawks steel armor I've mentioned him being underrated before right I'm mentioning it again 406 goals 500 Tina sis 923 points Doug Wilson 225 goals 554 cysts 779 points Johnathan tabes 327 goals 428 assists for 755 points Dennis Hull 298 goals 242 assists for 640 points Pitts Martin 243 goals 384 assists for 627 points and Jeremy Roenick comes in at 10th 267 goals 329 assists 596 points and in all likelihood Duncan Keith is gonna pass him and knock him out of the top-10 this coming season your wins leaders Tony Esposito with 418 I don't know that that ever gets equaled either to be honest Glenn Hall 276 Corey Crawford 244 Ed Belfour 201 and joseline Tebow a hundred and thirty seven yeah joseline Tebow that's right it all goes gone through its share of goaltender's Tony Esposito held down the fort for a long time in between and so joseline Tebow is in the top five all-time among their cool tenders uh top five coaches for wins Billy Ray 516 far and away the leader he he might have been threatened by Joel Quenneville but they got rid of him last season 452 wins for Quinn Ville Bob Pulford 185 Randy pylus 162 and Mike Keenan is in fifth with 153 I have a feeling Mike Keenan is gonna be in the top five for a few teams not Vancouver though so overall again it's been a middling experience and when we look at their top ten draft picks in team history you get a feeling for just how long and just how often in recent decades they were down at or near the bottom 1963 we'll start with because that's the first year we had the draft they had the number five pick art hampson is picked 1964 drafting fourth they draft Ritchie BAE's this is when I mentioned the draft didn't get taken seriously till the 70s I think give a floor opened a lot eyes on 1965 drafting second art culligan drafting seventh bryan McKenney 1966 drafting third Terry Caffrey drafting ninth Ron deuce yummy or just seeing I did I don't think he played so it's okay on 1967 Bob Tom Baris drafted in the first round number seventh overall 1968 drafting ninth the draft John marks he would have an NHL career on 1975 so seven years in between drafting in the top ten then Greg Vedic is drafted at 7th 1976 drafting 9 3 al couch a that would play of course for Quebec and then crash and burn and Buffalo of 1977 drafting 6th Doug Wilson is drafted in that spot pretty good pick up for them 1978 drafting 10th Tim Higgins 1979 drafting 7th Newfoundlands own Keith Brown let's go remember these things because my dad being from Newfoundland every time Keith Brown was we hear about how Keith Brown was Newfoundlander Oh 1980 Denny Savard is drafted third overall falls into their laps miraculously while Doug wicken Heiser goes first on 1982 drafting 7th to get Kenya Ram Chuck 1984 drafting 3rd with a draft pick they got from the Kings they get Eddie Olczyk at number 3 1987 drafting 8th Jimmy wait and Jimmy wait of course at the NHL level it just didn't work out for him but he was the goalie and waiting the goalie of the future for for Chicago and that's the kiss of death 1988 drafting 8th overall again Jeremy Roenick so we're onek who ends up 10th on the board and Roenick who was my one of my favorite players when he started playing the game then you hear him talk about and the more I heard him talk the more he dropped down the list 1989 drafting 6th Adam Bennett 1998 so in a nine year gap there drafting eighth mark bell 2000 drafting 10th Mikado Yacouba this was when they were drafting a bunch of Russian players with the idea of I I'm not sure what the plan was but didn't work 2001 drafting ninth – whoa Maru – and drafting third in 2004 kam Barker drafting seventh and 2005 Jack Skelly this was a poorly run team have I mentioned that because we get to 2006 and they draft Jonathan tabes at 3 everybody go see tanking works yeah they were at or near the bottom for about a decade it was and there were some draft picks that didn't pan out very well for them 2007 of course they draft number one overall they get Patrick Kane and the rest is history they didn't draft in the top 10 again until last year 2018 where they draft 8th and get out of bulk whist and this past draft a month ago they pick up Kirby deck Kirby doc I should say sorry and number 3 and of course we'll see whether or not he at number 3 becomes what tabes was to this team what any old chick was at one point to this team as well or Terry Caffrey I don't know I would throw in cam Barker but burgers and defenseman saw didn't no idea Caffrey could be a defenseman as well um I don't put the positions on the board because I already know what's gonna be tough to get everything on the board as it is so there you go captain's okay how you do this captains for the Chicago Blackhawks dick Irvin was their captain from 1926 to 1929 that's a surprise to me because dick Irvin that name is synonymous with the Mont Royal Canadian Duke Duke Kowski from to 1929 to 1930 ty arbor 1932 31 sigh Wentworth 1931 to 30 32 and who makes you wonder was side the one that they wanted for captain and Ty thought he heard his name and so they didn't want to let it they didn't want to hurt his feeling so like you know what side we're gonna make you captain next year look how happy ty is that he got to see wolves let him have it's not him have it for this year helgi bob strim their bow strim that had it in 32 33 Charlie Gardner 33 34 Jonny gots League 1935 to 1940 and then Earl Siebert 1942 42 Doug Bentley 1942 to 44 and 1949 to 1950 Clint Smith 1944 to 45 John Mayer wootz Mariucci 1945 46 47 to 48 easy for me to say right read Hamill 1946 to 47 gay Stewart 1948 to 49 and then Jack Stewart from 1950 to 52 so again this might be one of those times when hey Stuart Oh gays coming over we really wanted to give it to Jack well I'll give it to him next year all right bill Gadsby 1952 254 Gus Morrison 54 to 57 and Linson Berger 58 63-61 Pierre Pilat 61 through 68 camille Henry 64 65 so he co-captain with pelant 64 65 Pat Stapleton 1969 to 70 Stan Mikita from 75 to 77 a bit of a surprise that Makita wasn't Captain for longer pip Martin was also a captain 75 through 77 Keith Magnussen 76 to 80 and depending on who you ask from people who remember back then Magnussen was one of the toughest sob you ever play the game ah Tom lies he acts 78 79 Terry Gross Kowski 79 to 82 Darryl Sutter from 82 through 87 Bob Murray 85 86 Denny Savard 88 89 so again much like Stan Mikita he would have thought Danny Savard was Captain for longer Dirk Graham 88 through 95 Brant Sutter 91 92 Troy Murray 92 93 Chris Chelios 95 through 99 dougie Gilmore 99 to 2000 tony amanti 2000 through 2002 Tom Fitzgerald 2001-2002 Lila line also 2001 2002 that's that whole rotating captain thing that makes these boards a lot more busy than they should be LXE Jamna of 2002 to 2004 Martin Lapointe 2005 to 2007 8 in a coin also 2005 through 2007 jonathan tapes from 2008 through now in andrew lab was listed for 2015-2016 as well so tails has been captain for a long time which saved me from running out of ink on that marker that quickly but it is an interesting list it is interesting that bobby halls not on it by today's standards your best player is often your captain your big scorer is often your captain and yet when you look at Makita hull Savard nope kane has not been captain but tapes has so tabes one of the big scores for this this last 10 years although his scoring has fluctuated a little bit more over the last few it is interesting that the biggest stars in Chicago history really haven't spent that much time as Captain despite all of these captain's on this board the big names for the most part not captains so just an interesting thing I noticed they've had six Stanley Cups in their history they've been in the playoff 62 out of 93 seasons they moved to United Center in 1994 Chicago Stadium was considered the loudest building ever in NHL history and they're named after the 330 third machine gun battalion of the 86th entered Infantry Division during World War 1 their owner that was where he served so that's what he named the team after was the Blackhawks and it was two words until 1986-87 yeah became one word in 86 87 so it'd have been two words black hawks and then as slop it together so they've had an interesting history i I know there's been some talk here and there about their logo being insensitive or whatever compared to a lot of other sports huh insensitivity kinda ideas I'm not really gonna get into it because I don't think it's a big deal Chicago really I don't consider what they do to be offensive at all and I say then people always get upset but that's that's just you know that's the thing and the logo being as the logo is I think it's a respectful decent logo but that's me I'm gonna jump right as far out of that conversation as I can because again this is just about Chicago's history that is part of their history absolutely 110% the logo has changed a lot compared to other original six teams the the the the native head has been pretty close to the same but it has it has changed over the years but these 10th circle around was Chicago Blackhawks and all that other stuff and the head itself has changed a few times in 1938 they set a record that you don't want to set kind of they win the Stanley Cup but they win the Stanley Cup with a regular-season record of 1425 and nine so they went 14 games during the regular season and then they won the Stanley Cup if that happened now people would lose their minds if a sub 500 team eats its way to the playoffs and then won the Stanley Cup people would go crazy does that happen today so that's a record that will never get beaten is that horrible regular-season and yet they still win the Stanley Cup all right trades so again I had to limit this I had limited to from 1967 until now I also had limited to trades that I thought made a big difference or trades as I thought were really interesting so there's going to be traits that are not on the board the people like hey why isn't this one on there because it was running out of room and when I'm running out of room I gotta be really picky about which trades I put in there and I go in chronological order so I'm not gonna hit the 2018 trade and then go oh I should go back and include no I'm not gonna do that may 15th 1967 the Chicago Blackhawks added Jack Norris pip martin and joel murat going the other way to Boston Ken Hodge Phil Esposito and Fred Stanfield ouch that's just ouch all around for Chicago May 17th or May 14th 1973 the Chicago Blackhawks added dáil talent from the Canucks for Jerry Corrib and Gary Smith Gary Smith of course would have a good run with Vancouver Canucks but then he the door it's a hole there's actually I talked about it in the history video from way back when and and the Canucks are trying to get rid of Talyn who has never become the guy they drafted after Jill Bear Perot he's never really justified why he was drafted right after Perot so I feel bad for Talyn who had a half-decent career but again when you're being compared to Joubert Perot on June 16 1978 the Chicago Blackhawks add the number 28 draft pick overall which becomes Steve logic in 1980 Vancouver gets Thomas gratine so this starts a tradition of Chicago kind of given some pretty good players to Vancouver June 9th 1979 the Chicago Blackhawks get the number three overall draft pick which becomes Danny Savard Quebec trades that draft pick to them so they can keep the rights to real clue chain who's been a scoring star in the WH a and they don't want to lose him so Chicago had the rights to take them when the WH a teams came into the NHL the NHL teams could go well yeah you have a nice roster there yeah I own that guy and I own that guy and I own this so so Quebec doesn't want to lose Gucci and Chicago could have taken them so they're like here's here's a draft pick to leave us alone and that draft pick becomes Deni Savard Wow January 6 1983 Chicago ads Kurt Fraser good sandpaper forward who can score some goals Vancouver adds Tony tanti who had become their first ever 40 goal scorer September 3rd 1987 Chicago adds Bob McGill Steve Thomas and Brooke 5 so not long after complaining about Bob Miguel and the Leafs and how he sat down al Secord now they're trading them for each other Chicago sends Eddie Olczyk and al Secord to Toronto in this trade so it's a bizarre trade when you look at and I did a video today on the 85 86 season and yeah Bob Miguel who had shut down LC court in the playoffs in the 86 playoffs and then an 87 there being traded for each other bizarro world really seriously bizarro world and the fact that Rick vibe goes to Chicago it's kind of a huge deal even by today looking at he and still see there's a lot of big names in it January 3rd 1988 and what made it weirder is they were in the same division January 3rd 1988 the Chicago Blackhawks add Dirk Graham from a division rival of Minnesota who pick up Curt Fraser this is not a good move for Minnesota Dirk Graham goes on to be their captain and and and really he looks like a Blackhawk anyways as soon as Dirk Graham throws on to Chicago Jersey it's like yep that's that's kind of what he what he's supposed to be wearing 1990 June 29th Chris Chelios is added from the Chicago Blackhawks for Denny summers Montreal fans never quite forgive Montreal for passing on to any Savard and picking up Doug organizer so 10 years later they decide to make good and pick up Savard and they give up Chelios Chelios goes on to be a huge pain in the you-know-what for the Chicago Blackhawks and he is fantastic on their blue line and Montreal made a mistake again they make a mistake passing on Savard and then they made a mistake picking up Savard who never reaches those those Heights with Montreal that he did with Chicago he does win a Stanley Cup I would be remiss not to mention he wins the Stanley Cup in 93 but he's not the driving force behind that Stanley Cup now August 7th 1992 the worst mistake that Chicago has ever made Stephon Beauregard in a 1990 third fourth round pick that becomes Eric taizé acquired from Buffalo in exchange for Dominik Hasek at the time it makes sense so we look back down we say what a horrible deal time to make sense they got Eddie the Eagle Bell for who had won the the Calder Trophy the Vezina Trophy he looks fantastic in 1992 they went to the Stanley Cup final they got destroyed by Pittsburgh but they went to the Stanley Cup final there's a very real belief that the Chicago Blackhawks in the 90s are going to win a Stanley Cup Dominik Hasek veteran goaltender not getting a shot in Chicago he's not going to unseat Eddie the Eagle so they move him and they move him he's not going to high-value cuz he's a backup goaltender and again he's older when he came over to the NHL he was older and so yeah they they just alright he's available we're just gonna get rid of him the fact that Hasek becomes a world beater with Buffalo should they've seen it coming maybe should they've got more back sure but at the time Eddie the Eagle is fantastic and everybody in Chicago loved bail for August 21st 1994 chicago acquires tony amanti matt Oates the Rangers acquires Stefan motto in Brian Noonan so this is a Keenan trade Keenan ends up going from Chicago to New York he wants Noonan and Matt oh and when he came to Vancouver thank who were traded for for noon and I think he had Noonan and in st. Louis what was weird I was always surprised Stefan my toe didn't come to Vancouver as well remember when Noonan came away alright where's Matt oh not coming so in this deal Chicago gets the best player in a Monti and I feel bad for Tony Amonte cuz that means he doesn't get to enjoy the Stanley Cup a few months after that the rest of his ex teammates well probably still not a good good thing for him but Amonte goes on to have a very good career with the Chicago Blackhawks um August 16th 1996 of Chicago Blackhawks acquired Craig Mills Alexi jammed off in 1997 first Phoenix acquires Jeremy Roenick so Roenick ends up being out of Chicago Alexi jamming off had a pretty good run with Chicago I I'll qualify that trade as a as a saw that 97 first doesn't become anybody of consequence and Craig Mills I'm sure there's a lot of people watching this going who yeah February 26 2008 there were a lot of trades made during that 12 years in between nothing really of huge consequence though I was really surprised Chicago acquires Andrew Ladd Carolina acquires 12o Roo – Roo – had a good run with Carolina not gonna lie but Andrew lad is is kind of a key guy for Chicago that first Stanley Cup February 12 2010 the Chicago Blackhawks acquire kimi onsen and nickel Minnesota get scam Barker I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Minnesota lost this trade but I understood you know Barker who had been a number three draft pick in 2004 six years later you're looking and going this kid still young he can he could do it and he looks pretty good at first in the Minnesota Wild Jersey and then and it kind of falls apart after June 23rd 2010 so this is after the Stanley Cup this is when the the snafu with the the contracts ends up happening so you have a window in which you got to qualify guys we came through free agency and you got to qualify your restricted freeze its if you don't qualify them they're unrestricted and they can ask whatever they want uh paperwork's not filed at the right time so the Chicago Blackhawks who are already facing a salary cap crunch now they can't sign everybody they can't keep everybody so they got a sign guys they got to give him more money than they should have because rumor has it may have been stand Bowman that was the guy that made the mistake but he doesn't take the fall for it uh and and so they have to trade guys off from that team that just won the Stanley Cup days earlier Chicago gets Joey Crabb Jeremy Morin Jeremy Morin moved around more over the last decade and and was always seen as this guy he could break through he just needs the right chance Marty reasoner a 2010 first who's kevin hayes sorry sorry Blackhawks fans 2010 second which is Justin Hall who's now of course in the Toronto organization Atlanta picked up Dustin Byfuglien Hakeem Alou been eager and Brent soffel and of course Dustin Byfuglien is the name there Dustin Byfuglien who had been an absolute beast for the Chicago Blackhawks in those playoffs he had played forward he had played defense and now he's going to the Atlanta Thrashers because they need caps base due to the the issue with the contracts did did you sign it yeah did you send him in yeah crap so they emerged from that relatively unscathed but it takes him a little while to get back to where they need to be they would win the Cup in 2013 they'd win it in 20 fifteen as well October 4 2014 so in between the 22 2013 and 2015 cups Chicago acquires Kent Simpson TJ Brennan villi polka and Anders Nilsson New York Islanders acquired Nicoletti brilliant brilliant trade by the Islanders that's Garth snow boys and girls yep so basically four players go to Chicago polka is seen as the one who could be the dark horse he never makes the NHL at this point he's in Europe I don't see him coming back but he has seen as kind of the the guy who maybe the steel of the trade and Anders Nilsson who suffered from a numbers problem and with the Islanders they just had too many goalies and so Chicago picks him up with the idea of him maybe he can be the backup June 30th 2015 Chicago acquires mark O'Donnell our team and ease him off Korey trip Jeremy Morin like again and the 2016 fourth Columbus acquires Brandon Saad Alex Broadhurst and Michael paliotta so this is the trade they make right after winning another Stanley Cup their last Stanley Cup well I'll say most recent I'm not gonna say last because it makes it sound very final but it is their most recent Stanley Cup and losing sod hurts 100% hurts them Dano of course still struggling to make the NHL a nice team of who is rumored to be on the trade block every seems like every few months with Chicago a trip never really was a regular in the NHL and a 2016 fourth so they didn't get enough back for Saad they needed to move sods contract because they they had to keep their team together and this has been kind of an ongoing theme with Chicago but they're not done June 15th of 2016 again in a cap move Chicago requires 2016 second and a 20-17 third Carolina acquires Bryan Bickell so that's the contract they needed to get rid of for Chicago to get rid of Bickle's contract they also had to throw on table teravainen and teravainen of course one of the veteran forwards for the Carolina Hurricanes since that trade took place Chicago knew what they were getting rid of they knew what teravainen was going to be but they had to get rid of Bickle's contract June 13 2017 chicago acquires Brandon Saad so unmaking the mistake they made of trading saw it they also get back Anton forsberg and a fifth round pick in 2018 but Columbus exacts a pretty high price for this our Timmy pen Aaron Tyler Mott and the 2017 sixth part of the reason Bowman trades pen Aaron it's because he knows what pen Aaron's gonna be like to deal with is restricted or as an unrestricted free agent and I'm gonna deal with it I he knows that that it's gonna be tough to convince him to stay in Chicago and when you look at what's just happened with Columbus where Panera n–'s end up going to the rangers on some level this trade which he was panned for a lot at the time Chicago has come out ahead in this because they still have sod and Columbus didn't get anything for Panera so long term looking at it in the long term this trade works out as a win for Chicago November 25th of 2018 Chicago acquires Dylan Sturm and Brendan pearly knee for Nick schmaltz going to Arizona now rumors right now are that maybe Brandon pearly knee is on the trade market Chicago might be looking to move him he did have a really slow start as a Blackhawk he had a pretty good run in the middle of his time and then kind of quieted down again it would not surprise me to see pearline he end up on the move but with Chicago because they've had success because Cain and tabes make a combined 21 million there's always going to be that they need to save some money somewhere I did not put up the most recent moves they made involving defenseman but we all know those trades took place very very recently and I'm not sure how how earth-shaking or how much of a shift in the standings those trades are gonna cause the the big thing for Chicago right now going into the 2019 2020 season I think is going to be Robin Lerner we saw Corey Crawford go through a lot of concussion issues over the last couple of years he's not going to be a guy whose paint playing 55 60 games in the season so you're going to need to split starts Lehner's should be able to do that and that should go a long way in deciding what kind of a team Chicago is going to have this coming season there you go let me know your thoughts regarding the Chicago Blackhawks in the comment section below as always don't forget to hit like and subscribe if you're browsing away three just happen upon this video and thank you guys so much for all your support and for watching I will talk to you again soon

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  1. The date for that Matteau and Noonan trade doesn’t sound right because if he got traded to the Rangers in August 1994, then they wouldn’t have been around to win the Cup in June.

  2. The only blemish on the Hawks is having a Bobby Hull statue in front of the UC. A drunken womaniser with a rap sheet including beat his wife bloody with a stiletto shoe. Mikita would have been a better idol.

  3. Patrick Sharp for Matt Ellison and a 3rd round pick didn't make your board? Or Brandon Bochenski to Boston for Kris Versteeg and a 5th round pick in 2008? Fleeced badly in beantown on that one.

  4. The team spelling changed happened because the expansion paper the Hawks were spelled Blackhawks and then they came in Black Hawks and they went with Blackhawks

  5. Eventually Doug Wilson will become the Blackhawks GM. After he's canned by the Sharks and Bowman gets the boot in Chi-town

  6. I know looking at it now the Panarin trade makes a lot of sense and looks good for Chicago but i still really don’t like that move as a fan of the Hawks. It is still very painful to think that Columbus gets a pretty uneven trade to get Saad and then they flipped him back to us for a phenomenal winger. Saad is fine when he’s on a streak but overall his kind of above average play does not even come close to matching what Bread Man does.

  7. Kane can easily break the points record if he stays healthy and produces when he gets older. He will hit 1000 next year and he’s only 30 and not showing he’s stopping soon

  8. in today's hockey, 8th place finishers or brand new expansion teams making it to the finals should havedriven hockey fans crazy.

  9. The Blackhawks have permission from the local Native tribe who historically occupied the area around Chicago. The Wurtz family also donate lots of money to Native charities…

  10. Damn. I just realized that Corey Crawford and Jimmy Howard were drafted in the same year and the same round. Both goalies have exactly 244 wins, with ironically very similar stats.

  11. I loved Tony Amonte's time with the Hawks. They were not good and Amonte was a bright spot. It was a tough time to be a Blackhawks fan.

  12. Yea the hawks didn't win a cup for nearly half a century, but they were in the playoffs and made a lot of deep runs that whole time except for 1 year and the 10 yr drought starting in 97. And of course a lot of teams were in the same boat, but some of their most solid years with a greater chance of hoisting the cup were when the Oilers were making everyone their bitch and they also shit the bed in the early 90s and wasted talent. That 10 yr period starting in 97 was especially dark and sad. Besides Dollar Bill trading away the best players, Pat Foley was more or less relegated to the wolves, and you couldn't watch games on television. Dollar Bill did great things for American hockey, but Rocky is the one who steered the ship back on course.

  13. Hey!!!! thank you for this. AND THANK YOU for pointing out that Bowman really shit the bed numerous numerous times. Dale Tallon deserves all 3 rings as opposed to Stan

  14. This is probably going to be one of the more popular team history videos. Rightfully too, a lot of good stuff to go through.

  15. Fun fact: Cy Wentworth is the first player in NHL history to score is first career Stanley Cup Playoffs goal in OT of a Stanley Cup Final Game. Brian Skrudland and Carl Gunnarsson would later join him on that list.

  16. 7:26 Pick they got thanks to Patrik Stefan missing the empty net on a breakaway against Edmonton costing Vancouver the 2010 Stanley Cup

  17. Shannon Andrew Ladd was never a captain in 15-16, in fact he actually only returned in 15-16 at the 16 trade deadline in a deal with Winnipeg.

  18. Speaking of unbreakable records, Hall's streak of consecutive starts is quite arguably less likely to ever be broken than even Gretzky's most unbreakable of his many records.

  19. Ladd was never captain of the Hawks. They acquired him at the 15-16 deadline but he never wore the C for them. That’s an error on Hockey Reference

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