Urbex History – Cursed Abandoned Little People’s Fairy Throne

As a bird flies overhead we reached the end of a winding and decayed old road that ends at our destination today we are visiting a strange little place tucked out of the way and lost between unused scraps of land and our modern highway systems a Source of many local urban legends this bit of land hosts a fairy village a weird and overgrown complex of stone doll houses That are the home of the little people We made an odd discovery here that has thrown a bizarre slant on what I thought we’d be sharing with you today but first onto the story According to the tales around a hundred years ago a married couple were living in town and the wife who may have been a witch Began to see fairies in the woods. She forced her husband to build houses for them to live within and over time They became isolated insane and eventually died leaving the site to become a ruin a Second version of the tale similarly tells that a man living in a stone house heard fairy voices in the woods Which made him build the tiny village of houses? He then committed suicide Having been driven mad by the creatures and leaving the village to its abandoned state The village is now cursed and if you stay and wander too long You can hear the voices of the little people just before you go ultimately mad yourself Scrambling up the small steps that wind up the hillside one can first see a newer house that is encroached on the area Remnants of stone terraces are visible here On all sides are roads that cut this patch of woods off from the nearby world around it Blow us at the Stonehouse that story you say the reclusive man lived in Scrambling down the embankment reveals a sunken track and concrete platform The small stone house is very stylized with a corrugated metal roof that rusts in hanging strips As one walks further into the woods bids of remaining little people houses stick from the leafy forest cover This ivy-covered Stonewall is dotted with tiny homes peeking from half-buried obscurity On a path above sits the most preserved house These were once very intricate before decades of damage and we’re Little rooms inside hinted the work these took to create Each house, in fact was so detailed as to have a manicured lawn and garden and other small features Which we are going to reveal to you by cleaning away some of the accumulated cover Features like this chimney keep one guessing as to what was here. I Have yet to find any photos of this place from more than a few decades back? Which if you’re familiar with our explorations is quite abnormal Along this stonewall are even more small houses in various states of destruction, I Forgot how much stuff is actually here At the end of the wall is the most interesting feature had wanted to show you all today It’s just a very special thing the strangely haunting fairy throne This oddly carved reddish seat sits amidst tangled vines in the back of the village The local legends say that if you sit on the throne, you will live no more than seven years longer Personally, I only have three years left to go It’s all vaguely Arthurian romance Celtic and Art Nouveau, I’ve never seen anything like it to date The truth of these stories are related to the geography of this weird place over the years I have heard a number of explanations of why this location exists trying to rationalize and demystifies this tiny village the main thrust has been that the small building below you was not in fact the house of a crazed man who heard voices but Was in fact a small shop related to a fairy attraction a trolley line ran through the area as part of an amusement park in the 1920s to 1940s Passengers would stop here and look at the small buildings and buy souvenirs When the trolley stopped running the site fell into obscurity and became overgrown spawning stories about its origin the children told Oddly there is a second more believable and detailed historic interpretation of the site on the local town Historic Society page in the 1920s one William linen opened a gas station in 1928 the state bypassed the curved Road at leyon by creating a street section of road Connecting the two main state routes that had laid on Due to this it was mostly cut off from traffic as people took the faster route and the business began to die Williams started to build little houses a mini lighthouse and other structures as a roadside attraction called a toy town in 1936 He married and in 1939 World War two struck and his own and the public’s priorities changed dooming many roadside attractions the small shop and toy village was sold in 1958 and later again in the 1960s over the years vandalism began to Mar the small houses and as generations of people visited stories began to develop as to its real origins and here we stand today at its ruin but that’s not the end of this odd little story as We double back through the area We found something completely unexpected that I had noted earlier when we arrived and it only got weirder from there Under what would have been either a trolley platform or the gas pumps is a small crawlspace Somebody seems to be living there We decide to crawl in and see what is inside it a Hat hangs on the wall a light from the ceiling and there’s a burner batteries and other personal belongings on Going back through the footage. I then saw it later on The wall is some kind of weird script a long chain of symbols with below that a sentence Spelled out in a language. I can’t understand I Have made many efforts to figure out what this says and have come up empty-handed They seem more like runes and might just be some kind of incantation or a code Clearly somebody’s been living under here seemingly Sadly homeless and maybe this writing means nothing but it was important enough for them to spend some effort Carefully adding it to the wall below the house Having come here to solve the mystery of the little people for you instead We left with new questions who’s living under here. And what does the writing actually mean? Whatever you feel about the little peoples village in the end This lost place is not only filled today with sadly ruined tiny houses Buried in leaves and the local stories of the fairies But it also houses the small sad story of a man who failed in life due to changing times and the arbitrary decisions of his state government Perhaps the homeless man living below The platform is a victim as well of mental illness much like the man driven insane by the little people of legend in Our last exploration we covered one of the many now empty asylums to disgorge their patients on the streets to fend for themselves Perhaps like them Is the writing a curse a spell or just simply nonsense scribblings? It’s odd to find a true hermit here in the very space The madman was supposed to live a secluded life speaking to the fairies But perhaps there’s a larger lesson or message about our world today to be divined from all of it If you have any thoughts or information on what the runes and the writing mean, please let us know in the video comments To end the day we’re headed to an equally strange place that there is very little information on in the past decade or so These rocking horses have begun to appear gather and multiply in a local field in a circle that keeps expanding Nobody really seems to know their true story I’ve heard that the local landowner has said that one day some of them showed up and they multiplied as others noticed them and Decided to add their own This is a very plausible explanation But I’d like the horses to speak for themselves. They hold the real stories of this place This one can still nae As I examined these forgotten horses in the field one by one it became clear They all once belonged to individuals who cared about them in the community To me. This is sort of a rocking horse graveyard Once they outgrew the toy it still held meeting as a part of their childhood and to honor that attachment They have been left here instead of being tossed Each has its own face and character and style Goodbye horses Next time join us as we head to Ireland and kick off a short series of lost and amazing locations there until then Subscribe and explore with us today

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  1. Your films always carry me to different worlds. I always feel like I'm right along with you. I especially appreciate the research that you do beforehand. Absolutely fascinating!

  2. As a practicing Pagan and Wytch, the symbols may be what we call "personal runes". It's a method of symbols made from drawing lines between combinations of letters and numbers that are usually unique to each person which makes the spell very personal. If I were to guess, it's probably a protection spell but I can't be 100% sure. As for the lettering, I don't know….

  3. I would love to buy land and turn it into a protected, mysterious,animal sanctuary, like in that movie the village.
    With a catch …. I have exclusive rights to the immediate removal of anything threatening it and the way the threat
    is punished should it relate to a human, or be a direct result of a group of humans with no questions asked.
    There would be no man made building materials,
    No utilities, etc…

  4. Maybe it's a kinder way for a parent to get the kids to grow up and let it go by putting it out to pasture, like when a race horse is retired

  5. Very enjoyable video with well done narration. Such a strange place ~ filled with memories and shadows of the little people. What an unlucky life the man must have lived. Seems he was doomed to going insane. Enjoyed the circle of much loved horses t the end. Thank you for taking me along!

  6. New Subscriber here, great video. I've seen others on this site but yours is the only one I've watched that gave so much information. Thanks!

  7. This is probably the greatest explore I have ever seen! Imagine figuring out the dimensions of these little buildings,which does remind me that some of the greatest minds and some if the most evil…had mental illness! I was chairwoman on the board of directors for a Provider of Services for the mentally ill! For many years! There are bridges in different place that the ill have created homes under! The message on that wall also reminds me of similar messages I have seen in those kind of places! Some patients have brilliant minds,and come up with much beautiful artwork,poems, and songs..that no one understands ,except them of course! And during war times folks did come up with unique ways of creating attractions on their property and in homes,to charge small fees ,to get money to live! Thanks for this amazing video!👍🙋🕊️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  8. Thank you for joining us on the new exploration. I hope you all have a great week and if you have any information on the meaning of the writing, please let us know in the comments!

  9. This is a great video dude. Minimal as it is in content it was a rich composition intelligently designed. And the music works well. I love the part with the creepy music and the horse neighs eerily. Was epic. Good use of the ambient sounds in places very tasteful. I love how the fable developed into the real story instead of presenting only the facts first. Very clever.

  10. Absolutely brilliant! Video work and narration cannot be excelled! The Irish and the Scots are both a bit barmy in the things they get up to! I was amazed with the snow on the ground, but it made it more enchanting! The poor homeless man must be frozen nearly to death, sleeping in that place! Personally he must be bonkers to stay there anyway! The writing is strange as well! Could it be a code, which he alone can decipher, as he has made it all up, using different signs for the alphabet letters?…………………………………old Tich.

  11. I think if I saw fairy's heard them or worse still began building homes for the little fuckers it'd just be a hop skip and a jump to a very secure psychiatric facility near me. Great video as always I love your work 🙂

  12. What a curious little village for the little people. Quite beautiful in it's own way.
    I like the the pitch that the horses were put out to pasture after their work was done.
    Lovely video as always. Thank you 😊

  13. Another brilliant video. Would be incredible to find the real truth behind all those little structures. The tourist train is possible. The toy town attraction sounds more plausible. It would be so strange to be walking in that area and stumble upon the little houses. The closest I could get out to translating that (with Google translate) was "onei is the best of the world" translated from Southern Sotho.

  14. Faerie magic is real. Look into it Alister Crowleys friend Yeats whom is buried in sligo Ireland wrote and practiced faerie magic

  15. A Rocky Horse Cemetery, I find it interesting and sad. Regarding the Little People, I never seen one and do not want to. Sometimes with legends, fairy tales and the things that go bump in the night, there is truth to some of these creatures. Ireland and Scotland are not the only places where they have been seen. They have, in different sizes and forms been seen in Mexico, called Duende. A Gnome like creature, usually shows up around children playing. In Brazil they have one called Saci, a black or mulatto one legged little man, wearing a Red Pointy Hat. If you catch Saci or retrieve his hat, Saci has to grant you whatever you want, to get his hat. This part is funny, Saci red pointy hat, SMELLS REAL BAD! You can wash it as much as you can, it will always smell. There are people around the world, with stories of their own Saci or Duende. I respect Mother Nature, the Forest and the Sea. Lucifer and his minions are very clever in deceiving, trickery and illusion. Whatever these creatures are, they are not of this dimension, I do not challenge, channel or call upon them. Be careful in exploring the unknown, and always have your Full Armor of God, nothing will touch you. Nothing.

  16. A very interesting location that really gets the imagination going, some of the horses at the end are quite ominous looking 😦

  17. Another fantastic video and exploration. If it helps, I may be wrong, but the writing could be something to do with the worship of Pan. It reminds me of something I read in an old Irish classic, The Crock of Gold. I must find it and paste it.

    I'm loving the fact, despite living in Ireland for most of my life, at 42 years old, there is still a wealth of wondrous, mystical places I've yet to find and explore. I'm not surprised you keep getting lured back by the allure and mystery of this rather strange, deep and mystical land.

    "This country of ours is no sand bank, thrown up by some recent caprice of earth. It is an ancient land, honoured in its archives of civilization, traceable into antiquity by its piety, its valour, and its sufferings. Every great European race has sent its stream to the river of Irish mind. Long wars, vast organizations, subtle codes, beacon crimes, leading virtues, and self-mighty men were here. If we live influenced by wind and sun and tree, and not by the passions and deeds of the past, we are a thriftless and a hopeless people." —Thomas Davis

  18. I'm sure you've noticed you've gotten me hooked on your videos. They are just amazing quality. The kind of Quality Robert M. Pirsig would love.

  19. I love the narration. Your the only urban explorer I'm subscribed to that gives very good background and details. Keep up the good work!!!

  20. Awww, you make it sound sooooo sinister. This place was a road side attraction of sorts. The little houses were doll houses. The largest building was a shop where road weary parents could purchase dolls, cars, trucks and of course sweets. There was a main route along that way that was replaced by an interstate highway. Or maybe a train stop. Something of that nature. Last I was there was in the seventies and you could still find little decorations from the doll houses and dolls that were left behind. I loved the place as did other little girls. Nothing haunted about it but so very decayed. But I still smile at the sight of it. Thanks for your video.

  21. They have said…. There is more than heaven and earth. Could this have been the cries and imagination of a lonely man slowly breaking under his solitude? I suppose those are questions that will known once we cross over into our own piece of heaven… God Bless! And stay well my friend!

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