V10-TH Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station

[Music] Weather Here…. Can be very different than weather here. Which is why owning one of these… Can help protect these… And these… And even those… Using built-in Wi-Fi technology, the station
collects sensor data and sends it to your smartphone. To be viewed anytime, anywhere. Use the new La Crosse View app to view current
and past data… Set custom alerts… Or share your data with family and friends. And unlike other systems, when at home, you’ll
be able to see this data, without ever having to pick up your phone. The station’s bright easy-to-read LCD display
has you covered, with data access at a glance. When connected, your display will receive weather forecast information from the National Weather Service, and precise time and date data from the NIST. So stay connected to the world around your
home. And keep the things you love, safe. With a new connected weather station from
La Crosse Technology. [Music]

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