Visual & Digital Arts – Noni Kaur, My Story

– My name is Noni Kaur,
and I am a professor and program coordinator
here at Humber College in the School of
Media Studies, Visual, and Digital Arts Program. I am also an artist, a lifelong learner and I influence a
whole generation of creative minds. I was trained as a painter, and I have gone into the foray of very contemporary art. My research is all
about the female body. It is work that’s created with my experience
of being a woman. And it’s empowering. My work has evolved
from just being a conventional painting,
to something that is very interactive for the
viewer and the audience. I find it really
crucial, really important that the work created has
to speak to an audience, and how that audience reacts, or how that audience relates
or connects to the work is in itself, a success for me. Because every viewer comes with a completely different mindset. And as an artist, I think
it’s really important that we create those
experiences for our viewer. Humber was a place
where I thought I could impart all
that knowledge, all that global knowledge that I was equipped with, all that travel and
the experiences, to get students to
understand that it is okay to think outside of the box and be as fearless,
and as ruthless as you can be with your ideas. It’s only when you don’t
have a very set mindset that you’re able to
let go and be loose and create a lot more than
what you think you can create that is totally what I preach and that is something I do
for myself when I make my art.

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