Hey people, what’s up! Welcome to a new Making Toys video in Japan! I think I forgot to tell y’all, but I had an event here in Japan this week. And…actually I didn’t make the video on how to start collecting sofubi cause I was busy preparing for this event. So I guess we’ll leave it for another week. What I’ll be showing you today is the Kaiju Paint Party. This is basically like a paint workshop. We’ve prepared air compressors, airbrushes and everything, and people can come, buy an unpainted toy and start learning how to paint them. We’ll be showing them how to paint. We have paints and everything. And tomorrow, which is Sunday, we’ll also be selling painted toys. We’re a few toy makers here and we’ll be selling our toys. And by the way, we’re at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku. Today we had a street auction with the toys we live painted yesterday. And yeah today we basically sold what us artists brought to the show. It was amazing, there was a long line of collectors. Not as long as the ones you see in Taiwan or Hong Kong, but it was nice to see so many toy lovers. I’m always saying this but meeting the people who buys your toys is such a great experience. So we’re in the second day of the Tokyo Paint Party in Harajuku, and well, actually the day is almost over… and at my back we have Pico Pico! So today we’re gonna be talking to the artists who are involved, and they’ll be explaining you what they do. Let’s get these interviews started! We’ll start with this gentleman called Mark Nagata. Mark was the first toy maker to notice my art a few years ago and he helped me to start making toys. We could say he’s my mentor. But I’ll just let him introduce himself. Oh, oh, are you recording? Sorry! I’m Yajima of Dream Rocket. I make soft vinyl figures like these. The green one called Fujin (god of wind) and the orange one called Raijin (god of thunder). I don’t do cute stuff only. I also make these Kaijin creatures. Thank you! Konnichiwa! I am Tadayoshi Ichimiya of Sunguts. Here are the soft vinyl figures that I make… Shark Boy, Hammerhead Girl, Alligator Boy, Orca Boy, Jellyfish Girl. I make figures like Sea Creatures, Sexy Girls and a cat from Japanese Ukiyoe. These are called Goddess of boobs. I have been in this business for long time and I made so many original characters. I have never been to Spain but I am traveling around the world for toy shows and exhibition. Hi, I’m Pico Pico! I design and make soft vinyl figures. Like this guy called OJITAMA…egg dude. This is Bekkos, he’s one of the most iconic Pico Pico characters. Check out this gimmick…he can stand and sit. These finger puppets are called BO-BO. Thank you! Hello, I am Monyu. I came up with a color-way of this Ultra Kaiju for Max Toy. I also made these vases. I like Max Toy. Max Toy is the best. Hi, this is Yamo-Mark I make soft vinyl figures like these Sushi Monsters and many others. Thank you. Hi, I am Makino. I sculpt for Max Toy and other companies. My latest work is this cute cat. And well, it seems like this is a wrap! We close at 5PM and it’s almost the time so we’re gonna start wrapping up soon. It was a nice day. We had a big rush of people during the first hour…it was crazy. But anyway. We’re all dead tired. I just hope you liked this video. Especially the interviews, cause I think they’re very interesting. These artists are very unknown in Spain but their work is amazing so they deserve more exposure. Anyway, see you in the next video, guys!


  1. son trabajos geniales me encantaria tener esas figuras al menos una de cada genio que alli exponen…esto es material unico, soy Raul vivo en Argentina abrazos hermanos genios

  2. Excelente video!!! me ha gustado demasiado <3
    Como un comentario constructivo, creo que el Instagram de @marshmallow_ está al parecer cortado, tuve que buscarlo bastante hasta que lo encontré con el nombre de @marshmallow_mony jajajaja
    Muchas gracias por seguir subiendo videos y esperare con ansias el siguiente!

  3. Thank you so much for the interviews! I wish to one day get into making and painting Soft Vinyls, I wish there was more information out there about what companies can make your vision into a reality and the process that a toy goes through

  4. Que sepas que has perdido una oportunidad de oro al final pa decir 'pues nada, aqui esta tol pescao vendio ya' >3<

  5. Amigo conoces alguna pagina donde pueda comprar muñecos de vinyl sofubi japones por lote? O economicos?? Porfavor ayudame o si alguieb me lee ayudenme plis

  6. Muchas gracias me encantan tus vídeos. El art toy es algo que me ha interesado desde hace varios años y al ver tus vídeos me animé a comprar un dunny e intervenirlo. Acá en México no es tan popular. Gracias por tus vídeos son muy interesantes e inspiradores

  7. Amigo visita el canal de mad hunter channel te lo recomiendo puede de que te sirva de algo, es coleccionista de juguetes mexicano!!!!

  8. Excelentes tus videos, me están ayudando mucho en mi pasión por los juguetes y la manera en que los desarrollo…. Gracias !!!!
    Saludos desde México.

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