40 Replies to “Will 'Avengers: Endgame' Break Box Office Records?”

  1. I was a part of this history! I went with my sister, and two of my nephews & one of my nephews' girlfriend.

    We were originally going to see the film, 'Shazam!', but while myself, my nephew & his girlfriend were inside the theatre, my sister & my other nephew ran into some people coming out just after already having watched Endgame & told them that if they hadn't already seen it to hurry up & buy a ticket (& not to even go to the bathroom b/c they won't want to miss a single second of this phenomenonal movie)!!

    They were right!! My experience in the movie theatre was never better than while watching 'Avengers Endgame'!!


    One the great debates within the Marvel Universe is the ? "Who else, besides Thor (and Vision, but Vision is now dead), is worthy to lift Mjolnir hammer?" — And then as Thor is knocked down by Thanos, and about to probably be killed; there was a loooooong pause (you 1st heard multiple people take a long gasped breath, and then you could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet') & here came the 'hero of the hour' with Thors' hammer to knock Thanos upside his ugly-looking head!!! — Then the whole theatre started cheering!!! I actually started clapping, and then the whole theatre then started clapping too!!!

    OMG!! It…was…the…BEST…movie…EVVVER!!! And I can say that I was a part of it; a part of movie history 😀💓😀

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