hey guys welcome back to my channel how's it going it's a boy well that was some amazing edit and didn't you think today we're back with a slither dot IO or is it is it's leather that they updates leather no it's a fakes leather it's called warm 8 it's pretty much just leather copy but apparently people are playing this game like this game is actually really popular right now so what we're gonna do we're gonna try and become the biggest snake in war made IO we're gonna try and break a world record believe it or not it is possible the world record right now is on 1 billion of a size and as you can see you can eat all these cookies and they give you plus one plus one plus one and we need Albany's a billion it's gonna be easy it's gonna be done in about 20 minutes guys so don't worry about it so let's literally you had all these little dots you could pick up here we've got candy and pies and ice cream and old times – I'll take that but some other things I've actually not seen a single person yet where is it wrong wait guys if you oh my god hello there uh don't lock me and don't lock me in I found myself a gigantic snake what worm worm worm yet it's worm eight knots nail it so there so all I gotta do is follow this guy until he dies because I think if he if he dies I I can take his uh what the hell is he locking in is is he lock you mean that is not happening today my dear friend I would have become as big as that guy he looks so cool how do they get the cool print I'm just a red snake yeah I didn't know you could customize it alright so hello Semih my girlfriend's name is Santa with with with an end but this is Semih with ms okay hi summer alright so all we got to do like I said is follow this worm and we will take his points once he dies I don't know or the beginning part of his body is but uh we're gonna try and find it guys we're gonna try and find it oh my god this is a mess that's change this Christ yo this must be a joke look how massive this green guy is how do I kill this guy like where where is it start what I was going to the right with my mouse it didn't work all right that was a little funny glitch I think it's because I've got two monitors connected and if I go to the right night now the controls don't work anymore it makes so much sense I love this game already huh all right ladies and gentlemen we're back I decided to get extra extra-large before I was tuning back to the recording I'm actually 20,000 right now what is more food yeah no no no nom nom yo I got it I got it become super-sized okay look at all this candy it's out oh my god I almost killed myself Kenny it's not very good for you I wouldn't suggest eating all this candy in real life but in warm it do it is completely fine oh my god he is massive can I turn it to that guy oh yo I want to become him okay he's gonna die I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna kill this guy he must be like a million at least we're getting close to a billion guys we're getting close to it did he lock me in guys he locked me in did he or did he not I'm being locked in that's for sure yeah I am definitely being locked in right now this is sketchy guys okay oh the end is here the end is here oh I made it out I made it oh my god another big warm hahaha Jesus this game is scary I am 27,000 big right now the number one of the leaderboards in this game is 7.1 million wow wow that's like we'll get to a billion I promise it's only a thousand millions all right all we got to do is follow this gigantic worm we're just gonna try and lock him in I actually think we're equally as fast if he speeds up I'm not sure if it's gonna do anything uh yep this is a little bit of a problem oh we just killed someone let me just take that food yeah nom nom nom when you speed up you actually lose size so I just I should probably stop doing this he's got a lot more points to me Oh God Oh the turning angles not great I'm just gonna have to wait until this guy dies I mean he has to die sometime soon right oh hey thanks oh look there's like free food everywhere here no no no no all right so if you look at the map on the top left corner of the screen you can see that the orange icon which is me is about on the bottom right of the map now my plan is to go to the middle of the map because in the middle oh my god in the middle of the map is where the most people are and where most people are that's where they died and we want them to die because that's how we get their points right that's not how it works yes baby walked in right now I might be I might be getting locked in right now but it doesn't matter we're 31,000 31,000 doing well going strong I really want to get this yellow guy I think he's probably the number one on the leaderboards here with us or at least in the top ten we get this guy will be his size look at all these tiny little guys ha ha his name is Turk you forgot the D third no huh I feel like I'm gonna get confused I'd oh my God look at that guy he's massive he is absolutely gigantic all right 36,000 big y'all we're like circled in in between these massive guys can they die please can can y'all die alone my name is jelly this is like a gazillion amount of points oh yes oh yes oh he's eating as well well look look how big he is I remember that I was super small and now I'm like almost this guy's size this is great now I need him to die I'm 136,000 big right now I mean that's a lot but compared to a billion we can get bigger right we're still not there a guy I saw Jesus imagine if one of these tiny little turds kills us little bacterial cells come on go through there buddy he did it alright I'm circling his guy and watch hey can can I do it he's actually quite long he's a long boy he's a local boy unlike me I'm a short guy huh in real life though and slither or war made them kind of big kind of a big deal you know kind of a big deal in women did that guy just died oh I need to watch out here I am surrounded by a bunch of people okay I need to be really oh my god that is a lot of food right there I do want to eat that but I can't is at the moment I'm locked in am I circled in is someone circling me in is this happening to me the problem with being so large is I've got a lot of tail to cover you know and I can I can go over my own tail but I can't go over someone else's that's when I will die it's it's a problem it's a struggle okay I'm just gonna circle around because I want someone big to die cuz then I will be very large very very large I will be a large boy yo he just went over that snake how is that possible how did he do that oh Jesus Jesus you scared me buddy alright what we're gonna try and do is we're gonna try and circle this gigantic white and red guy oh no never mind just a quick lunch break quick lunch break yep that is what I'm talking about right here lunch this is my favorite kind of lunch a bunch of candy I'm a what a 150,000 big now great okay there's still a lot of food here yo he just died and no one took his food oh hey thanks no one took his food like I just I cleaned him up like I clean him up oh my god yo hello I think oh yo know you people are dying if they're right I'm 330,000 big now 27th place on the leaderboards yeah okay yo this is this is going well guys this is going really well and also yes my name is not jelly just it's funny it's just funny okay oh he's going for my food is this my food it says jelly okay it has my name on it I can also Circle this guy in I just realized so we're just gonna simply give that a try I'm not sure if I can make it all what we're gonna try okay we're gonna try and circle this guy in this is a problem can I make that I'm gonna try and make it I'm gonna try and make it home I made it out oh wait what no I didn't make it out because he just made it out the purple guy oh we're good we're good oh good are we good my turning angle is terrible right now I need to be super duper careful guys because if I die it will lose 440,000 that's that's quite it's quite it's quite a lot I can't even count that high that's how much does all right um houston we have an issue there's just so many people around and I don't know where to go oh hello big buddy what's your name looks like a knight looks like a knight let's call him Knight good night that's a different kind of Knight yo yeah that was that was funny that was funny I laughed I laughed there I'm kind of being circled in at least that's what it feels like and I can tell you it doesn't feel great yo what the hell look how big this purple guy's got how did he do that what what what did he eat did he eat this yeah probably he probably ate some of this it's tasting delicious I think another guy died over here yeah it looks like it but he already got finished by another dude now it's all good alright we kind of have to get out of here because I'm I'm scared we are forty four hundred and forty thousand big it's it's very large very large I can confirm but I don't seem to be finding an exit this night guy this one he seems to be circling us in and he's doing a good job at that I gotta tell you the green guys with me Oh Mike oh this this is an exit that is an exit he just blocked it off for me thank you dude thank you thank you I got to turn around now but he's not that long so I think we'll be fine yes we will be fine I'm leaving this place man that was sketchy that was super sketchy and I'm not just leaving it I'm gonna try and circle the round that's how you Alexa you what in this game guys you gotta you gotta catch them catch them all it's like poking on their with worms it's different come on Alex Alex is trying to kill me Alex you are way too small for that oh hello yo there's so many big guys I mean that could be girls – they're worms I don't think worms have a gender do worms have a gender that's a really good question never thought about that they probably do let's be honest here yo that's my teammate that's not how the game works but he looks the same which is definitely a problem because I'm going to get in that line and probably die all right I'm following this dude now yeah this is not gonna end well I can tell you that one of them needs to die here one of these guys needs to die and then I'll survive and that'll be fine please die please die hello please die someone someone please die can you all die alright seems a little bit safe for now I've got quite a lot of room around me ha ha how did he make that how do I get out of here now I'm I just locked myself in I'm not so good at this game I mean I'm still alive then we go for the world record here but hmm yo we just found a lot of tasteful food but hopefully it got eaten it's all good yo I just walked someone in hello welcome in my territory I like to call this jelly school in just a minute you will be inside my stomach it will be good I promise can he die now he's gonna be annoying isn't it just keep up dude just give up dude just give up already come on come on give up all right smaller how is he still alive he's a lucky boy yes you are oh come on come on already Oh someone five next yes I gave you quite a lot of juice oh look at that little turd he was going for it he was going for it well it's all yours little one it's all yours so cute a kid hearts little ones oh oh we got a gigantic one over here is that a Chinese flag I think it's the Chinese I'm not exactly sure on that but it could just be the Chinese oh it doesn't matter what kind of flag it is honestly just a little bit just a little bit for me please just leave a little bit for me oh my god yo we just ended his life hmm I have a lot of tasteful food here now yo there's so much food around I'll take it off it's all mine that gear thank you very much thank you five hundred and fifteen thousand big now boys and girls we're doing well we're doing well we're like how much percentage to a million two billion we're 0.05 percentage to a billion I must be one of the biggest snakes now though yeah I'm not in the leaderboards yet I'm 16th place I mean that's not bad right we're getting there that's pretty decent even though I say it so myself I wasn't that wasn't it yo no you just got in front of me right there that's so man thank you very much thank you will choke it I see eyes tuck danke Schoen you oh that's all the languages I can speak oh no maxy maxy buco you're not gonna end me you're not you think that did not happen right well ladies and gentlemen my final warm sweet was 1 million two hundred thousand three hundred ten kilos it was great while it lasted it was great but with the magic of editing it now says 12 million and it now says honoring 20 million and 1.2 billion hey Doc how's it going you happy are you happy that I finished in first place with 1.2 billion ha ha I ate some pie and goodies and candy some candy I had a lot of candy out there in the world and worms you like worms you said right my talk is very interested I promise ladies and gentlemen I want to thank you for watching we got two total size of 1.2 billion we got killed by a tiny little green snake who got very lucky yeah he got very lucky Thanks watch it I'll catch you in the next one thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly RB t-shirts on jelly


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