Writing Diverse OCs

I've been asked to cover this topic a lot as someone who's lgbtq+ and knows a lot of people who are also LGBTQ plus I figured that this would be a nice topic to address is there are some people out there who are confused about how to write diverse Oasys who I'd love to try my best to help however before we actually get into this I want to make a really quick disclaimer I am in no means an authority on LGBTQ pistache diverse characters and my suggestions here are not the definitive way to portray these characters these are just some personal advice / suggestions that I have and that my other LGBTQ close friends have as well don't take my word as gospel since I'm most certainly not an authority on this stuff do your own research if you want to learn more and be as accurate with betrayal as possible watch this video and come to your own conclusions having that said let's define a few things LGBTQ plus the acronym for lesbian gay bisexual transgender and queer some people also use the cutest amp of questioning meaning people who are figuring out their sexual orientation or gender identity representation the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature media representation the ways in which the media portrays particular groups communities experiences ideas or topics for a particular ideological or value perspective tokenism the practice of making only perfunctory or symbolic effort to do a particular thing especially by recruiting a small number of people from underrepresented groups in order to give the appearance of sexual or racial equality within a work force basically tokenism is just shoving a minority in a product to look diverse but not really making them a character of a new worth or death now that we know all this means let's get into some media and find examples of good representation and bad representations so we have a better understanding of how to write diverse characters and have-nots trait one I think that a nice example of lgbtq+ representation is Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from adventure time it's been confirmed that they had a romantic past but unfortunately ended on bad terms this is also a great example of how lgbtq+ relationships aren't always just sunshine and rainbows in the episode what was missing PB mr. jazz the music needed to open a door and Marcy says looks like you are as perfect as he thought I guess you can't judge me anymore in which people replies with I never said you had to be perfect hinting at their past together and that whatever happened I did on bad terms but and that same episode has revealed that the things stolen from Peavy was a shirt that Marcy gave to her which she confesses that she values deeply that still wears its pajamas after that episode the relationship starts to be explored more in the episode varmints well I'll just show you the clips actually I think if they talk for themselves bond about bubblegum always so prepared yeah I have to be always so prepared we can't all just wing it I didn't have to always worry about so many things you know the Candy Kingdom used to be so small so manageable then it kept growing and growing and there was always some new disaster to prepare against is that why you stopped talking to me no I in the episode checkmate Marsha describes a weird feeling in her stomach TV suggests that's probably fear and Marcy says that isn't that and maybe it's love later on in the episode Jake brings food and says I love you bonnibel and Marcy says me too vonabell after that at the end of the episode of the dark cloud where she says I guess that means we get to hang out with each other forever which causes PP to blush I really really like how Marcy and PJ's relationship was explored the representation isn't in-your-face and completely normalized what's also nice is like I said earlier the relationship wasn't just sunshine and rainbows like how a lot of LGBTQ plus couples in media are represented and shows them overcoming those hardships and better understanding each other and finally making up again their relationships and troubles are also believable both scenes I mentioned resonated with people it convinces you of the realness of their relationship and I think it's some of the best examples I personally have found in the animated media another one that I want to mention it was Bugs Bunny yes Bugs Bunny a very firmly believed that Bugs Bunny is a gender-fluid icon he just like a woman 80% of the time to seduce his antagonist if he was in a jam he does this because he knows that his antagonist can't tell the difference because they're so programmed to think that gender is a binary construct and bugs is exploiting that most of the time he hangs around flirts with them her just straight-up kisses the villain straight up and stead of escaping to freedom we occasionally get clues from bugs when his villains aren't even around he's always being shown cleaning or cooking which for the era is traditionally female work sometimes he's even depicted with an apron or his ears tied up in a bun he has towel display say his in hairs overtly implying that his gender is at least a little conflicted and Tiny Toon Adventures each character got a younger analog Daphne at plucky porky at Hampton Taz head dizzy etc etc bugs on the other hand had two younger analogues when a boy and one a girl meaning that in order to capture everything bugs is you need two genders I literally stole all those facts from a cracked video because they worded everything better than I could credit to all of them for those facts and also link their video in the description well with all those facts in mind I very strongly think that Bugs Bunny is totally a gender-fluid icon and a good example of gender fluidity unfortunately he was somewhat heteronormative and will you tune showed 2011 by only counting the original shorts and Tiny Toon Adventures the only reason why I brought up Tiny Toon Adventures is because I knew that someone's gonna hit me up in the comments with another reimagining like Space Jam released a lot more hetero so to counteract that I left in Tiny Toon Adventures which is also reimagining there are a lot of characters in Floyds era that made representation surprisingly such as Tom and Jerry but out of all them bugs is definitely the most regressive in my opinion although we've seen some great nice examples of lgbtq+ representation let's take a look at some bad examples of representation first I want to address teasing representation otherwise known as queerbaiting an example of pure baiting that's actually fairly recent as the frozen tier rioters teasing the ELSA might be game frozen to queerbaiting is by definition the practice to hint at but then not actually depict a potential same-sex romantic relationship between fictional characters saying Elsa might get a girlfriend is the perfect example of this they're hinting at it being a possibility but not confirming nor denying it this this really isn't good practice and it's borderline early to tokenism which I'll get into now a lot of examples of bad representation play hand in hand with tokenism as I stated earlier in the video tokenism is shoving a minority in a product to look diverse but not really making them a character of any worth or depth in tokenism is unfortunately the trap that a lot of diverse characters fall into in media take for example JK Rowling retconning her open characters should go on Twitter and said that Dumbledore is gay when the Harry Potter books were released years ago and that information is irrelevant it's is literally her just trying to grab diversity points even tumblr thought this as a farce she managed to annoyed tumblr just disel doesn't Kim but mainly his sexuality would be explored in the dumbledore centric movies like fantastic beasts – however the representation was denied he's only gay off page and off-screen it's never addressed in any of her work he has no reason to be gay other than for diversity points which is a great example of tokenism another trap that diverse characters fall into is when they're overtly fetishize and sexualized and then being gay is basically just their only personality trait an example of this would be a citizen's character named Julio he's a gay here just certain is only used for gay jokes that's it that's his entire character help his first appearance was in an episode called the three gays of the condo everything about him is a stereotype however is humorous representation satisfactory I asked my lgbtq+ followers on both Twitter and devianart for their opinions the responses are pretty conflicting but the general consensus I caught was like comedies comedy and that there are stereotypes but everyone gay humorous characters are fine as long as they don't only exist to make gay jokes /p the above gay jokes / should be the gay character in the actual development into personality it also depends on how far the writer takes it even the smallest of presentation helps but if it's taken too far it doesn't really fly what does this mean for example Julio he's literally just gay and that's his entire character so depending on who you ask that may not be proper representation are these a Simpsons character and that show is always with satirical nature and people think it's so good because if the show built on stereotypes if you step back for a second just look at it from a critical standpoint Julio isn't an example of the gay character who'd you'd want to write depending on your story comedy is comedy and there are stereotypes for everyone I agree but as an example if representation Julio doesn't cut it but as a character named Smithers in that same show who's also gay but he's written a lot better he's got an actual development and personality and yet they still have a character there just to be a gay joke I thought I should mention before I go on that I'm only talking about the Golden Age of The Simpsons since the newer season the mess of the Canon but I mean by that this show basically outed Smith there is in a way to queerbait it was already obvious that Smithers was gay from the start in fact there's a joke about it in the episode not another clip show and the Golden Age was written well as the character because it was obvious that he was gay but there was no need for the writers to out him because everyone already knew that is a good way to write a gay character he's just a normal guy that likes other guys there's a lot of jokes about him being gay but those jokes aren't necessarily about the fact that he's gay it's more so just joking about the fact that he's gay for someone like mr. burns so now that we've covered what makes a good LGBT who plus character and what doesn't how do you go about writing one well let's take the examples we went over and use them as a basis for the do's and dont's again just another reminder these days and don'ts are solely my opinion in the opinion of my lgbtq+ friends none of us are an authority on diversity and our suggestions are not the definitive answer / way to portray diverse characters come to your own conclusions having that said let's start out with what I think you should do normalize it you don't have to make a big deal out of the character being gay or trans that the story doesn't call for it research is not something to be afraid of go ahead and do if you want a very accurate portrayal and feel free to ask your friends at the group you're hoping to portray for help and advice there's nothing wrong with winde educate yourself to present the best you can try your best on to form the stereotypes stereotypes like the characters like personality Troy is gay sometimes humorous representation of these stereotypes work but if it gets taken too far it doesn't really fly it's also alright to take you influence some characters the media who were presented poorly to help ensure your own characters and now let's get to what I think you shouldn't do making the character sexuality their only trade over sexualizing salsify – icing the character over their sexuality teasing representation / queerbaiting your characters either LGBTQ room plus or they aren't looking at you frozen writers we're fine / / plan yet lgbtq+ characters are normal human beings who don't need to be clarified or overplayed pulling a JK rowling and randomly stating your character is gay solely for diversity points 9 years later when it has no relevance to this story at all and well that's about it there really isn't a set in stone proving a way to write lgbtq+ characters and that goes for character writing in general these are only mere suggestions that my lgbtq+ friends do I thought of together after doing our own research and having our own experiences I really hope that this video is helpful also thank you to my friends Jerry Mellon Spacey dreariest Pentagon and others for helping me write this I've always if there's anything that I missed feel free let me know in the comments or if you have any tips about writing diverse characters ourselves everything's appreciated and I'll see you in the next video you

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  1. hey boiz im gonna use this pinned comment to clear up any confusion that people may be getting :]
    1) the reason why i titled this diverse oc's instead of LGBTQ+ oc's is because youtube blacklists anything with LGBTQ+ in the title/tags, because they don't think that it's "appropriate" or "suitable" for some reason

    2) 2:44 i used another clip from varmints here but it got content claimed by turner and i did not want to re-record and re-edit and re-render and re-upload everything at 12 in the morning
    if you want to see the other clip here u go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gP4cJUI24M

    3) bugs bunny is a genderfluid icon you need two (or even more) genders to capture everything that he is i do not make the rules

  2. My oc is bisexual because they like men and women all the same but its not because they were bitten by a radioactive LGBTQ+ member

  3. i think bugs is just a gender nonconforming guy, which in all honesty, is really needed. we've got a lot of LGBT characters nowadays in media, but not enough hetero guys who aren't stereotyped Hetero(tm). making girly guys who are straight is more rare than actual gay guys, because gay guys being girly is accepted, being straight and girly is not. while this isn't an LGBT problem, it's still in the same genre.

  4. I have quite a few LGBT+ characters myself, and I never make them solely for the purpose of being a token LGBT+ character. For example, my characters Quinzel and Lola, Quinzel and Lola were characters I developed separately before deciding they would make a cute couple pairing. Quinzel is a chill, flirty, outgoing, kinda dumb, and impatient character, on the other hand, Lola is a shy, socially awkward, sweet, naïve, intelligent, and overly sensitive character. They are very different, but people who are very different tend to get along well, and I decided it’d make a reasonable couple, just like I would with any straight characters that fit each other. Lola is bisexual, and Quinzel is lesbian, Lola has had many past relationships and has been through some bad ones, I will admit, some were created as Lola’s exes, but I use them to build Lola’s character. Lola, despite seeming very fragile, awkward, shy, and weak, can be very strong emotionally and sometimes isn’t afraid to put an end to things if she’s too uncomfortable, which leads to her not being afraid to end a lot of relationships her gut is telling her are bad. I build my characters like people, they’re like my children. And I would never make such an important character for the sake of tokenism. I have several other LGBT+ characters, heck, my persona is sorta LGBT+ sorta not. (she’s questioning, like me) But I don’t do that for the sake of making it more diverse, I do it because sometimes it has to do with backstory, because of pairing, or for other reasons. I love your character and art advice and agree 100% with all of it. And I use it myself if I didn’t already follow the advice beforehand! Thanks, Atari.

  5. My characters are gay, it does shape their personality to a degree, giving the fact that they come from a place that it wasn't accepted ( They aren't human, they are from a different planet) Their species is literally homophobic. Their relationship isn't perfect, if anything they have broken up a lot time. So, I guess that is OK? I dunno…

  6. Just because someone likes girl stereotypes does not mean they are a girl. Are we trying to tell people that if they like lipstick and dresses they HAVE to be a girl or more than one gender? Aren't we trying to get rid of stereotypes?

  7. I feel like having an LGBTQ+ OC is a little too common.
    I feel like having a bisexual/transgender/pansexual etc character kind of makes them a little Mary-sueish..
    (Not hating, just had something to say)

  8. Sexuality is such a small part of an oc! I don’t get why gay people are dressed “uwu soft boyo” or they’re all soft and uwu and they’re always pointing out they’re gay and all pride on rainbows and stuff
    You get it-

  9. I saw someone that had made like around 12 OCs and was gonna voice claim or something and like 2 were straight and the rest were like bi, gay/lesbian, queer i think and a couple of terms i had never heard of before. Look sweety its okay to do that you do you but realize that not everyone is gay. In fact most of the population of earth is straight. I just did a quick search and it said that in the Netherlands, a country that is known for respecting/accepting lesbian people, are only 8% of the woman straight/bi in 2016. Now maybe that has gone to 10% by now idk but yeah thats still not a lot. Before you start attacking me with being homofobic i am a bisexual girl myself and support anyone who is in the lgbtq community and all of my lgbtq friends! 🙂

  10. I make my characters LGBT+ and racially diverse characters because it’s a natural thing. It doesn’t need to be a big part of them (it can be, of course!)
    These people are normal. Treat them that way

  11. I remember in one comic book I was reading (I forget which one) the main character said how cute a boy was and her male friend said his brother was cute too. She was like "You're gay?" And he nodded. After that you could tell he had a crush on the brother and they were cute and suddle about it, not screaming "WE HAVE TWO GAY CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK WOO DIVERSITY AND SHIT!" It was just regular. They did end up dating and it was adorable. Gay characters are like straight characters and that is that. And I myself am a writer and perhaps have some lgbtq+ characters thrown in but all normalized. When people read it they commented on how refreshing it is to have normalized lgbtq+ characters. Also #pansexualpride my dudes, have a good day

  12. What is J.K.Rowling confirming Dumbledore is gay now is a sign that she now feels safe to say it. She was probably scared that her books would be pulled if there was a gay character, but now, with lots of lgbtq+ in media nowadays, she probably feels safe confirming it

  13. Most of my ocs are lesbian, pansexual, transgender :0

    Also does LGTB+ has to do with relationships between same gender having feelings for that same gender as the other one having that relationship with that person that idk :0

  14. I have many gay ocs because in my universe for them,
    Most of the girls are annoying or evil
    But there is the nice girls
    And the mixture between tomboy
    We also got a lot of straight people
    And then we got them jerks that wannabe straight but no one likes them…

    BUt thENNN…
    We got 4 murderers that are insane and could be in a horror movie

    One wears a bucket and kills many different ways, but mainly with a baseball. This one goes by Nobody or coughs Bucket head. He doesn't look the strongest, he looks like a young teengar usually wearing a Grey shit, and blue jeans. Sometimes wearing black gloves and a messager bag. Sometimes he will have a blood baseball bat, but rarely in public. When he does little amount of people run because they believe his just a freak, and those people die. Nobody was born a odd child, and had violent actions. People believe he has a odd ability to kill people he fades behind them and says a few words that people believe to be gibberish.

    One wears a hockey mask (inspired by friday the 13th on this one, don't questionnnnns) he kills with a machete lololololol. And guess what. I decided I'mma name Him Jason 2.0 or Mister ketchup cause.. He popped into my universe after some friends on animal jam suggested it

    One doesn't wear a mask BECAUSE she is kinda furry but she's a actual animal standing on two legs kinda like a werewolf
    She's pretty much a wolf her fur is red, she has pretty simple details, she has a shark like tail (Inspired by one of my fave YouTube rs) and she's missing the flesh and fur on her face so you see some of her skull (you can still see the fur at the side of her fur floof and her ears) she kills kinda like the slit mouth woman, teke teke sometimes, (but she will not look like them just use some of the methods so if she is caught animal protection or the government won't think its her) And she can kill people in their sleep. And she's called Skelly

    Last one if you are still reading
    This one is pretty normal
    Their name is Jacob, very strong but not as strong as the rest, he kills people with saw, or a axe.
    Although he may look stronger than Nobody, Nobody is still friends with Skelly and MK/Jason whatever you want to call them and he could kill him with some simple words, then yeah. Nobody is equal to Jason at this point because his pretty much immortal or unhuman you can say.

    Sorry about this long comment
    If you have any question check out my Sketch page my user is ForgavenForest
    No spaces.

  15. i like to follow what i call the dumbledore rule: basically if it isnt in the story it doesnt matter if a character doesnt have any romance, their sexuality doesn't matter, if a character doesn't come out as trans in the story then it doesnt matter if they're trans cis or nb and just anything in general like siblings, past pets, or random trivia, just something i like to keep in mind when making characters

  16. My friends oc is a satanist (DONT GUDGE) and it isn't just added on, she murders people for a living, she was always sadistic so that's why she is a satanist. She sacrifices things and people that add into to role plays and she uses them to bring her together and other characters to her. It changes the way people see them and altogether raps together her entire backstory

  17. Men did their own housework when they lived alone, even in the Bugs Bunny days. A lot of women weren't housewives either. Most had to work outside the home. Sorry if I was rude.

  18. when she talked about people being gay and that's there only character arc I for some reason instantly thought of the twins from Ouran high school host club

  19. I have two bi females that are really dating because why not one is all black and gothic while the other is all pink and peppy I kinda got the idea from a youtuber two characters and from a tv show I don't really have a name since I got no idea I don't ever want to change there style or who they love since they are two human college girls but still I love them so much because they are so CUTE TOGETHER but they not my main main main oc just my side OCs

  20. I mean it somewhat triggers me that in yaoi anime it seems to be stereotypical gay people. And always seems to relate around love scenes instead of a true relationship. But then again I might’ve missed something but from every one I’ve seen it’s like that

  21. It’s interesting to note that Julio is kind of an Expy if Hank Arzaia’s character in The Birdcage. A movie that is also really damn complicated in terms of LGBT representation

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